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An evil scientist engineers a prison break from a solar system 100 light years away from Earth. He and 217 prisoners escape from a world called SAR TOP and travel here as beings made entirely of energy. These energy beings take over earthlings and try and fit into society as they plan their next crime.

They're pursued to Earth by Draggon (played by Adrian Paul), who also travels here as an energy being. He takes over the body of a male model and sets out to identify and recapture all the prisoners by sucking into a globe which will contain them until he can return home.

Tracker is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on October 15, 2001.

Where do I stream Tracker online? Tracker is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tracker on demand at Vudu, Tubi TV online.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
October 15, 2001
Action & Adventure, Science Fiction
Cast: Adrian Paul As Cole / Daggun Amy Price Francis As Mel Daniel Fathers As Tina's Dad Dean McDermott As Det. Victor Bruno Geraint Wyn Davies As Dr. Zin Leanne Wilson As Jess Brown Richard Yearwood As Nestov
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Tracker Full Episode Guide

  • As he tries to round up the remaining aliens for return to Sar-Top, Cole loses his memory after contact with a contaminated life force, and Mel has limited time to help before Cole misses his chance to go home.

  • Zin looks for an ancient alien weapon buried under the Watchfire after Cole's alien powers are taken away and he and Mel are held captive.

  • Zin poses as a scientist to enter a government facility that holds information about an alien's interrogation by a doctor years earlier.

  • Cole learns he was set up by Migar mercenaries after he saves Jess and Mel from the killer

  • Cole and Mel track an alien killer to London, where he's copying Jack the Ripper

  • After learning that Zin is muscling in on mob business, Cole infiltrates Chicago organized crime posing as a hitman and is ordered to take out a police detective.

  • Cole poses as a mental patient to reach an alien with information about Zin's master plan, but is placed under heavy sedation following an attempt to escape from the asylum.

  • Cole suspects an alien presence when a murder is committed while Watchfire patrons are trapped by a snowstorm.

  • Searching for a pair of Orsians, Cole and Mel pose as a married couple at a couples retreat, where they learn things about their own relationship during the counseling sessions

  • Cole learns that a child faith-healer is really a Cirronian scientist, whom Zin plans to use to further his cause.

  • Cole suspects alien fugitives may be at an art-gallery event, where he and Mel are in a crowd taken hostage.

  • Cole helps a Native American investigate the death of his grandson, whose real-estate work brought him into contact with Zin.

  • Zin frames Cole for murder by hiring the actor from whom he took his appearance to play a killer in a doctored video.

  • Government alien hunters capture Cole, who learns that Zin has created an artificial hyper-speed device.

  • An alien in a 15-year-old boy's body lures homeless teens to his lair for experiments in transferring alien life forces from damaged bodies to healthier ones.

  • Cole transforms into Mel's vanished ex-boyfriend to explore if he was involved in criminal activity.

  • Zin takes advantage of an alien inside a German shepherd, which morphs into a hybrid with superstrength.

  • An alien is spreading a deadly disease to women through seduction, his only outlet for a buildup of a toxic substance inside him---and Mel is personally involved.

  • An alien con man asks for Cole's help after he unknowingly takes over the body of a kidnapper and mistakenly gives ransom money to Zin instead of the criminal's partners.

  • Using the lifeforce of a telepathic alien he has captured, Cole tracks the alien's brother to Roswell, N.M.

  • Cole tracks an Enixian drug dealer who's peddling a form of alien ecstasy that has deadly side effects for humans.

  • Cole adjusts to his new human body while chasing a female alien killing anyone who gets in her way.