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Senyu begins one millennium ago as a Demon King continues to sow chaos and strife among the many residents of the world of humans. However, his rule was eventually ended after a legendary hero managed to seal him away. The series then jumps to the present day, with a large gaping hole manifesting and releasing countless batches of the Demon King's infernal servants. The King decrees that the 75 likely descendants of the Millennial Hero are to vanquish the demonic incursions and otherwise save the planet. Out of the 75 different heroes, Senyu's storyline focus on hero #45, Alba. Along for the ride is Ros, a soldier and comedic sidekick to Alba.

Senyu is a 13 episode fantasy-action comedy anime series. Additionally, the series received a second season, labeled as "Senyu 2." Both seasons of Senyu feature the talents of such seasoned voice actors as Hiro Shimono, Ai Kayano, and Jouji Nakata. Furthermore, each season is written, directed, and produced by the same three individuals; Michiko Yokote, Yutaka Yamamoto, and Akira Sasaki, respectively.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
January 8, 2013
Cast: Ai Kayano

Senyu Full Episode Guide

  • Ros faces off with the revived Rchemides, but even with his revived power he is unable to defeat him and has to seal him away again. Alba tries to stop him before he leaves, but Ros is unwavering. Just as he reaches his hand out, Ros vanishes with the demon king. What will Alba do now? And how will the story end? The last episode of "Senyu." Please enjoy the story.

  • A shocking event makes everyone freeze. A stunned Ros resigns himself to an irrevocable truth and at last unleashes his sealed poewr.But the price of this is great, and the sealed demon king, the first Rchemides, awakens from his long slumber...

  • The arrival of Alba's group makes a mess of everything and December is very mad.He points his anger at Alba, the center of the group, and attacks.The next moment the whole group freezes... what has happened to Alba?

  • The heroic deeds of our hero, Alba, save the party from certain doom. Samejima falls into the depths of despair right after his revival, but Ros goes back to his normal self. Meanwhile, December is angry over having his plan to revive the Demon King interrupted and is about to attack again.

  • December reveals Ros's secret. The party is shocked and glad to hear it. But Ros seems unhappy, and December thinks he knows why. He says that if Ros uses his power it will revive the Demon King, and so he orders Juli to attack again.

  • Janua freezes at Juli's words, and Juli strikes. Just when it seemed that Janua might fall as well to his violence, Ros uses his hidden power to save them.

  • Samejima's sacrifice saves the party from Juli's sneak attack. His anger at his wounded friend causes Janua to unleash his powerful ninjutsu, but Juli is unphased and speaks to him with a smirk.

  • Alba escapse from prison with the help of Elf's amazing disguises. He gives his full name as Elf November and says he hopes they'll meet again.

  • With Samejima's help the battle with Zwei is finally brought to an end. After the battle Zwei has a change of heart and tells them the truth about the revival of the Demon King. Just then a new assassin strikes!Meanwhile Alba has joined the mysterious elf who attacked him, and tries to go into the town. But he ends up someplace strangely familiar...

  • Outside Turtle Alba is left alone. A bounty hunter attacks him in disguise. Who is this assassin with his hidden weapons?Meanwhile in town, Hime-chan's repairs are complete. They try to test the new functionality, but...

  • The party arrives at the mechanical city of Turtle to find themselves involved in a murder.Alba is holding a bloodstained knife. What happened to him? Who is the culprit?

  • Alba gets seperated from Rchi-tan and Ros and they get stuck in the dimensional rift. Despite being the hero, Alba somehow ends up in the background and meanwhile in the dimensional rift, Ros and company find someone rather unexpected...

  • The true enemy is…

  • With so many Heroes gathering around, thing's still aren't getting done.

  • The inmates have time for dodge ball while Hime deals with her Hero.

  • Janua has a simple request for the Hero.

  • Janua shows off his skill in Ninjutsu.

  • Rudolf volunteers to tell the king the true nature of the Demon king but that doesn't end very well.

  • A new hero by the name of Foyfoy will stop the Demon king!

  • The Demon King is out to destroy the world! Right?

  • The Hero has to level up and does it in the worst way...

  • The Demon King, Rchimedes, has been revived and Hero and Royal Solider are out there to level up.