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My Love Story!! is a Japanese, slice of life, animated series from 2015. It focuses on the Takeo, a male student with an imposing physique and horrible luck when it comes to courting women; every girl he's fancied has developed more of an interest in his charming friend Makoto. Just when Takeo believes that his lot in life is to provide Makoto with a steady stream of potential girls, Rinko defies this trend and states that she actually prefers Takeo to Makoto. The rest of the series focuses on the ups and downs of the courtship between Takeo and Rinko.

My Love Story!! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2015.

Where do I stream My Love Story!! online? My Love Story!! is available for streaming on Sentai Filmworks, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Love Story!! on demand at Amazon, Hulu online.

Thursday 1:29 AM et/pt on Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 9, 2015
Cast: Mel Tiangco
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My Love Story!! Full Episode Guide

Season 1 24 full episodes
  • Episode 24 - E 24

    True love.

  • Episode 23 - E 23

    Mesmerized by the cakes of Ichinose, the handsome patissier, Yamato is having a blast at her summer part-time job.

  • Episode 22 - E 22

    With help from Takeo and Yamato, Yukika finally manages to tell Sunakawa her feelings. Yukika takes it even a step further by inviting Suna to go on a date with her to a zoo! Yet despite having had a great time there, Yukika looks unhappy...

  • Episode 21 - E 21

    Every year, Suna has received an anonymous letter and chocolate on Valentine's Day. Every time, the letter says, "I don't need anything in return, but please like me." One day, Takeo senses a strange presence behind them, and meets the sender of the letter, Amami Yukika. After hearing about her longtime feelings for Suna, Takeo decides to help her!

  • Episode 20 - E 20

    Takeo is over the moon over his new little sister, Maki. With Valentine's Day approaching, Takeo's heart is set aflutter again since he has never gotten chocolates from a girl who liked him in his life. He can't wait to see what Yamato will give him, but...

  • Episode 19 - E 19

    Takeo's mother's due date is approaching, but she continues to engage in household chores with dangerous enthusiasm. She ridicules Takeo for being anxious for her well-being, but an unexpected incident causes her to evaluate her son.

  • Episode 18 - E 18

    Takeo's long-awaited birthday has finally arrived. Yamato really wants to make it a memorable one by attempting a first kiss. But Takeo's obliviousness may ruin everything...

  • Episode 17 - E 17

    Takeo and Yamato's friends get together for a Christmas party. Takeo's friend, Kurihara, reveals that he intends to ask Nanako out, but his numerous faux pas turn Nanako off. As the party draws to an awkward close, no one knows what will happen...

  • Episode 16 - E 16

    Saijou Mariya tells Takeo that she likes him "as a person" after falling for Takeo, knowing full well that he already has a girlfriend. Being dense, Takeo takes her words literally, but what will he do once he finds out how she really feels?

  • Episode 15 - E 15
  • Episode 14 - E 14

    Takeo and Yamato end up going to MM Land with Ai, Oda, and Suna. While the two enjoy the various attractions of MM Land, Oda tries everything in his power to have Takeo and Ai have a moment alone together in the hopes that Ai can confess her longtime feelings to Takeo. Will Ai do it?

  • Episode 13 - E 13

    ore 13: One day, Okada meets pretty boy Oda. He'd been rejected by Sunakawa's sister Ai, and he wanted to have a word with Takeo, who was the cause of his rejection.

  • Episode 12 - E 12

    When Yamato makes an offhand comment that she'd like the two of them to go to the same university, it motivates Takeo to study like his life depends on it. But Yamato's first choice school is Murasakifuji, a top university. Takeo crams in preparation for a benchmark exam to figure out his chances for getting in, but will he make the cut?

  • Episode 11 - E 11

    Summer means going to the beach! Takeo and Yamato's crew get together for a beach outing. Always dazzled by Takeo's superhuman abilities, Yamato's plan is to set Takeo's heart a-flutter with her swimsuit, but will it result in anything more?

  • Episode 10 - My Mountain
  • Episode 9 - Me and Friends

    Now aware of what is plaguing Suna, Takeo tries to honor his friend' request to follow through with the plan both of them worked so hard to create for Yamato' birthday.

  • Episode 8 - E 8

    Yamato's birthday is fast approaching, and Takeo plans out their birthday date with Suna's help. Sensing something amiss with Suna, Yamato suggests inviting Suna to their date, but Suna says that he has something he needs to do that day...

  • Episode 7 - My Strength

    When second years in the Judo club ask Takeo to help them, he agrees without considering that the month-long training will lessen his time with Yamato.

  • Episode 6 - My Wish
  • Episode 5 - I Am Dense
  • Episode 4 - My Boyfriend

    Takeo is over the moon about his new relationship! But his true mettle is about to be tested when a major accident occurs during a meet up between his and Yamato's friends.

  • Episode 3 - My Blue Demon

    Takeo and Yamato' first meeting alone leaves Takeo incredibly confused when Yamato starts crying. He thought she wanted advice about Suna, but it looks like he may be wrong.

  • Episode 2 - My Romance

    Takeo has vowed to help Yamato and Suna become a couple, but when he tries to talk to Suna about what he likes in a girl, Suna isn't much help.

  • Episode 1 - My Story