Punch Line

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Dive into the world of Anime like never before. Punch Line is a 2015 premiere anime show centered around Y?ta Iritatsu as he travels the world in search of his body. Y?ta Iritatu's spirit and body have been separated in a twisted act of fate. In order to reunite the two entities, Y?ta Iritatsu must rely on skill, intuition, and the help of a few friends. This high definition, action packed, and jaw dropping series was announced in November of 2014. Fans across the globe have been patiently waiting for the show's arrival. Fuji TV's Noitamina block premiered the show on April 9th, 2015.

Friday 12:55 AM et/pt on Fuji TV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
April 9, 2015
Cast: Riki Blich, Shmuel Levy, Keren Mor, Moni Moshonov
Punch Line

Punch Line Full Episode Guide

  • What is the fate of humanity? Will humanity come to a supremely happy and peaceful future? What's the punch line?

  • Yuta pleads for Meika's help in saving humanity from destruction. The two begin "Operation Peacemaker," but to make it work, Yuta must defend Koraikan by himself.

  • Yuta and Mikatan reunite with the shadow of an old friend. The truth of the past (and possibly future) events comes to light, and it might be the end.

  • Yuta interrogates the intruder ruthlessly and speaks with Rabura's brother, only to be left with more questions.

  • The revelations continue as we discover the connection between the end of world and Yuta glimpsing panties, and more.

  • The video crimes may be over, but the countdown to the end of humanity could've already begun. Just when Yuta's body is within his grasp, too!

  • Ito is dead. Yuta, desperate to prevent her death, finds his way back in time to pinpoint where everything went wrong.

  • The girls begin to rub each other the wrong way, creating a negative atmosphere between them. Later, Rabura's date turns sour extremely quickly.

  • A new trheat emerges, intent on kidnapping Ito's pet bear cub. Meika's origin is revealed, and a new "superhero" makes his debut!

  • Rabura's failed exorcism gives way to a fit of depression. Meika tries to cheer her up as best she can, all the while there are strange noises coming from Ito's room...

  • Iridatsu suddenly finds himself expelled from his own body after some strange events. He meets a fellow spirit who breaks down the situation for him: don't get too excited!