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In this reality series, a blacksmith who makes things the old-fashioned way--by pounding them out of red-hot metal--crafts replicas of old weapons for collectors. He and his friends also engage in backwoods fun away from the forge. The series debuted on the History cable network in 2016.

Iron & Fire is a Documentary & Biography series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on April 11, 2016. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Iron & Fire is available for streaming on the History website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Iron & Fire on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 11, 2016
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Charlie Casey
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Iron & Fire Full Episode Guide

  • After restoring and constructing countless guns and knives for his clients, master blacksmith Daniel Casey decides it's time to complete a "poor boy" rifle for his boy, Wesley.

  • Daniel constructs the ultimate spear to take on a traditional hog hunt; Bob and the guys visit the firing range to make what Bob likes to call "flint lock art."

  • As winter begins, Daniel forges an Early American-style grease lamp and takes on a rare 1842 rifle commissioned by the United States government for trade with American Indians; Daniel is requested to assist in the clearing of a beaver dam.

  • Daniel visits Kentucky to labor on a bear pistol with his mentor, who peeks over Daniel's shoulder as he speeds to finish the task in only four days.

  • Daniel works on an 1850's percussion rifle for a very particular client. While working on the restoration, Daniel and the guys find time for a friendly fish gigging competition.

  • Daniel sets out to build a cannon from salvaged materials and it's going to have some fearsome firepower. But first, Daniel has to help a friend.

  • Daniel takes on an iconic and challenging Native tool: The Pipe Tomahawk. Meanwhile, Daniel is concerned about flooding on his property and makes a plan to deal.

  • Daniel creates a custom "smooth bore" shotgun, made with local walnut. This short-range weapon was the gun of choice for soldiers in the Revolutionary, French and Indian wars.

  • Daniel has been assigned to replicate a Damascus steel blade dagger using forging methods that haven't changed for hundreds of years. Favored by Samurais, Vikings, and other legendary warriors, Damascus is thought to be the ultimate steel when it comes to strength and beauty. In addition, with a new baby on the way, Daniel needs to add on to his home.

  • Daniel receives a new challenge: create an 18th century North Carolina style rifle for a pro shooter. Because of the need for complete accuracy, Daniel will test the gun by splitting a ball on an axe head.

  • Traditional knife and gunsmith Daniel Casey creaetes a custom Poor Boy rifle; this was the weapon of choice for the average man of the 1800s who needed to put food on the table and protect his home and family

  • Ironsmith Daniel Casey starts to build a replica of the very first Bowie knife ever made.

  • A sneak peek of the upcoming series.