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The Canadian based crime drama, Intelligence, involves Ian Tracey playing a top organized crime boss named Jimmy Reardon. Reardon is given immunity from being prosecuted if assists the cities Organized Crime Unit. Opposite to Tracey is Klea Scott as Mary Spalding, director of the OCU. They work together to achieve goals that will ultimately provide protection from varying threats. Spalding is trying to protect her career from Assistant Director Altman, while Reardon fends off his territory from the Disciples Motorcycle club who are attempting to control the money laundering industry and drug trade.

Intelligence was produced by Haddock Entertainment and created by Chris Haddock, who has received a Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for his contributions to the British Columbia film and television industry. The pilot for the series first aired on November 28th, 2005 on CBC. It began its regular broadcast almost one year later in October of 2006 running 2 seasons until December, 2007.

The pilot which aired as a TV movie, began with Reardon as the head of a third generation crime family in Vancouver. He is attempting to handle the family business while juggling a fractured family. During this time the Vancouver Organized Crime Unity headed by Mary Spalding, has him under surveillance. Spalding is also dealing with professional and family matters which are taking their toll on her as well. She is approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to recruit someone already deep in organized crime to expand their intelligence network. After some reservations Reardon accepts the role as an informant following the abduction of his daughter.

Though the pilot tv movie ran 87 minutes, when the series began its broadcast of 25 episodes ran 60 minutes each. It was syndicated for the United States by Sony Pictures and aired in over 40 countries.

Intelligence is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 28, 2005.

Intelligence is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Intelligence on demand atAmazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, NBC, Tubi TV online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
November 28, 2005
Cast: Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory, John Billingsley, P.J. Byrne
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Intelligence Full Episode Guide

  • Blackmire's public campaign over Canadian water rights has the Prime Minister's Office worried.

  • Mary discovers that the Blackmire group is really a CIA front and her career could be seriously jeopardized if she handles this the wrong way.

  • After Phan's second in command is murdered only days after Dante's lieutenant, Reardon is convinced that the Americans are in Vancouver trying to take over the weed scene.

  • Seeing an opening that could make CSIS a real player in the arena of international intelligence, Mary asks Reardon to open up his eastern drug operations to two rival gangs.

  • While Reardon strives to become a legitimate businessman, Mary is threatened by the CIA to abort her investigation of the Blackmire group.

  • With both the Feds and the DEA kidnappers about to grab Reardon, he plans to flee Canada. After Mary finds out about Reardon's offshore bank and its deal with the Blackmire group she is able to make a deal with the Crown and the Attorney General for Reardon to remain in Canada.

  • Jimmy does his best to squeak out of being extradited to face charges in the US. Mary finds herself contending with issues of Canadian sovereignty.

  • Mary is asked to keep tabs on a government minister who is suspected of passing secret information to his lover. Jimmy lashes out at a double crossing drug supplier.

  • Reardon does all he can to push through the Bahama bank deal. Mary is tapped to bury a story.

  • Jimmy struggles to keep it all together as Dante is nipping at his heels. Mary takes on the FBI.

  • Ronnie is swamped at the Chickadee while Jimmy tries to find a safe way home. Back in the ivory towers, Mary tries to uncover the truth of what actually happened in Seattle, while settling into some new opportunities at CSIS.

  • By the skin of his teeth, Jimmy manages to squeeze out of a tight spot, but the danger might be even worse now. Meanwhile, Mary has her own hands full, trying to handle the fallout of Dick Royden's murder.

  • Jimmy races to find the rat in CSIS that's trying to expose him. Meanwhile, Mary scrambles to get all of her ducks in a row to oust Royden.

  • Jimmy and Ronnie try to keep one step ahead of the Disciples to save Johnny; while Mary tries to secure all of her informant files from prying eyes. The DEA try to lure Reardon to the U.S. The Senator's Assistant warns Mary she'll need solid proof if she's going to make a move against Royden.

  • The DEA make their move and bust Reardon's U.S. distributor. Mary has to decide how to proceed on her plans for Royden.

  • Reardon's newly acquired drug shipment is being tracked by the DEA. Mart sets things in motion to take down Dick Royden. Randy Bingham gets mired deeper in trouble as Falcone taps him for a large arms shipment. Jimmy meets with the Disciples to work out a truce and possible set up a new business opportunity.

  • Reardon makes a buy from an undercover agent. Mary and Deakins team up to go big game hunting in Ottawa.

  • A sudden death in the agency leads Mary to wonder whether she might have more than one mole to contend with. In response to the hit on Michael, Ronnie wants to strike out at the bikers. Jimmy meets with the Vietnamese to rally their support for his next move.

  • Reardon's money laundering operation leads to conflict with a biker gang. Mary wants Reardon's help in tracking an arms shipment to Africa, but he refuses unless she helps him in his battle with the bikers. Mary investigates her Mole's past, with deadly consequences.

  • Mary sets a trap to catch the Mole in OCU. Meanwhile, Jimmy, who is trying to figure out who ordered the hit on him at his strip-club, gets a tip about who might be implicated. As Jimmy tries to sort out his murky personal life, things get even more complicated when he finds out Stella's run away from home in an attempt to see him.

  • While Mary begins her surveillance on the Mole in the wire room, Jimmy launches his new money laundering system for his expanding criminal activities. Meanwhile, Ted wants to set up a wire in Mary's apartment so he can keep an eye on her.

  • Ted Altman, the OCU Deputy Director, is trying to get the DEA to go after Jimmy. During the meantime, Jimmy's unstable ex-wife, Francine, looks into getting exclusive custody of their daughter.

  • Mary tries to infiltrate Jimmy's criminal organization by placing an undercover operator inside his strip club, without Ted knowing about it. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to do some damage control after learning his brother Michael had ordered the hit on Bill Sommers.

  • Jimmy Reardon is attempting to get a new bank machine business going in order to launder his drug money. He is also having to deal with the poorly executed hit on Bill Sommers commissioned by his brother. Meanwhile, Mary Spalding suspects Jimmy isn't disclosing all of his activities as her informant and attempts to recruit an undercover agent to place in Reardon's organization.

  • Jimmy Reardon, a well-known criminal and the head of a third generation West Coast Canadian crime family, is recruited by CSIS.