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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- is a Japanese anime television series based on the light novel series of the same name, which was written by Shiori Ōta and illustrated by Tetsuo. The anime series was produced by TROYCA and animated by Studio NOIX, under the direction of Makoto Katō. It aired from October to December 2015, with a total of twelve episodes.

The series follows the story of Sakurako Kujō, a beautiful and intelligent woman who has an obsession with bones. Sakurako is a brilliant osteologist, and she often spends her time collecting and examining bones. Along with her friend and assistant, Shōtarō Tatewaki, a high school student with a keen interest in Sakurako's work, she solves various mysteries involving bones.

Throughout the series, Sakurako and Shōtarō encounter a number of cases involving bones, and they use their intelligence and expertise to solve each one. The anime's episodes are mostly self-contained, with each episode featuring a new case that Sakurako and Shōtarō solve. However, there is also an overarching plot that develops throughout the series, as Sakurako's past and her relationship with Shōtarō are explored.

One of the most striking aspects of Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- is its animation. The series is beautifully animated, with stunning visuals and intricate details that bring the mystery-solving world of Sakurako Kujō to life. The animation style is realistic and detailed, with the characters and backgrounds being finely drawn and beautifully colored.

The series is also known for its use of music. The soundtrack, which was composed by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund, is a highlight of the anime. The music is atmospheric and complements the show's visuals perfectly, helping to create a sense of tension and mystery throughout each episode.

The characters in Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- are also well-developed and interesting. Sakurako is a fascinating character, with her obsession with bones and her intelligence making her a unique protagonist. Her relationship with Shōtarō is also intriguing, as the two have a complex dynamic that is explored throughout the series.

Shōtarō himself is a likable and relatable character. He is initially wary of Sakurako's obsession with bones, but he quickly becomes intrigued by her and the cases they investigate together. His role in the series is primarily as a foil to Sakurako, but he is also given his own moments of character development and growth.

The supporting characters in the series are also well-written and interesting. Each episode introduces a new cast of characters, and these characters are usually connected to the mystery that Sakurako and Shōtarō are investigating. The show's writers do a good job of fleshing out these characters and making them feel like real people.

The show's writing is also a strong point. The mysteries themselves are engaging and often thrilling, with twists and turns that keep the audience guessing. However, the show's focus is not just on the mysteries, but also on the characters and their relationships. This gives the anime a sense of depth and complexity that is often lacking in similar shows.

Overall, Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- is a beautifully animated and well-written anime series that is sure to delight fans of mystery and detective stories. The combination of engaging mysteries, interesting characters, and stunning visuals make this a show that is worth checking out.

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 7, 2015.

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation-
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Under Sakurako-san's Feet...
12. Under Sakurako-san's Feet...
December 23, 2015
Having been told by Sakurako that he mustn't stay by her side anymore, Shoutarou reminisces about their first case, back when they'd initially met.
The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 2
11. The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 2
December 16, 2015
Minami, Futaba, and Hitoe had a secret hideout. Certain that Hitoe is there, Minami leads them to a house in the woods...
The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 1
10. The Butterfly Vanished in November, Part 1
December 9, 2015
The year's final bone gathering expedition is cut short when Isozaki informs Sakurako and Shoutarou that one of his former students, Hitoe, has gone missing. In the past, Hitoe's friend, Futaba, had similarly gone missing on Isozaki's watch as their homeroom teacher...
Grandmother's Pudding
9. Grandmother's Pudding
December 2, 2015
Before her death, Shotaro's grandmother would often ask him to bring her pudding. One rainy day, they find out why.
The Entrusted Bones, Part 2
8. The Entrusted Bones, Part 2
November 25, 2015
Human bones were found among the specimens in the science room. However, there was no foul play involved. As Shoutarou investigates the circumstances behind their presence in the science room, he decides he needs to visit the former science teacher's sister, Koyuki...
E 7
7. E 7
November 18, 2015
With Sakurako unexpectedly showing up at his school festival, Shoutarou is in high spirits. After they're found by Isozaki in the science classroom, they're asked to help organize some materials left by Isozaki's predecessor. Sakurako's elated over the collection of bones, but Shoutarou learns that she once turned her own pet cat into a specimen...
E 6
6. E 6
November 11, 2015
While at a summer festival, Kougami is separated from her friends. She happens to catch sight of a woman standing on the bridge. Clad all in black, there is something off about her... As Kougami suspects imminent suicide, the woman vanishes, leaving an ominous letter and a diamond ring behind. Determined to prevent her death, Kougami asks Isozaki and Utsumi to help her find the woman...
E 5
5. E 5
November 4, 2015
The cause of Fujioka's ill health is found to be mold growing on the painting that had been placed in his study at the suggestion of a certain artist. As everyone sighs in relief, there is a sudden commotion in the yard...
E 4
4. E 4
October 28, 2015
Police Officer Utsumi asks Shoutarou for a favor. His friend, Fujioka, is afraid of a certain curse where all the men in his family die at an early age. Utsumi asks for Sakurako's help in persuading Fujioka that there is no such curse, but...
E 3
3. E 3
October 21, 2015
While on a bone-hunting expedition in the mountains, Sakurako and Shoutarou again find the skeletal remains of a human being. Later, Shoutarou finds out that the body belonged to Kougami's grandmother, whose death the police have written off as a suicide. In disbelief, Kougami asks Sakurako for help...
E 2
2. E 2
October 14, 2015
Shoutarou finds a little girl at a convenience store in the dead of night. Other than her nickname, Ii-chan, no one can figure out her real name and address. Finding a bloody handprint on her backpack, Shoutarou asks Sakurako for help. But their inquiries only lead them to a shocking realization...
Bone 1: Bone-Loving Princess
1. Bone 1: Bone-Loving Princess
October 7, 2015
Shotaro is an average kid, but when he's with Sakurako, they find dead bodies. Under Sakurako's orders, Shotaro unearths a human skull, leading to another mystery!
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Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- is available for streaming on the Sentai Filmworks website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Beautiful Bones -Sakurako's Investigation- on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    October 7, 2015