The Border

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The Border is an urband crime drama produced in Canada that aired on the CBC and 20 other networks around the world. The show was created by Lindalee Tracey, Peter Raymont, Jeremy Hole and Janet MacLean of White Pine Pictures. The series follows the Immigration and Customs Security agency in Toronto. The agency is considered to be an arm of the Canadian government in order to handle border matters concerning national security, including aspects such as smuggling, illegal immigration, drug and gun running and terrorism.

The show features many different Canadian actors such as Graham Abbey, James McGowan and Catherine Disher. Other actors include Daisy Beaumont, Grace Park Sofia Milos from other regions.

The Immigration and Customs Security has its headquarters in Toronto, in what was once a ferry terminal tunnel that was used for the old Rochester fast ferry. Mike Kessler leads the agency and is a former Special Forces operator who worked through the elite Joint Task Force 2 division. His work is also supervised under the Public Safety Canada department of the Canadian government.

The show is often informed or in some way inspired by the real news stories that concern border security, terrorism, illegal immigration and many other current homeland issues. Additionally, issues facing the rest of the world are covered such as the events of Darfur, 9/11, Chinese human rights violations and other worldwide social infractions like international crime rings concerning weapons, narcotics and pedophilia.

Other story lines concern references between how Americans and Canadians handle similar situations that involve terrorist and criminal suspects. The show does some contrasting of American styles and their results oriented efforts concerning anti terrorism efforts.

While the Canadian perspective on these crimes prevails, it is the worldwide national security crisis and issues that prevail, since they affect the country the most. Each story line depicts an open minded and understanding viewpoint that contrasts with that of some of the rest of the world.

Thursdays on CBC
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
January 7, 2008
Cast: Catherine Disher, James McGowan, Graham Abbey, Jim Codrington, Mark Wilson

The Border Full Episode Guide

  • Ramon Esteban, the boyfriend of Kessler's ex-wife, is a Mexican journalist whose articles on Los Zetas have put him on the cartel's hit list. When Kessler, Carver, and Gray attempt to transfer Ramon from Terri's shelter into protective custody, Kessler must fight an all-out attack with an unlikely team of warriors.

  • The US President's visit to Canada has the ICS Squad on full alert. Working with Liz Carver and the Secret Service, ICS sifts through hundreds of threats and uncovers an assassination plot by a Lebanese terrorist, working for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

  • Kessler, Darnell, and Charlotte uncover a deadly Canadian link to coltan smuggling in the Congo.

  • Kessler sends Khali and Darnell to Montreal to investigate claims that a golden Buddha was stolen and illegally imported to Canada.

  • A snuff film is confiscated at the Maine-New Brunswick border and Carver finds the body of the victim in the US. ICS traces the video back to a biker gang, Satans Guard. Maggie goes to the east coast to see her daughter Kim whose former biker boyfriend is eager to inform on his former associates.

  • A Indian 18-year-old arrives in Canada looking for her "runaway groom". Using a false identity, he had married Mina for a $50,000 dowry and then disappeared back to Canada.

  • Zoe helps a star figure skater, who claims to be a freedom activist and will face torture and execution if returned to China, escape from the Chinese Secret Service.

  • Kessler and a young DHS agent are kidnapped and held for ransom in Afghanistan. Darnell and Carver join the search and discover that their prime suspect is also their best hope of getting them out alive.

  • Back on active duty, Carver tracks a murder suspect, a racist Cole Thorpe, to Canada. Kessler assigns Gray to infiltrate Thorpe's British Columbia-based neo-Nazi operation.

  • When a wealthy philanthropist is murdered, the prime suspect is his financial advisor who has engineered a massive Ponzi scheme to defraud his investors out of billions.

  • Kessler and Carver struggle to survive while Gray hunts down Layla's killers. The Squad is forced to the sidelines, as Special Counsel Louise Tilden investigates the role of ICS in the tragedy.

  • When an American waste tanker dumps its cargo in the Canadian wilderness, ICS believes the mob might be involved. Gray tries to help his dad out of a gambling debt.

  • Kessler and ICS fight to rescue a Canadian submarine crew trapped under the polar ice, while international leaders debate Arctic sovereignty.

  • In return for testifying in a British court against a leading terrorist, Charlotte Bates escorts a Tamil gang member to Toronto for his son's life-saving surgery.

  • The discovery of the frozen body of a Russian man triggers an investigation of diamond smuggling via the Canadian north.

  • A former Canadian soldier freaks out in the customs hall at Pearson Airport. Moose tasers him, but did that kill him or was there something else?

  • A media frenzy erupts when it's leaked that 41,000 illegal immigrants have gone missing across Canada, and Kessler and his ICS squad swing into action. Maggie becomes personally invested in two victims of human trafficking.

  • A fundamentalist sect is moving teenaged girls across the border, to serve as wives for their polygamist leaders. Gray meets his match, Liz Caver, a stunning American DHS agent.

  • An American pop star collapses in New York city and her death is linked to a Canadian cancer medication, prescribed in Toronto and shipped across the border. An autopsy shows the medication to be counterfeit. The ICS investigates the Canadian pharmaceutical company responsible.

  • When an eco-terrorist sabotages a pumping station in Southern Alberta, Gray and Layla travel to Calgary to untangle an international corporate espionage scheme.

  • A US firetruck is held too long at customs in a small village on the Quebec/Vermont border, allowing a Canadian house to burn down. Moose and Layla are send to deal with the tensions among the residents.

  • Junkies start dying from poisoned African heroin and ICS must race to track down the smugglers. The investigation leads them to a Kenyan florist, his troubled daughter, and a mysterious English woman.

  • An assassin turns up in Toronto to eliminate a political cartoonist who has angered the Muslim world.

  • ICS must deal with anti-war protesters and an angry American general after three American swim accross the Niagara River.