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Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) is a futuristic anime series. The show revolves around the life of the main character, a girl named Saki. For her entire life, Saki has lived a peaceful, idealistic life in a utopian paradise. However, this paradise, called Kamisu’s 66th District, is closed off from the rest of the world. This utopia is also ruled by a powerful group of people who possess the ability to use the gods’ power, also known as telekinesis.

Saki does not question the way she has been raised or the way her world works until she begins school at Zenjin Academy. At the academy, Saki becomes friends with five other local students. Together, the new group of friends begins to discuss the strange and frightening rumors that surround their village, including the rumor that students are disappearing.

As they uncover more and more secrets about their world, Saki and her friends realize that their village is not the safe heaven they were always told it was. Saki and her fellow students must now solve the mysteries of who they really are and where they came from in order to save themselves and the world they live in.

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) is a Anime series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 2, 2012.

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) is available for streaming on the TVAsahi website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) on demand at iTunes online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 2, 2012
Cast: Makoto Takahashi
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Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) Full Episode Guide

  • After all the scores are settled, ten years go by. Saki and Satoru hope for a better world.

  • What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • Inui is dead, Kiroumaru might be a traitor, and Saki is having second thoughts about killing the Ogre.

  • Kiroumaru has suggested that they split up to distract their pursuers, but are his intentions noble?

  • Saki is given a gift and a final request from her mother.

  • As Saki and Sataru head toward the Temple of Purification, Niimi stays behind to fulfill Tomiko's last order. When they get there they learn the true extent of Yakomru's true plan.

  • Someone or something is following Saki and Satoru as they glide down the river discussing what has happened.

  • Searching for survivors in the hospital, Saki and the group she and Satoru have joined up with discover Yakomaru's secret.

  • Prelude to war

  • Many years have passed; Saki and Satoru have grown and moved their separate ways. But recent actions within the monster rat community have brought them back together.

  • While searching for Maria and Mamoru, Saki and Satoru meet their old friend Squeara. He invites them to the new Robber Fly colony where things have changed greatly, but where is the Queen?

  • Saki and Satoru have returned to the village, but upon arrival Saki is ushered to a meeting with the Education Committee. Her fate is now in the hands of the adults who know all her secrets.

  • Mamoru has run away. When his friends finally find tracks, it looks like they aren't the only ones following him.

  • Saki sits down with head of the ethics committee, Asahina Tomiko. Asahina begins to tell her the other side of the town's history.

  • Saki fears that the Ethic Committee is somehow altering their memories and classmates. Mamoru breaks down and Saki is asked to drop her search for answers.

  • Saki has found Shun; he has changed dramatically and asks Saki to leave. Her refusal breaks him down and he explains everything.

  • Saki and friends are looking for Shun but hit road blocks everywhere they turn. After dinner, Saki remembers a name from the past and Maria flies in with some big news.

  • Two years have passed since the camping incident and the relationship between the friends have changed dramatically.

  • Satoru is getting tired and his power is waning and the Earth Spider Colony army is much larger than expected. When all seems lost, help comes from an ally that could be much more dangerous.

  • Saki has figured out a way to help her and Satoru to escape, but in their escape they are thrown deeper in the war between the clans.

  • Satoru and Saki have been split up from the rest of the group and captured by the outside Monster Rat group.

  • As the library continues to explain the history of the world, a danger looms in the background.

  • The group has rowed past their designated safe area in search for monsters. What they find is much worse.

  • Saki is the last of her friends of finally to be touched by a Blessing Spirit, but at the Unified Class her skills are lacking. And talk of missing children taken by the trickster cat continues to scare her.