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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.5  (1,011)

World Trigger is a sci-fi anime television series that was produced by Toei Animation in 2014. It is based on a manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The anime consists of 73 episodes that aired in Japan between October 2014 and April 2016.

The story of World Trigger takes place in the fictional city of Mikado, where a portal to a parallel world opens up, allowing monsters called Neighbors to invade and attack the city. The government creates a special organization known as Border, whose task is to defend Mikado from the Neighbors using advanced technology called "Triggers". The Triggers are weapons that can change shape and function depending on the user's specific needs, and each Border agent is assigned a unique Trigger according to their skills and abilities.

The main character of World Trigger is a high school student named Yuma Kuga, who moves to Mikado from overseas. Yuma is a humanoid alien known as a "Neighbor" and possesses a powerful Trigger of his own. He joins Border and becomes friends with its members, including the hot-headed Osamu Mikumo. Osamu is a timid young man who dreams of becoming a Border agent, but struggles with low physical ability and confidence.

The first season of the anime mainly focuses on Osamu and Yuma, as they become friends and work together to protect Mikado from the Neighbors. Along the way, they encounter other Border agents, each with their unique personalities and skillsets. These characters include the cheerful and outgoing Chika Amatori, who has a mysterious power that draws the attention of both Border and the Neighbors, and the serious and stoic Jin Yuichi, who is a master strategist and one of Border's top-ranking agents.

Overall, World Trigger is a shounen anime that features action-packed battles, interesting world-building, and character development. The anime explores themes of trust, teamwork, and the power of friendship, as the characters overcome their individual weaknesses and work together to protect their home from danger. The animation is well done, and the fight scenes are dynamic and engaging, with each character's unique Trigger adding to the variety of action scenes.

One unique aspect of World Trigger is its use of "Trion", a special energy source that powers both the Triggers and the Neighbors. Trion is introduced early on in the anime, and its importance becomes increasingly clear as the story progresses. The concept of Trion allows for the creation of various unique powers and abilities, and its use creates tension when Trion levels run low during battles.

The Neighbors themselves are also an intriguing aspect of the anime. They are not simply mindless monsters, but rather sentient beings with their own motivations and desires. As the story progresses, the Neighbors become more complex, and we learn about their society and culture, which is different from that of humans.

Throughout the anime, we see the characters develop and grow, as they face various challenges and overcome their weaknesses. For example, Osamu, the main protagonist, starts off as a timid and insecure young man but becomes more confident and assertive as he gains more experience in battle. Similarly, Yuma learns more about his past and becomes more aware of his own limitations.

Despite its relatively short runtime, World Trigger is a well-crafted anime that manages to balance action, character development, and world-building. It is suitable for viewers of all ages who enjoy sci-fi and action, and its focus on trust, teamwork, and the power of friendship makes it a feel-good anime that is a joy to watch.

World Trigger is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (99 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 2014.

World Trigger
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99. Resolution
January 22, 2022
Tamakoma-2 and Ninomiya Squad, the last two teams left, have a head-to-head fight. Ninomiya Squad awaits Tmakoma-2's action. Yuma and Osamu begin their attack simultaneously, which means Tamakoma-2 sets about their last showdown! B-Rank Wars Round 8 is finally coming to its end! What will be the result of this fateful match?
98. One-on-One
January 8, 2022
After Hyuse's dropout, a melee unfolds as the surrounding teams take on each other. While intense battles progress, the number of surviving agents keeps decreasing, which is a huge setback for Tamakoma-2, who needs three more points... The fateful B-Rank Wars Round 8 reaches its final phase!
97. Melee
December 25, 2021
Osamu attempts to open the way for Hyuse who is encircled. However, receiving fierce attacks from Ninomiya Squad, Ikoma Squad, and Yuba Squad, who want to ensure his dropout, Hyuse faces a desperate situation. What will be the outcome of this intense B-Rank Wars Round 8 battle?
Final Round
96. Final Round
December 18, 2021
At last, the Final Round begins. Chika is ferociously attacked by Ninomiya as soon as the match starts. Amid the intense attack, will she truly be able to shoot people for the sake of her teammates?
Change of Plans
95. Change of Plans
December 11, 2021
At the Tamakoma Branch, they are developing game plans based on the information that each of them gathered, but it is hard to find the decisive factor to beat Ninomiya Squad in a shoot-out. Upon hearing Chika's decision in person, Osamu starts updating the strategy for the next match. B-Rank Wars Round 8 that will determine their destiny is about to begin.
Formidable Opponent
94. Formidable Opponent
December 4, 2021
Yuuma gathers information about his next opponent. Through Shun Midorikawa, he goes to the border headquarters to get an introduction to Takuma Yumiba, the leader of Yumiba Squad. By chance, Yuuma ends up competing with Obishima of the Yumiba Squad...?
93. Will
November 27, 2021
Those who the Tamakoma Branch members happened to meet at a barbecue restaurant are Ninomiya Squad agents, their opponents in B-Rank Wars Round 8. After getting back to the branch office, Osamu and the other members start developing plans for their final match. However, a question posed by Hyuse to Chika creates a ripple.
92. Premonition
November 20, 2021
Tamakoma-2's result for B-Rank Wars Round 7 exceeded Osamu's expectation, but the bad feeling he had from before the match remains. And now, the opponents for the Final Round are decided. Who will they face off next?!
91. Decision
November 13, 2021
B-Rank Wars Round 7 finally comes to its final phase! Being gradually surrounded by Tamakoma-2 who got an advantage in numbers, Azuma Squad decides to withdraw. Tamakoma-2 struggles to score to join the Away mission. Can they pull off a victory?
90. Unrivaled
November 6, 2021
Yuma and Hyuse fight together and make Kageura bail out, but the point goes to Suzunari-1, who dealt the most damage. Nevertheless, the two ride the momentum and take the fight to Suzunari-1! How will Tamakoma-2 counter Suzunari-1's new formation that has cornered Kageura Squad?
Secret Plan
89. Secret Plan
October 30, 2021
Suzunaru Daiichi Murakami holding a black arc moon and Kageura attacking with a scorpion that can be transformed. With the support of the gunner Kitazoe, Suzunaru Daiichi seemed to be on the other side of the battle due to the continuous attack of Kageura Corps, but Kageura Corps retreated to Suzunaru Daiichi's new tactics! ?? On the other hand, the sniper of the votive tablet of the Kageura corps was added to Osamu who was pressed by Okuji and Koarai of the eastern corps. However, suddenly the shopping mall goes out of power and Osamu loses his right arm due to the sniper of the votive tablet. In the offense and defense in the darkness of Kageura Corps and Suzunaru Daiichi, Murakami's invisible slash attacks Kageura. Each unit has a strange plan using the lighting mechanism of Suzunari Daiichi! ?? And Yuma and Hughes finally start to move in Tamaki No. 2!
88. Strategy
October 23, 2021
The stage that Suzumaki Daiichi chose in the B class rank battle, ROUND7 was "Urban Area D". The battle was expected to be fought in the shopping mall in the centre of the map, and each team hurried to take countermeasures. Knowing that the wire line would not work effectively, Osamu decided to take advantage of Hughes, who had just joined the team and was not known to the other teams. With time, all the troops start to transfer. Yuuma and Hughes are the first to arrive, and Shu is on his way to join them. The battle begins with a clash between Murakami of the Suzumari First and Kitazoe of the Kageura Corps, followed by a fierce indoor battle as Kageura, the captain of the Kageura Corps, and Raima, the captain of the Suzumari First, join forces!
87. Choice
October 16, 2021
During the dinner at Okonomiyaki Kageura, Yuma is told Yuzuru Ema's real thought that he is going to give up on victory in B-Rank Wars Round 7 because he cares for Chika. Meanwhile, at Tamakoma Branch, Osamu is feeling something uneasy deep in his heart just before the Rank Wars.
New Start
86. New Start
October 9, 2021
With Hyuse joining as a member, Mikumo Squad makes a fresh start as a new Tamakoma-2. Before the Rank Wars match, Tamakoma Branch's senior members, Michael Kronin and Yuri Rindo return to the branch. Yuri Rindo reveals the unknown past of the Tamakoma Branch.
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World Trigger is available for streaming on the Toei Animation website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World Trigger on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Hoopla, Apple TV and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    October 8, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (1,011)