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American Gods is a fantasy television series with a mystery twist. It is a story of a meeting on a plane and the consequences. A man named Shadow has been released from prison. His wife dies in an accident. While he is flying home for her funeral a man named Mr. Wednesday sits next to him. Wednesday has revelations for Shadow about his life. These are things no one should know. This mysterious stranger further informs Shadow life is about to get more interesting.

The focus of this story is on the ex-prisoner named Shadow. He just wants to get home for his wife's funeral and yet a mysterious stranger catches his attention.

1 Season, 1 Episode
April 30, 2017
Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Supernatural
American Gods
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  • The series premier of Starz's "American Gods," based on the Hugo-award-winning novel by the fantastical wizard-of-odd, Neil Gaiman.

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