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World Trigger is an anime adventure series. In this series a gate is opened from Mikado City to a nearby world. Monsters, called Neighbors, begin invading the city and are fought off by a secret agency. This anime series shows the continuing defense of Mikado City and how the people cope with invasion and defense of their city.

World Trigger is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (73 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2014.

Where do I stream World Trigger online? World Trigger is available for streaming on Toei Animation, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World Trigger on demand at , Tubi TV online.

Sunday 6:30 AM et/pt on Toei Animation
1 Season, 73 Episodes
October 8, 2014
Cast: Tomo Muranaka, Yûki Kaji, Nao Tamura, Brian Doe
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World Trigger Full Episode Guide

  • Yuichi Jin and the Arashiyama Unit repel the enemy. Receiving news of their elite squad's defeat, the Border Agency's headquarters starts to get nervous.

  • The squad puts into action their plan to defeat the more experiences units. Their trump card will be...

  • Shinoda announces an imminent invasion by a new Neighbor country. Tachikawa and Kazama Squad are assigned to deal with the threat, based on Jin's predictions. Osamu follows Jin's suggestion to add a new member to Mikumo Squad.

  • Yuma faces Kageura. Ninomiya takes advantage of this to attack them both. After the battle, Osamu is devastated by his defeat. Kazama's advice leads him to make a major decision for the sake of the team, just as a new threat approaches Mikado City.

  • Osamu is quickly knocked out of combat by Azuma, former leader of an A-Rank No. 1 team. Chika tries to overcome her inability to fire on humans, but her sniping reveals her location. Meanwhile, Yuma enters a battle royale against 5 Attackers.

  • Ninomiya Squad, Kageura Squad, Azuma Squad and Mikumo Squad face off! As tensions mount, each team targets Osamu and closes in. Meanwhile, the two strongest B-Rank agents, Ninomiya and Kageura, assess the situation. Can Mikumo Squad survive the onslaught?

  • During their brief encounter, Yuma senses Kageura's limitless skill. Osamu receives shooter training from Arashiyama and Izumi, allowing him to truly contribute to the team. If they win, Mikumo Squad's promotion to A-Rank could become a reality.

  • Tamakoma-2 starts individual training in preparation for the B-Rank rank wars. Osamu visits Arashiyama for shooter training. Chika meets a young boy during group sniper training. Yuma meets Kageura, an agent that No. 4 attacker Murakami has never beaten.

  • Aftokrator's Black Trigger user, Enedora, is alive! Enedora sheds new light on the Large Scale Invasion and the reason that Chika was targeted. Meanwhile, B-Rank No. 1 team leader Ninomiya approaches Osamu and Chika. Osamu makes a tough decision.

  • Soon after meeting and parting with Xeno and Lilith, Yuma, Osamu and Chika begin preparing for their promotion battle.

  • Xeno's hand cuts thin air, and monster Gieve takes in Lilith and takes on a grotesque form.

  • Giev's secret is revealed. Just like Lilith, he's a Humanoid Trion Soldier created by Lamia. Meanwhile, all of Shizuka City's citizens become Charon's hostages. Tachikawa, Kazama and other A-Rank Border agents gather in Shizuka City for the coming battle.

  • Yotaro heads towards Shizuka City with Raijinmaru, hoping to catch up to Konami. He meets a troubled young girl named Cocoa and befriends her. As a violent fight between Border agents and Trion soldiers breaks out, Yotaro's true battle begins.

  • Zeno and Chika find Osamu, while Yuma continues his fight against Giev. He struggles against Giev and Charon's skillful coordination, so similar to what he had with Replica. At the same time, a new Trion soldier threatens Osamu, Chika and Xeno.

  • Yuma, Chika and Xeno take the fight to the enemy in order to rescue Osamu. However, a cunning trap separates them, forcing Yuma into a one-on-one fight against Giev. A Trion soldier generates a mysterious virtual world where Yuma faces an unexpected foe.

  • Lilith reveals her true power in order to save Xeno and Yuma.

  • Shiori takes Yuma, Osamu and Chika to Yotsuzuka Marine World for a well-deserved break, but their vacation is cut short.

  • Arashiyama Squad gathers Border's aces! Arafune and Murakami join in the battle, destroying Gieve's Trion soldiers. But Gieve's plot to blow up Shizuka City using massive Trion soldiers proceeds. As Osamu comes up with a plan, Zeno takes his own action.

  • Zeno's devotion to Lilith leads him to treat Yuma and Chika like tools, enraging Osamu. Meanwhile, Gieve and Karon threaten Shizuka City with massive Trion soldiers! As Osamu's team joins Kitora in defending the city, Gieve isolates Osamu and Zeno.

  • While studying with Yoneya and Kodera, Miwa sees young siblings and is reminded of his past. The peace is shattered by an attack from Gieve's Spider-type Trion Soldiers.

  • Despite Lilith's best efforts, she can't hide her loneliness. Chika and Osamu work with Kitora and Midorikawa to try and cheer her up. At that moment, Karon and Gieve make their move, commanding Trion soldiers with special abilities.

  • Kazama Squad heads into combat as Gojima City is attacked by new Trion soldiers. Osamu tries to befriend Zeno and Lilith. Zeno offers to reveal his past, if Osamu will agree to a one-on-one fight. How far will he go to learn the truth about Elgates?

  • Zeno, a refugee from Elgates, begs Yuma and Osamu to harbor Lilith and him during their stay in this world. With Chika taken hostage, Osamu and Yuma have no choice but to agree. As they return to the Shizuka City retreat, an unseen assassin strikes!

  • Unknown Trion soldiers show up at Border HQ. Jin and Tachikawa take them on.

  • Mikumo Squad joins the B-rank upper tier. The fight against the top B-rank squads will be a touchstone for promotion to A-rank. Anticipating this, Osamu struggles with his inability to score a single point on his own and comes to a conclusion.

  • The B-Rank Competition's third round finale! Yuma triumphs while the team leaders fight on the east side. Osamu seeks to change the tide of battle by drawing water into the city and pitting Nasu against Kuruma. The three-way battle is about to conclude.

  • Murakami and Yuma face off on the west side! Murakami feels the pressure of his No. 4 Attacker title, and Yuma is weighed down by his past. Both are powerhouses for their teams, but which of these high-level attackers will come out on top?

  • The team members are divided due to Chika dropping the bridge. While Osamu goes after points on the east side, Yuma faces off against Murakami and Kumatani in a triple-attacker showdown in the west. The stakes are high for all teams. Who will win?

  • Round 3 begins in a violent storm. While Mikumo Squad and Kuruma Squad focus on finding each other, Nasu Squad carries out their strategy as planned. Just as Nasu Squad seems to have the advantage, Chika's Ibis strikes. Can Mikumo Squad grasp victory?

  • Shocked to learn that Yuma lost in a solo rank battle, Shiori explains Murakami’s Side Effect. The other units prepare for Nasu Squads stage selection.

  • Mikumo Squad wins Round 2 and is promoted to 8th rank. Their next opponents are the 13th-ranked Nasu Squad and 9th-ranked Kuruma Squad. Yuma requests Individual Rank Competition with Kuruma's ace Attacker, Ko Murakami. What is Murakami's secret ability?

  • Yuma joins Round 2, armed with a new Option Trigger. Meanwhile, Arafune Squad finds itself hounded by Mikumo Squad and Suwa Squad. Arafune goes back to his roots as a former Attacker and uses the Attacker Trigger Kogetsu. What will Osamu and Chika do?

  • The squad puts into action their plan to defeat the more experiences units. Their trump card will be...

  • Mikumo Squad's B Rank Competition debut ends in a stunning win. Their next opponents are the 8th ranked Suwa Squad and the 10th ranked all-Sniper Arafune Squad. Osamu tries to come up with a Tamakoma-support strategy, but can he lead his team to victory?

  • PR Director Netsuki sets up Osamu as a scapegoat for the devastation from the battle. But Osamu speaks from the heart and changes everyone's mind. Next, Osamu, Yuma and Chika must prepare for the next step towards A Rank: the B Rank Competition!

  • Osamu wakes up in the hospital, where his mother and Shiori tell him what happened during his week-long coma. Suddenly, Business Director Karasawa takes Osamu out of the hospital to a press conference about the battle. What are Karasawa's true intentions?

  • Aftokrator retreats, but the wounds of the war are deep. Border struggles to revitalize Mikado City, Yuma searches for the missing Replica, and Osamu remains unconscious. In his dreams, he recalls why he joined Border, and why he seeks to protect Chika.

  • Yuma defeats Viza but is low on Trion. Miwa is separated from victory. Osamu is captured by Hyrein within sight of Border HQ. Miwa activates Fujin and fires on Hyrein with Yuma. With 7 seconds to go until the foretold future, can Yuma and Osamu win?

  • Skillfully using Red Bullet, a Trigger for advanced users, Miwa proves himself the equal of Hyrein. Facing defeat at the hands of Viza's Organon, Yuma recalls what his father taught him. Taking Osamu's words to heart, he commits to a risky plan!

  • Karasuma uses Geist to buy Osamu enough time to make it to the base with Chika's cube. While Geist is immensely powerful, it forces a Bail Out within 200 seconds. Can Karasuma change the future predicted by Jin?

  • Director Shinoda corners Enedora in the virtual training room. However, Enedora's powerful Black Trigger attack are more than a match for the Border agents' group attacks. Meanwhile, Karasuma faces Hyrein and activates his true power, Geist!

  • Hyrein's attack turns Chika into a cube. Osamu blames himself, but is inspired by his fellow Border agents to race for Border HQ in an attempt to save Chika. Meanwhile, at Border HQ, Director Shinoda joins Suwa's battle against the invading Enedora!

  • Suwa unit traps Enedora in a virtual training room. Director Shinoda goes to offer them back-up, and the tides begin to turn for Border. Mira's 7 Rabits block the evacuees led by Osamu, as the Aftokrator leader Hyrein heads out to capture Chika!

  • Viza and Hyuse continue to pursue Chika, but Yuma and Jin arrive just in time. Yuma faces off against Viza while Jin battles Hyuse. Osamu and Karasuma lead Chika and the C-rank agents to Border HQ. However, Enedora's rampage has the HQ in chaos!

  • Kizaki has figured out Hyuse's Trigger, Lambiris. He orders Karasuma and Konami to protect the city while he holds off Hyuse and Viza. Viza acknowledges the skilled Kizaki as a worthy opponent, and decides to use Aftokrator's national treasure!

  • Kizaki, Karauma and Konami fight the sinister Hyuse and Viza so that Osamu and Chika can escape. Meanwhile, Ranbanein easily defeats Chano unit and takes on Yoneya, Izumi, Midorikawa and Azuma's combined forces. Can Jin's worst case scenario be prevented?

  • Aftokrator's humanoid Neighbors are unveiled. These so-called Horn Triggers overwhelm the Border agents with powerful Triggers! The A-rank Kazama Unit uses Kikuchihara's Side Effect in a skillful combo play against Enedora, but will their luck continue?

  • The C-rank units are revealed to be the true target. The battle intensifies as Hyrein sends humanoid Neighbors Enedora and Ranbanein into combat. Osamu fights to give the C-ranks a chance to escape, but Rabbit's merciless attack on Chika continues!

  • Trion soldiers from Aftokrator appear all over Mikado City. Border is forced to divide its forces to deal with their numbers. Chika's C-rank unit is attacked while organizing the civilian evacuation. What is Aftokrator's true goal?

  • Border seeks a way to counter the new Trion soldier, Rabbit. Yuma prevents Trion soldiers from infiltrating the city, but is mistaken for the enemy and attacked by the B-rank Chano Unit. Meanwhile, an Ilgar Trion Soldier menaces Border headquarters!

  • The Neighbors' large-scale invasion finally begins. The invading army of Trion soldierrs is countered with a defense strategy. Just as the battle seems to turn in Border's favor, a new Trion soldier, Rabbit, emerges from a defeated Bamster!

  • The Border brass puts together a strategy based on Replica's information about Neighborhood. Meanwhile, Yuichi Jin senses impending danger for Osamu and asks Shuji Miwa for help. A massive battle with the Neighbors is about to begin in Mikado City!

  • Yuma and Shun Midorikawa's fight begins. Yuma quietly rages over Shun's humiliating public defeat of Osamu. How will he fight against the A-rank vet? Meanwhile, Commander Kido convenes a meeting to prepare for the forecast massive Neighbor invasion.

  • Osamu readies for his practice fight against Soya Kazama. Soya is a symbol of overwhelming strength, while Osamu has yet to land a hit in over twenty battles! Osamu's feeling totally helpless, when something Soya says lights a fire under him.

  • The day of Yuma and Chika's initiation into the Border Agency arrives. Osamu nervously stands by in support, while they draw the scrutiny of their new peers. At that time, A-Rank third unit leader Soya Kazama challenges Osamu to a battle!

  • Yuichi Jin and the Arashiyama Unit repel the enemy. Receiving news of their elite squad's defeat, the Border Agency's headquarters starts to get nervous. At that moment Yuichi appears in the conference room and proposes a deal to Commander Masamune!

  • Yuichi finally reveals his "Wind Blade" technique with the Black Trigger. As his battle with A-Rank vets Kei and Soya reaches its climax, the Arashiyama Unit shows up in support and clashes with the Miwa Unit. Who will emerge victorious?!

  • The battle between the A-Rank attack unit and Yuichi Jin begins to rage. In the face of top-level agents, Yuichi tries to turn it into a test of endurance. But just as Shiro Kikuchihara gets by him, Yuichi's Black Trigger goes off!

  • Yuichi and Yuma join forces...while Commander Masamune begins to fear the power gathering in the Tamakoma Branch. He orders his elite unit to seize the Black Trigger. Now, the only thing standing in the way of their prize is the powerful Yuichi Jin.

  • Osamu, Yuma and Chika set their sights on joining the expeditionary force. First, they'll need to win a tournament called the Rank Wars. In preparation, they start training under seasoned A-Rank vets Reiji Kizaki, Kyosuke Karasuma, and Kirie Konami.

  • Yuma's revealed why he came from the other world. Chika's resolved to join the Border Agency so she can go to the other world in search of her friend and her older brother. What will Osamu do now that he's learned Yuma's secret and Chika's true purpose?

  • Yuma is invited to join the Border Agency's Tamakoma Branch, and agrees on the condition that Osamu and Chika join with him. Surrounded by elite agents at the Tamakoma headquarters, Osamu can't help but feel uneasy.

  • With Shuji's squad singlehandedly defeated, the Border Agency's executives order Yuichi to defeat Yuma and recover the Black Trigger. Osamu worries about Yuichi's impending clash, while a secret hidden by Yuma is slowly exposed.

  • Shuji and Yosuke are soon joined by two snipers and they wage a four on one battle against Yuma. Osamu seeks help from Yuichi for the human-form Neighbor but is told to stand down. Can Yuma defeat four A-Rank Agents all by himself?!

  • Osamu reaches out to Yuma and Replica. He and Chika learn some critical information about Neighbors from Yuma, but they're soon discovered by two A-Rank agents, Shuji and Yosuke; they're searching for a Neighbor in human form...

  • Yuichi and Osamu's critical mission to investigate the abnormal gate puts a lot of pressure on Osamu. Meanwhile, Yuma follows Replica's advice and conducts an investigation of his own. The next morning, Osamu and Yuichi have a fateful meeting with Yuma...

  • Kitora boldly jumps onto the back of Ilgar, a new type of Trion Soldier, while it's mid-flight and bent on attacking the city below. Suddenly, Ilgar transforms, enters self-destruct mode and plummets toward its target. How will she escape now?!

  • Osamu gets more trouble than credit when he claims to have defeated Trion Soldier Marmod. Really, he's covering for the Neighbor, Yuma. Kitora, an A-rank Border Agent, is furious with Osamu for stepping out of line... But does she suspect the truth?

  • Border sees the Neighbor Yuma as an enemy… but Osamu is unable to view him as someone with hostile intentions, and trust begins to bloom between the two boys. Osamu finds himself caught between his own thoughts and the rules of the organization he belongs to, Border.