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  • 2017
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (2,566)

Making History is a hilarious and unique comedy series from FOX that premiered in 2017. The show follows the adventures of Dan Chambers, played by Adam Pally, a facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college who discovers a time-traveling device. With the help of his fellow history buff Chris (Yassir Lester) and Deborah (Leighton Meester), a colonial woman from the 1700s he meets during his time travels, Dan embarks on a series of comically disastrous adventures through time.

The show's premise is based on the classic science fiction concept of time travel, but it takes a lighthearted approach, using it as a backdrop for witty jokes, clever banter, and social and political commentary. Making History combines various elements of the time-traveling genre, such as fish-out-of-water scenarios, historical satire, and butterfly effect-style paradoxes, but it does so in a uniquely original and funny way.

At the center of the story is Dan, a lazy, sarcastic, and cynical man-child who is dissatisfied with his life and constantly searching for ways to escape from the present. His discovery of a duffel bag time machine - a device that looks like a gym bag with a Yale sweatshirt patch and an old portable television with knobs taped to it - becomes his ticket to adventure, but it also puts him in a complicated romantic situation. Deborah, the colonial woman he meets in the 1700s, becomes a love interest for Dan, although she is initially repelled by his modern ways and his attempts to change the course of history.

The diverse and dynamic supporting cast adds to the series' humor and charm. Chris, Dan's best friend, is a nerdy history professor who becomes Dan's partner in crime when it comes to time-traveling. Meanwhile, Deborah, the female lead, brings a fresh perspective to the show with her fish-out-of-water experiences in the modern world. In addition to these main characters, the show features a formidable array of historical figures, such as Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Sam Adams, who are hilariously portrayed with modern sensibilities.

Throughout the series, Making History explores various historical themes and events, from the American Revolution to the Civil War, from colonialism to women's rights, from slavery to McCarthyism. The show doesn't shy away from addressing serious issues, but it does so with humor and wit, using time-traveling as a means to question the present by examining the past.

The production values are solid, with good use of period props, costumes, and sets that transport viewers from one era to another. The show's writers and directors do an excellent job of balancing the show's historical and comedic elements, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

Overall, Making History is a clever, fun, and inventive series that successfully blends science fiction, comedy, and history. The chemistry between the cast, the fast-paced humor, and the clever writing make it a must-watch for anyone who loves time-traveling stories or just want to have a good laugh. Despite being cancelled after one season, the show has a loyal fan base who appreciate its unique blend of humor and history.

Making History is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on March 5, 2017.

Making History
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Body Trouble
9. Body Trouble
May 21, 2017
Chris' life is in shambles, so Dan plays the time travel card with Dr. Cobell to help get Chris' job back, but his efforts go awry when he accidentally gives him a heart attack instead. Meanwhile, Deb hunts down Hancock and Adams to convince them to return to the past.
The Duel
8. The Duel
May 7, 2017
Just as they're heading back to colonial times, John Hancock and Sam Adams meet the lady of their dreams and concur that there's no better way to decide who gets to court her than a classic battle.
Night Cream
7. Night Cream
April 30, 2017
With the ever-present threat of losing tenure looming over him, Chris reaches out to John Hancock and Samuel Adams to help spice things up in the classroom in 2017. Meanwhile, Deb's dream of re-opening Chadwick's ice cream parlor is finally coming to fruition, but Dan has a few marketing ideas of his own.
The Godfriender
6. The Godfriender
April 23, 2017
Dan, Deb and Chris discover themselves stuck in 1920s Chicago, with Al Capone keeping their time travel bag hostage.
The Touchables
5. The Touchables
April 2, 2017
Desperate for some quick cash for Deb to buy an ice cream parlor, the trio decides to earn some money rather than save the world. But after Chris comes up with a plan to cash in on the fixed 1919 Chicago World Series baseball game, their get-rich-quick plot is set off course when they come across the infamous mobster Al Capone.
Chadwick's Angels
4. Chadwick's Angels
March 26, 2017
In need of a victory, the trio travels back to the 1990s to give Dan another chance at his childhood goal: finishing the infamous "Bellybuster" ice cream sundae at a town parlor.
The Boyfriend Experience
3. The Boyfriend Experience
March 19, 2017
Deborah slowly discovers that Dan may not be the thrilling inventor he claimed to be back in 1776, and questions their budding relationship. To get her back, Dan resorts to desperate (and alarming) measures. Meanwhile, Chris is under intense scrutiny from his mentor, Dr. Cobell, as he works to finally achieve tenure at the university.
The Shot Heard Round the World
2. The Shot Heard Round the World
March 12, 2017
Dan and Deb head back to colonial times to rescue Chris and help spark the Revolutionary War. Dan and Chris are forced to go undercover as British allies as they simultaneously try to rally the colonists to revolt in the Battle of Lexington. Unexpected friendships are formed and history is remade.
1. Pilot
March 5, 2017
In the series premiere, meet Dan, a facilities manager at a Massachusetts college, who has discovered time travel and has fallen in love with a colonial woman in the 1700s. But Dan's actions in the past are messing up the present.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 5, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (2,566)