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  • TV-PG
  • 2016
  • 1 Season
  • 6.8  (4,919)

Son of Zorn is a live action sitcom that aired on FOX from 2016 to 2017. It follows the story of a cartoon character named Zorn (Jason Sudeikis), who returns to Earth after ten years of living in the animated world of Zephyria. Zephyria is a fantastical world where Zorn is a warrior and the self-proclaimed defender of the land.

Zorn comes back to Orange County, California to reconnect with his ex-wife, Edie (Cheryl Hines), and their teenage son, Alan (Johnny Pemberton). The show follows Zorn as he tries to navigate life as a father and rekindle his relationship with Edie, while also dealing with the challenges of living in the human world.

One of the unique aspects of Son of Zorn is the blending of live action and animation. Zorn is a fully animated character who exists in a world of live-action actors. The contrast between the two creates a comedic effect that is central to the show's humor.

Zorn is a very traditional, masculine character with an exaggerated sense of heroism. He struggles to communicate with his ex-wife and teenage son, who are both more grounded and practical than he is. Edie has moved on from Zorn and is engaged to Craig (Tim Meadows), a mild-mannered professor, who is the complete opposite of Zorn in every way.

The show's humor primarily derives from the clashes between Zorn's exaggerated sense of heroism and his son's modern sensibilities. Alan is a typical teenager who is obsessed with technology and pop culture. He's also very skeptical of his father's claims of heroism. Edie serves as the mediator between Zorn and Alan, trying to bring them closer together while also dealing with her own issues that arise from co-parenting with her ex-husband.

Apart from the central four characters, Son of Zorn also boasts a great supporting cast. One of the standout characters is Linda (Artemis Pebdani), an odd and offbeat co-worker of Edie's. Another notable character is Todd (Jon Daly), Zorn's best friend from Zephyria, who is also voiced by Jason Sudeikis.

Overall, Son of Zorn is a fun and lighthearted sitcom that tries to strike a balance between absurdity and groundedness. The show's use of animation adds a unique element to the show's visual language, and the characters are likable and well-developed. However, the show only lasted for one season, which may suggest that it failed to connect with a wide enough audience. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out for those looking for a unique and comedic take on the traditional family sitcom.

Son of Zorn is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 2016.

Son of Zorn
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All Hail Son of Zorn
13. All Hail Son of Zorn
February 19, 2017
In the season finale, Zorn attempts to get Linda her position back by increasing Sanitation Solutions' business and dabbing into the Zephyrian market.
The Quest For Craig
12. The Quest For Craig
February 12, 2017
Craig scuttles off to get a viewpoint on his relationship with Edie, so the crew takes a road trip to find him.
The Battle of Self-Acceptance
11. The Battle of Self-Acceptance
January 22, 2017
Craig desires to be a warrior to show his masculinity to Edie and asks Zorn for assistance. Also: Alan goes to extremes to get past insecurities and draw closer to Layla.
Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend
10. Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend
January 8, 2017
With Craig and Edie's engagement celebration drawing near, everyone is contemplating who to bring.
The War On Grafelnik
9. The War On Grafelnik
December 11, 2016
Alan plots a holiday scheme to receive better gifts after feeling divided about Christmas and Grafelnik, the Zephyrian holiday of revenge.
Return of the Drinking Buddy
8. Return of the Drinking Buddy
December 4, 2016
A former drinking pal visits, but tells Zorn he's sober. Elsewhere: Alan attends a bash to meet up with his crush, but circumstances prevent him.
The Battle of Thanksgiving
7. The Battle of Thanksgiving
November 13, 2016
Zorn interrupts Edie's Thanksgiving feast to prove to her mom that he's mature.
A Tale Of Two Zorns
6. A Tale Of Two Zorns
November 6, 2016
Zorn puts to use his body double dummy "Meka-Zorn" to escape from work and wait in line for the newest video game in a series that has Alan and Craig bonding, while Edie and Linda take their irritation with Zorn out on the dummy.
A Taste Of Zephyria
5. A Taste Of Zephyria
October 23, 2016
Zorn attempts to teach Alan about his culture after viewing how the media portrays Zephyria. Elsewhere: a talking garden gnome strikes up tension with Edie and her new neighbors.
The Weekend Warrior
4. The Weekend Warrior
October 16, 2016
Zorn attempts to be a "cool dad" when Alan comes for a stay, but plans get off track when a pal of Alan's visits.
The War in the Workplace
3. The War in the Workplace
October 2, 2016
Zorn rallies his co-workers against one of their own after hot sauce is stolen from the break room. Also: Alan tries to convince Edie to write him an excuse note to get out of gym class.
Defender of Teen Love
2. Defender of Teen Love
September 25, 2016
After embarrassing Alan in front of his crush, Nancy, Zorn uses the Stone of Sight to spy on the girl for his son. Meanwhile, Edie is determined to move on and forces Zorn to finally move his old boxes out of her garage and into his own apartment
Return To Orange County
1. Return To Orange County
September 11, 2016
When Zorn travels from his native land of Zephyria to California to visit his son, Alangulon, aka Alan, he learns that his ex-wife, Edie, has a fiance. But to reconnect with his son, Zorn stays and obtains a job where, despite his "unique" qualities, he is welcomed by his new boss.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 11, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (4,919)