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  • 1995
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (2,031)

The Hardy Boys is an American television series that aired from 1977 to 1979. The show is a mystery drama that follows the adventures of the amateur sleuth brothers Frank and Joe Hardy as they solve crime cases in their hometown of Bayport. The show stars Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew, a close friend and occasional ally to the Hardy Boys. Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy play the two brothers, with Stevenson portraying the elder brother, Frank, and Cassidy playing the younger, more impulsive Joe. Their father, Fenton Hardy, is played by Edith Atwater.

Each episode of the Hardy Boys involves the brothers investigating a new case. The mysteries are usually linked to some kind of criminal activity that has been committed in their small town, and the brothers use their detective skills and quick thinking to solve the case. The show is full of twists and turns, with each episode delivering a satisfying resolution to the mystery at hand.

Throughout the series, the brothers face a range of adversaries, from a group of smugglers to a ring of thieves stealing valuable art pieces. The show also features several recurring characters, including Gary Springer as Chet Morton, the Hardy Boys' close friend, and Jack Kelly as Harry Hammond, a seasoned detective who sometimes provides the brothers with essential clues.

The Hardy Boys also touches on themes of family, friendship, and loyalty. Despite their differences, the brothers have a strong bond and work well together as a team. Their relationship is put to the test on occasion, but they always manage to resolve their differences and come together to solve their cases.

In addition to the show's core cast, several notable guest stars appear throughout the series. Janet Julian plays a seductive femme fatale in one episode, while Lisa Eilbacher and Ruth Cox take on roles as teenage girls who get caught up in a drug bust.

Despite its relatively short run, the Hardy Boys remains a beloved classic among mystery fans. The show's combination of gripping drama, engaging characters, and a fast-paced narrative make it a timeless classic that is still enjoyed by audiences today.

In conclusion, the Hardy Boys is an exciting mystery drama series that follows the adventures of the amateur sleuth brothers Frank and Joe Hardy as they solve crime cases in their hometown of Bayport. The show's engaging characters, gripping drama, and fast-paced narrative make it a timeless classic that is loved by audiences of all ages.

Hardy Boys is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 30, 1995.

Hardy Boys
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Telling Lies
13. Telling Lies
October 28, 1995
A young boy's imagination provides Frank and Joe with the clues to solving a six year old robbery.
12. R.I.P
November 18, 1995
A stolen locket leads the Hardy Boys into the dark worlds of grave-robbing and murder.
Say Cheese
11. Say Cheese
October 14, 1995
A chance photograph provides Frank and Joe with the essential clue in a case of blackmail and polical corruption.
The Curse
10. The Curse
November 11, 1995
Frank and Joe's attempts to help a cursed friend compels them to investigate the mysterious relationship between a psychis and a CEO.
Play Ball
9. Play Ball
November 25, 1995
Frank and Joe enter the world of Major League Baseball todiscover the hidden truth behind an attempt to ruin an athlete's reputation.
A Perfect Stranger
8. A Perfect Stranger
October 7, 1995
A chance meeting with a young woman propels Frank and Joe into a story of mis-matched love.
Smart Drugs, Stupid Mistakes
7. Smart Drugs, Stupid Mistakes
October 21, 1995
A stolen disk drive leads Frank and Joe into the high-tech world of industrial espionage.
All that Glitters
6. All that Glitters
September 23, 1995
Joe's infatuation with a mysterious young woman involves the boys with an ancient treasure.
No Dice
5. No Dice
December 16, 1995
Driving in the south of France, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew find a clue in a car wreck which puts them on the trail of a famous jewel thief.
The Last Laugh
4. The Last Laugh
December 9, 1995
Together in Paris, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew join forces to recover the stolen plates for the 100 Franc note.
Love Birds
3. Love Birds
December 9, 1995
Joe's purchase of a rare bird entangles the boys in a web of international intrigue.
The Debt Collectors
2. The Debt Collectors
November 4, 1995
A Summer job heats up when the house Joe is sitting is invaded by two alarming inexperienced debt collectors.
1. Jazzman
September 30, 1995
Frank and Joe's search for a missing bridegroom leads them into a forgotten world of fifties' jazz and gangland murder.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 30, 1995
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (2,031)