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  • TV-MA
  • 2015
  • 1 Season
  • 4.4  (131)

Chaos Dragon is a fantasy anime series produced by Silver Link and Connect studios. The show premiered in July 2015 and comprises 12 episodes. It is based on a tabletop role-playing game, which was developed by five Japanese authors, who also created the world and the characters that the anime adapts.

The anime takes place in the Land of Nil Kamui, a kingdom that is ruled by several protectors, who each possess the power of a dragon. The story follows Ibuki, a young man who serves as the only remaining member of a powerful family that previously ruled Nil Kamui. The country is in turmoil due to disputes between different factions, and Ibuki is forced to become involved in the conflict.

The series begins with Ibuki traveling to a fortress in Nil Kamui, where he is reunited with his childhood friend Eiha. However, their reunion is short-lived, as they are soon attacked by soldiers from a neighboring country. Ibuki is captured, and Eiha is believed to be dead.

Later, Ibuki is rescued by a group of strange travelers, who include a knight named Swallow, a mage named Lou, and a man named Red Dragon, who claims to be the guardian of Nil Kamui. The group is on a mission to stop one of the protectors, a woman named Black Dragon, who has gone rogue and is causing destruction across the country.

As the series progresses, Ibuki and his new friends become involved in the larger conflict between the protectors of Nil Kamui. They learn about the Dragon Pulse, a powerful force that flows through the land and gives the protectors their powers. However, the Dragon Pulse is also the source of many of the country's problems, as factions compete for control of it.

Throughout the series, Ibuki and his friends encounter other characters with their own agendas, such as a young girl named Mashiro, who possesses a unique power that is sought after by several factions. The group also faces challenges such as betrayal and loss, as the conflict in Nil Kamui intensifies.

The anime features intricate world-building, with a detailed backstory and mythology. The series explores themes such as power, loyalty, and sacrifice. The characters are complex, with their own motivations and flaws. The animation is visually stunning, with vivid colors and detailed settings.

Chaos Dragon features a talented voice cast, including Marina Inoue as Eiha, Maaya Uchida as Mashiro, and Soma Saito as Ibuki. The series was directed by Masato Matsune, with series composition by Shou Aikawa and character designs by Uiro Yamada. The show's music was composed by Hitomi Kuroishi.

The anime received mixed reviews upon its release. Some critics praised the world-building and character development, while others criticized the pacing and use of tropes. The anime's fidelity to the tabletop game it was based on was also a point of contention among fans.

Despite the mixed reception, Chaos Dragon remains an interesting and engaging anime series. It provides a unique take on the fantasy genre, with a focus on complex characters and political intrigue. The series' detailed world-building and mythology add depth and richness to the story, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Chaos Dragon is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 2, 2015.

Chaos Dragon
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One Chance in a Million
12. One Chance in a Million
September 17, 2015
With Red Dragon under the control of Inori, Ibuki is now faced with a decision of who he must sacrifice. With resolve, Ibuki calls out the name...
11. Pandemonium
September 10, 2015
Ibuki arrives into Shuka to meet Agito where he is told to kill Inori. Knowing the truth, Inori's wrath and madness brings about Red Dragon.
Narrow Escape from Death
10. Narrow Escape from Death
September 3, 2015
Ulrika stands in support of Sweallow's decision to go after Ibuki. She offers to secure a special weapon which Lou shows a keen interest in.
9. Winding
August 27, 2015
After learning of Inori's power and the madness residing within her, Ibuki decides to follow her, but first he approaches Mashiro for a conclusion.
Perfect Serenity
8. Perfect Serenity
August 20, 2015
Inori greets Ibuki with another unexpected person - Mashiro, who Ibuki killed. Despite Ibuki's joy, Eykha has doubts and decides to investigate.
Ups and Downs in Life
7. Ups and Downs in Life
August 13, 2015
From youth, Sweallow Clazzvali was cursed with a power that brings any tool he uses to ruin. Now, he will use this power to help his allies in need.
Six Paths of Transmigration
6. Six Paths of Transmigration
August 6, 2015
Ibuki overcomes his sorrow for Gakusho and moves on towards Ogani Volcano. There they find Izun and a potential lead to Red Dragon - his claw.
In a Fog
5. In a Fog
July 30, 2015
Trusting in Red Dragon's message, Ibuki heads to Ogani Volcano where there is rumor of the dead rising. There, Ibuki meets General Gakusho, but...
Amid Enemies
4. Amid Enemies
July 23, 2015
Ibuki goes to speak with the Kouran forces in hopes of a peaceful resolution. Little does he know of the intentions of those around him.
Three As One
3. Three As One
July 16, 2015
The representatives from each country come together to form the combined expedition. Their first mission - to meet one known as the Undead Merchant.
2. Antinomy
July 9, 2015
After Ibuki gains insight into the equivalent exchange required to wield Red Dragon's power, Kai makes an extraordinary gesture of friendship.
Kill One to Save Many
1. Kill One to Save Many
July 2, 2015
A young boy by the name of Ibuki faces fate, as he comes in contact with the terrifying Red Dragon. The epic tale of Ibuki and Red Dragon has begun.
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  • Premiere Date
    July 2, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    4.4  (131)