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Spider Riders is an animated series which lasted a full double-length season of fifty two episodes. The titular spider riders are various individuals who have formed a psychic bond with hulking 10-foot-tall spiders, using them as mounts in combat as well as sporting events, much like the knightly jousts atop horseback from our own Middle Ages. The story of the series involves Hunter Steel, a tween boy from our own planet of Earth. Following a list of information in his grandfather's journal, Hunter manages to accidentally find a hidden entrance to the subterranean world of Arachna. However, right before this occurs, Hunter stumbles across a cavern, where a manacle attaches itself to the boy and a spider spooks him into stumbling into the gateway.

Now in the world that his grandfather mentioned, Hunter finds he is one of the heroes destined to save this world of Arachna as it engages in a war between the heroic Spider Riders and the mutant insects known as the Invectids. This war is over a quarter of artifacts known as the "Oracle Keys" whose powers could be combined to either save the world of Arachna or to plunge it into total darkness (should the Invectids win it and offer them to their ruler, Mantid). The series revealed a total of four such Oracle Keys, with each of them eventually falling into the hands of Hunter and his chosen spider mount, named Shadow. The power of these Keys can be used to boost the strength and reaction of a Rider and his mount, power a floating fortress, or even sustain someone when they would otherwise perish.

As mentioned earlier, Hunter is not the only Spider Rider, though he does serve as the series protagonist. Other Riders within the series include Corona (a female love interest), Igneous (calm, serious, and focused leader of Arachna's army), Lumen and Sparkle (prince and princess of Arachna), Magma (the lone wolf foil to the calm Igneous), King Arachna I (the first Rider), Quake (a legendary Rider who has turned pacifist), and even Hunter's grandfather.

Spider Riders is a Action & Adventure, Anime series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (56 episodes). The series first aired on March 25, 2006.

Spider Riders is available for streaming on the TV Tokyo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spider Riders on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 56 Episodes
March 25, 2006
Action & Adventure, Anime
Cast: Kumai Motoko, Stacey DePass, Julie Lemieux, Cameron Ansell
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Spider Riders Full Episode Guide

  • Overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his silence for so many years. After his allies were all defeated by Mantid, he faced the dark lord alone, only to suffer his own defeat. Rather than cost others their lives through his rash actions he has waited for the prophesied time when all eight Spider Riders will gather in Mantid?s presence and summon the Oracle herself. Hunter counts only seven Spider Riders including Sparkle when Quake reveals his latest surprise, he is the eighth Spider Rider! An attack by Buguese?s giant Robo-Invectid, Dark Opal (Dark Oracle), forces the heroes to fight. But Buguese is himself betrayed by Aqune, who uses Dark Opal (Dark Oracle) to steal the power of the final two Oracle Keys for Mantid. Have the Spider Riders come so far only to have victory snatched from their hands?

  • Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. Their suspicions appear correct when they find themselves surrounded by a platoon of Invectid Warriors led by Lt. Scarab. The platoon is out of communication with Mantid and Stags and haven't heard of Grasshop's banishment. Their excitement to be led one of Mantid's Big Four cause them to put Grasshop in charge. Grasshop is delighted for the chance to seize power again until he discovers his first duty to is to "take care" of the imprisoned Spider Riders? permanently!

  • With the Spider Riders devastated, all eyes turn to Hunter as the last hope for the Inner World. But Hunter may be too weak to defeat Mantid.

  • Using Oracle's stolen power, Mantid creates his Ark of Destiny. When Hunter attacks, Mantid reveals his motivation for destroying the Inner World.

  • Desperate to confront Mantid before the Oracle's sun goes dark for good, the Spider Riders journey to Mantid's citadel led by Grasshop.

  • Just when Buguese and the Spider Riders realize Mantid betrayed them all, Mantid uses Oracle's stolen power to make himself a godlike being.

  • Overwhelmed by the desolation of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his years-long silence.

  • Hunter is ready to hand the Oracle Keys over to Mantid and end the war, but the sudden appearance of the hero Quake changes everything.

  • Hunter and Shadow regain consciousness to find they're in Mantid's citadel. Mantid blames the darkness hanging over his kingdom on the Spirit Oracle.

  • Before leaving Arachna, Beerain informs the Spider Riders that the only way to reach Invectid Headquarters is through the dreaded Labyrinth.

  • Sparkle, Hotarla and Grasshop stumble upon the wounded Beerain. After bandaging her wounds, Beerain discovers that Buguese has been sent to Darklan.

  • Beerain is now a fugitive since discovering Mantid's plans to destroy the Inner World. After evading her former allies, she's forced to fight Aqune.

  • Mantid uses his newly gained Oracle power to light the Invectid city for the first time in years. He then rallies his minions to renew their assaults.

  • Slate and the exhausted Arachna guardsmen fight to defend Arachna against Invectid forces. The timely arrival of the Spider Riders turns the tide.

  • With Nuuma Castle safely on the ground again, Queen Illuma thanks the Spider Riders for their help and reveals an astounding secret about Aqune.

  • Hunter and Shadow face off against Buguese's Battle Beetle. When they destroy a piece of its armor, the Beetle regenerates and attacks them.

  • All seems lost when a fierce battle with Stags leaves Hunter buried under rubble. Quick-thinking Shadow protects his partner and the battle resumes.

  • Stags and his forces invade Nuuma Castle, so Queen Illuma commands the Spider Riders to flee. Hunter defies her orders and confronts the Invectids.

  • The Spider Riders arrive in Nuuma to find it completely under Invectid control. A Nuumian named Solon shows them a secret path into Nuuma Castle.

  • The Spider Riders interrogate Grasshop, hoping to find out the Invectids' plans for the Oracle Keys. Meanwhile, Buguese sends Beerain to delay them.

  • As the Spider Riders continue their journey across the desert, Hunter is still plagued by dreams and doubts about becoming a Champion.

  • Lumen and Igneous have trouble trusting Grasshop when they discover him traveling to Nuuma with Princess Sparkle. Are their suspicions correct?

  • When a mysterious old man claims to be the hero Quake, Magma is beside himself with joy at meeting his childhood hero. But Hunter remains dubious.

  • When Hunter, Corona, Magma and their spiders regain consciousness, they find they're deep in a forest. Aqune and Portia are released from their spell.

  • While lost in a dense fog, the Spider Riders stumble upon what appears to be a ghost ship piloted by the legendary Lost Mariner.

  • When the Spider Riders set out on their voyage, Hunter finds them ill prepared. Hunter whips his friends into shape only to encounter a new challenge.

  • The Spider Riders arrive in the port town of Fuushyu to find a boat to conquer the wondrous upward-falling Fuushyu Falls and cross the Inner Ocean.

  • Stags's forces have overrun Nuuma. But just when it looks like he might get the fourth Oracle Key, the Oracle creates a force field around the Castle.

  • When Hunter loses his Oracle Key to Aqune, the Spider Riders may be finally beaten. Beerain captures the Oracle Key of Nuuma, but Grasshop steals it.

  • After finding out the Invectids have invaded Nuuma, Hunter is determined to come to the country's rescue. But the other Spider Riders don't agree.

  • Stags' army lays waste to the Kingdom of Nuuma in search of the Oracle Key, only to find that the Queen has entrusted it to her Page to deliver it to the Spider Riders. During a chase the Page drops the key...right onto Lumen's head! Will the Spider Riders discover the significance of the mysterious, locked box in time?

  • While Grasshop plots to regain his prominence among his fellow Invectids, his fellow Big Four have other concerns. One hundred years of stripping all life from their land has left them helpless before an all-consuming darkness. Arachna, with its sunlight and teeming life, is the answer. All they have to do is steal the Oracle's power, decimate the humans and invade Arachna once and for all!

  • The Spider Riders are so worn out from the constant skirmishes with the Invectids, Corona begins to long for a "normal" life. Lily uses her magic to show Corona how her life could have been. But with Hunter and Aqune as battle partners and Grasshop for a gentleman caller, Corona's dream soon becomes a nightmare.

  • When the actors of a theatrical troupe quit, the Spider Riders decide to help out. With a packed audience, the play proceeds, getting laughs where none were intended. But with the appearance of Grasshop and his army of Invectid soldiers, the drama heats up. Can the Spider Riders beat their enemies and put on the show of a lifetime or will the play become a legendary flop?

  • Lumen's childhood friend, Lady Noia, pays a visit to Arachna Castle and the Prince falls madly in love. But Lumen has no idea Noia and her butler are really Beerain and Grasshop in disguise, trying to find the Oracle Key! When Lumen lets his lady Noia hold the Oracle Key, Beerain's true colours are revealed. Can Hunter and the Spider Riders stop Lumen from betraying his own people for the sake of true romance?

  • Igneous is reunited with Slate, his oldest friend from the Arachna Knights. The pair were such a formidable team the people called them "Arachna's Claw and Fang". The comrades pick up right where they left off, laughing and fighting Invectids like a well-oiled machine but Igneous is troubled by Slate's appearance. He reveals to Hunter his best friend has challenged him to a duel to the death! Can Hunter and Shadow uncover an Invectid plot to separate Arachna's Claw and Fang for good? Or will Igneous and Slate see their duel to its deadly end?

  • Hunter agrees to help Corona practice dancing for Arachna's Annual Dance Party. But when he sees a silhouette of a huge spider haunting the castle halls, Corona becomes quite upset.

  • Buguese has lost the first Oracle Key, but Mantid is unconcerned. They will find the other Keys and then come for Hunter's.

  • Now that Buguese has one of the four Oracle Keys, the Spider Riders find themselves too weak to defeat his powerful Battle Beetle. Their only hope is for Magma, Igneous and Lumen to hold off the Battle Beetle while a weakened Hunter and Corona pursue Buguese and Aqune. Can Hunter fulfill his promise to save Portia and Aqune and recover the Keys? Or will the triumphant Buguese realize his ambition to bring down the mighty Spider Riders once and for all?

  • Hunter and his fellow Spider Riders investigate sinkholes at a remote village and uncover a giant, Invectid Centipede named Celpido who is bent on destruction. Buguese and his mysterious human ally, Aqune arrive at the village, proving there is more going on than they know. Hoping to understand her better, Hunter challenges Aqune to single-combat but both end up falling from a cliff and disappearing into the forest.

  • After weeks of non-stop battle and training, Corona and Igneous arrange for Hunter to have a day off but they can't understand why he wants to spend it sleeping. But after being kept awake by everyone, Hunter sets out to find a quiet and secluded place to sleep.

  • While on patrol, Hunter and Shadow fall into the Forest of Bewilderment, from which, legend has it, no one has ever escaped. While trying to find their way out, they meet up with a strange traveler named Magma who invites them to use his place as home base.

  • Prince Lumen has a weird way of dealing with Invectids, without fighting, and when he offers the Invectid's a deal, Hunter gets mad at Lumen for his major Laziness.

  • Princess Sparkle is feeling left out when every kid in the Kingdom has Sparkling Sphere but her. Hunter and Shadow venture out to get one for, but later find out its Grasshop's trap! Can Hunter and Shadow defeat Grasshop for a second time, or will they lose to his strongest machine yet?

  • Corona takes Hunter to the Hill of Champions, where Bugese arrives to claim it as his own.

  • Hunter, Igneus and Corona arrive at the Village of Fragrent blooms. There, an Invectid known as Beerain. She makes Corona and Igneous turn against Hunter and both must stop them and Beerain and her invectid swarm before its too late!

  • Hunter, Corona, and Shadow arrive at a small village being attacked by the Invectid, Grasshop. Hunter volunteers to battle his Grasshop's warrior, but Shadow refuses to join hunter in combat.

  • While looking for the Inner World in an old building, Hunter Steele slips into the Inner World, and in the process gets a Manacle. In the Inner World Hunter meets his spider, Shadow, who resides in the Manacle, and refuses to be the spider in which Hunter will ride. This makes it hard to fight the Invectids.