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This animated comedy-romance series introduces viewers to young Kotoura Haruka who has the ability to mind read. However her gift of reading people

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 10, 2013
Cast: Hisako Kanemoto, Jun Fukushima, Yurika Kubo, Kana Hanazawa

Kotoura-San Full Episode Guide

  • Kotoura questions Manabe love for her, but before she can bring it up an unexpected visitor has made themselves at home in her apartment.

  • Thanks to some quick action by Manabe, Yuriko is unhurt. Feeling lost Kotoura bumps into Officer Tsukino who invites Kotoura to dinner at her place.

  • Kotoura ability has caused her to read the mind of a very dangerous person. Rumors begin to spread around the school that she has information and refuse to share it with the police.

  • Kotoura has lost her mind reading abilities due to her sickness. Can Manabe control his new found freedom while agreeing to look after her?

  • Since the time at her Grandfathers place, Kotoura hasn't seen or spoken to Manabe. Mifune‘s suggestion on what to do leads them into further trouble.

  • Summer vacation has finally arrived and the E.S.P club gets to spend it at Kotoura's Grandfathers house. But when they get there, the hauntings begin…

  • Kotoura is back, the ESP club has gained a new member, and it's party time at Kotoura's new apartment. Everything is coming up Kotoura; that is until she learns about the upcoming sports festival.

  • Manabe has gone back to how he was before Kotoura, and Yuriko knows it?s all an act. The ESP Research Society prepares for their first club trip to bring back Kotoura by any means necessary.

  • Finally, everything is going well for Kotoura, but when Moritani does the unthinkable Kotoura will have to make a tough choice.

  • Kotoura gets recruited into a club that puts her further into the lime light. But the President of the club has an alternative plans for Kotoura.

  • Because of Kotoura?s abilities she has never had a real friend or a loving family. But that changes when she transfers into a new school and meets Manabe, who gets too excited about her special talent.