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  • TV-14
  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 6.1  (379)

Tracker is a science fiction television series that aired in syndication between 2001 and 2002. It starred Adrian Paul, Amy Price-Francis, Leanne Wilson, and Geraint Wyn Davies in the lead roles. The show was created by Gil Grant and developed by Lawrence Hertzog. It was produced by Fireworks Entertainment, which is known for producing hit shows like Andromeda, Mutant X, and La Femme Nikita.

The show revolved around Cole (played by Adrian Paul), a young man from an alien planet called Antars, who had been living on Earth for several years. Cole has unusual abilities that give him the ability to track people and objects across great distances. His powers come in handy when he is called upon to help locate missing persons, and he often works with Mel (played by Amy Price-Francis), a private investigator who works for a missing persons agency. Mel is initially suspicious of Cole, but she soon realizes that his powers can be a major asset in her investigations.

In addition to Mel, Cole also forms relationships with two other women on the show: Lieutenant McGuire (Leanne Wilson) and Zin (played by Geraint Wyn Davies). McGuire is a police officer who is tasked with investigating unusual incidents that occur in the city. She becomes a close ally of Cole and Mel and helps them out when necessary. Zin is another alien from Antars who has been sent to Earth to find Cole. He believes that Cole is the key to saving their planet from destruction and is determined to bring him back home.

One of the most interesting aspects of Tracker is the relationship between Cole and Zin. While they are both from the same planet, they have very different beliefs about what needs to be done to save it. Cole is hesitant about returning home and is reluctant to use his powers to help his people. Zin, on the other hand, is more aggressive and will stop at nothing to convince Cole to return home. Their dynamic adds an interesting layer to the show and creates tension that propels the storyline forward.

The show's production values were impressive for a syndicated series, and it featured some stunning visual effects that helped bring the alien worlds to life. The show's action scenes were well choreographed, and the fight scenes were particularly memorable. Adrian Paul, who is best known for his role as Duncan MacLeod in the TV series Highlander, brought a lot of charisma and intensity to the role of Cole. His chemistry with Amy Price-Francis's Mel was also a highlight of the show, and their banter and flirtatious exchanges added some levity to the otherwise serious tone of the series.

While the show certainly had its flaws, including some clunky dialogue and some questionable plot points, it was an enjoyable sci-fi series that had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after just one season, leaving fans wondering what could have been if the show had been given a chance to find its footing. Despite its short run, Tracker has earned a loyal following among science fiction fans and remains a cult classic to this day.

In conclusion, Tracker was a science fiction television series that aired from 2001 to 2002. It starred Adrian Paul, Amy Price-Francis, Leanne Wilson, and Geraint Wyn Davies in the lead roles. It revolved around Cole, a man from an alien planet with unusual abilities, and his adventures on Earth as he helped track missing persons. The show had impressive production values and some stunning visual effects, as well as memorable fight scenes and an excellent lead cast. Although it was cancelled after just one season, Tracker has remained a cult classic and is well worth a watch for sci-fi fans.

Tracker is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on October 15, 2001.

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Remember When
22. Remember When
June 3, 2002
As he tries to round up the remaining aliens for return to Sar-Top, Cole loses his memory after contact with a contaminated life force, and Mel has limited time to help before Cole misses his chance to go home.
What Lies Beneath
21. What Lies Beneath
May 27, 2002
Zin looks for an ancient alien weapon buried under the Watchfire after Cole's alien powers are taken away and he and Mel are held captive.
Back Into the Breach
20. Back Into the Breach
May 20, 2002
Zin poses as a scientist to enter a government facility that holds information about an alien's interrogation by a doctor years earlier.
Fever: Part 2
19. Fever: Part 2
May 13, 2002
Cole learns he was set up by Migar mercenaries after he saves Jess and Mel from the killer
Fever: Part 1
18. Fever: Part 1
April 6, 2002
Cole and Mel track an alien killer to London, where he's copying Jack the Ripper
A Made Guy
17. A Made Guy
April 29, 2002
After learning that Zin is muscling in on mob business, Cole infiltrates Chicago organized crime posing as a hitman and is ordered to take out a police detective.
Dark Road Home
16. Dark Road Home
April 22, 2002
Cole poses as a mental patient to reach an alien with information about Zin's master plan, but is placed under heavy sedation following an attempt to escape from the asylum.
Eye of the Storm
15. Eye of the Storm
April 15, 2002
Cole suspects an alien presence when a murder is committed while Watchfire patrons are trapped by a snowstorm.
Love Cirronian
14. Love Cirronian
April 8, 2002
Searching for a pair of Orsians, Cole and Mel pose as a married couple at a couples retreat, where they learn things about their own relationship during the counseling sessions
The Miracle
13. The Miracle
February 22, 2002
Cole learns that a child faith-healer is really a Cirronian scientist, whom Zin plans to use to further his cause.
To Catch a Dresserian
12. To Catch a Dresserian
February 18, 2002
Cole suspects alien fugitives may be at an art-gallery event, where he and Mel are in a crowd taken hostage.
Native Son
11. Native Son
February 11, 2002
Cole helps a Native American investigate the death of his grandson, whose real-estate work brought him into contact with Zin.
Double Down
10. Double Down
February 4, 2002
Zin frames Cole for murder by hiring the actor from whom he took his appearance to play a killer in a doctored video.
9. Breach
January 28, 2002
Government alien hunters capture Cole, who learns that Zin has created an artificial hyper-speed device.
Children of the Night
8. Children of the Night
January 14, 2002
An alien in a 15-year-old boy's body lures homeless teens to his lair for experiments in transferring alien life forces from damaged bodies to healthier ones.
Without a Trace
7. Without a Trace
January 21, 2002
Cole transforms into Mel's vanished ex-boyfriend to explore if he was involved in criminal activity.
The Beast
6. The Beast
November 12, 2001
Zin takes advantage of an alien inside a German shepherd, which morphs into a hybrid with superstrength.
The Plague
5. The Plague
November 12, 2001
An alien is spreading a deadly disease to women through seduction, his only outlet for a buildup of a toxic substance inside him---and Mel is personally involved.
4. Trust
October 29, 2001
An alien con man asks for Cole's help after he unknowingly takes over the body of a kidnapper and mistakenly gives ransom money to Zin instead of the criminal's partners.
3. Roswell
October 29, 2001
Using the lifeforce of a telepathic alien he has captured, Cole tracks the alien's brother to Roswell, N.M.
Cloud Nine
2. Cloud Nine
October 22, 2001
Cole tracks an Enixian drug dealer who's peddling a form of alien ecstasy that has deadly side effects for humans.
1. Pilot
October 15, 2001
Cole adjusts to his new human body while chasing a female alien killing anyone who gets in her way.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 15, 2001
  • IMDB Rating
    6.1  (379)