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  • 2006
  • 2 Seasons

Spider Riders is a Japanese-Canadian anime series based on the novel series of the same name by Tedd Anasti and Patsy Cameron. The show first premiered on TV Tokyo on April 6, 2006, and ran for a total of 52 episodes. The story takes place in the world of Arachna, a place where human beings coexist with giant spiders known as Invectid. The show revolves around the adventures of Hunter Steele, a young boy from Earth who is transported to Arachna by a mysterious portal. Hunter soon joins forces with a group of Spider Riders, humans who have sworn to protect Arachna from the evil Invectid empire led by the villainous Mantid.

The main character is voiced by Kumai Motoko in the original Japanese version of the show. In the English dubbed version, Hunter is voiced by Cameron Ansell. Hunter is a courageous and adventurous young boy who loves to explore new places and learn new things. He is compassionate and always eager to help others, which makes him a great Spider Rider.

Stacey DePass voices Corona, the female lead of the show. Corona is a skilled warrior and a Spider Rider who partners with the spider Shadow. She is headstrong and independent, but she also has a soft side and a love for animals.

Julie Lemieux voices the character of Igneous, a veteran Spider Rider who partners with the spider Flame. Igneous is a no-nonsense kind of guy who has a strong sense of duty and a deep respect for the Spider Riders' traditions.

The show also features a rich cast of supporting characters, both human and spider. There's Sparkle, a young Spider Rider who partners with the spider Sparkus. Aqune, a former Invectid who becomes a Spider Rider and partners with the spider Portia. And lastly, there's Lumen, a member of the Oracle Antares who helps guide the Spider Riders on their mission to stop Mantid.

The animation style of Spider Riders is typical of many anime shows from the mid-2000s. The characters have bright, colorful designs, and the series features plenty of fast-paced action scenes with high stakes. The spiders themselves are a highlight of the show, with each of them having unique designs and personalities.

The show's storylines are episodic, with each episode featuring a self-contained adventure while also contributing to the larger narrative. The show deals with themes such as friendship, teamwork, and selflessness. It's a show that will appeal to both children and teenagers, with its mix of action and humor.

Some have compared Spider Riders to other popular anime shows such as Pokemon and Digimon. Like those shows, Spider Riders features a group of young heroes bonding with creatures to fight evil. However, Spider Riders has a distinct flavor and style that sets it apart from those other shows.

Overall, Spider Riders is an entertaining and exciting anime series that's worth checking out. With its likable characters, colorful animation, and thrilling action scenes, it's a show that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Spider Riders is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (56 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2006.

Spider Riders
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Mantid?s Trap
22. Mantid?s Trap
March 25, 2006
Overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his silence for so many years. After his allies were all defeated by Mantid, he faced the dark lord alone, only to suffer his own defeat. Rather than cost others their lives through his rash actions he has waited for the prophesied time when all eight Spider Riders will gather in Mantid?s presence and summon the Oracle herself. Hunter counts only seven Spider Riders including Sparkle when Quake reveals his latest surprise, he is the eighth Spider Rider! An attack by Buguese?s giant Robo-Invectid, Dark Opal (Dark Oracle), forces the heroes to fight. But Buguese is himself betrayed by Aqune, who uses Dark Opal (Dark Oracle) to steal the power of the final two Oracle Keys for Mantid. Have the Spider Riders come so far only to have victory snatched from their hands?
19. Labrynth
March 25, 2006
Before leaving Arachna, Beerain informs the Spider Riders that the only way to reach Invectid Headquarters is through the dreaded Labryrinth. Hunter persuades the others to join him, leaving Arachna under the protection of Slate. Lumen wants Sparkle to stay behind but is stunned when Ebony insists she must accompany them. With a reluctant Grasshop as a guide, the Spider Riders enter the Labyrinth. But no one is ready for the attack of strange slug monsters who crawl up from the depths. Fearing that the elevated paths will not hold the extra weight, the Spider Riders try to jump over the slugs but soon it is clear that a more aggressive attack must be taken. Hunter and Shadow rise to the occasion, only to have the bridge crumble beneath their feet. Will Aqune?s appearance save her fellow Spider Rider? Or will she deliver him to even greater danger?
Oracle?s Maiden
14. Oracle?s Maiden
March 25, 2006
With Nuuma Castle safely on the ground again, Queen Illuma thanks the Spider Riders for their help and reveals an astounding secret; Aqune has visited Nuuma before, as a Handmaid in training. And at her side was another young Handmaid in training?her sister, Corona! On the journey home, Corona is confused about her destiny. Hunter tries to cheer her up, but he only makes her angry, as usual. When the ship is attacked by a flock of flying Invectids, Igneous is too heart-broken over his unrequited love for Queen Illuma to help out, so it is up to Hunter and Shadow to save the day. But the Invectids beat the partners down and it looks like all is lost. Without realizing it, Corona taps into the Oracle's power, allowing Hunter and Shadow to destroy the Invectids.
Grasshop?s Misfortune
7. Grasshop?s Misfortune
March 25, 2006
Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. Their suspicions appear correct when they find themselves surrounded by a platoon of Invectid Warriors led by Lt. Scarab. The platoon is out of communication with Mantid and Stags and haven't heard of Grasshop's banishment. Their excitement to be led one of Mantid's Big Four cause them to put Grasshop in charge. Grasshop is delighted for the chance to seize power again until he discovers his first duty to is to "take care" of the imprisoned Spider Riders? permanently!
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Spider Riders is available for streaming on the TV Tokyo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spider Riders on demand at Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    March 25, 2006