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  • TV-14
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (736)

The UnXplained will tackle subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries, from mysterious structures and cursed ancient cities to extraterrestrial sightings and bizarre rituals. The series will also feature contributions from top scientists, historians, engineers and researchers - each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen.

The Unxplained
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Outrageous Robberies
26. Outrageous Robberies
April 16, 2021
What motivates someone to steal? Is it just for the money, or could a criminal have other reasons for pulling off a particularly daring robbery? Will we ever understand the motivations that drive people to undertake the most bizarre, intricate, and dangerous crimes -- or will the mind of a master criminal remain...UnXplained?
Mysteries of the Moon
25. Mysteries of the Moon
April 9, 2021
Experts question whether the moon is just a rock floating in space, or whether it holds profound secrets and perhaps even possesses incredible powers.
The Mystery of Plagues
24. The Mystery of Plagues
April 2, 2021
On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization declared that the outbreak of the lethal Coronavirus had become a worldwide pandemic. We'll examine some of the most devastating plagues in human history, as well the scientific advances to combat these diseases, including the development of Edward Jenner's vaccine for smallpox in the 1790s. Jenner's vaccine was one of the first major breakthroughs in modern medicine and helped to end humanity's superstitious attitude towards disease. But in the future, might we face diseases that are different from the ones we've experienced in the past?
Serial Killers
23. Serial Killers
March 12, 2021
The total disregard for life exhibited by serial killers shocks our sense of humanity and makes us question our safety and security. These sadistic psychopaths rarely show any remorse or empathy for the lives they've destroyed. How could human beings be capable of these horrific atrocities? And what causes such a murderous defect in the human psyche?
Bizarre Vanishings
22. Bizarre Vanishings
March 5, 2021
An exploration of the world's most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries. Compelling contributions from scientists, historians, and witnesses as they seek to shed light on how the impossible can happen.
The Truth About Bigfoot
21. The Truth About Bigfoot
February 26, 2021
For centuries, legends and eyewitness accounts have told of a massive, hairy creature that roams the forest on two legs. While science has yet to prove the existence of this mythical man-beast, countless researchers and experiencers around the world are convinced that there is a giant, ape-like animal hiding in remote parts of the world. They point to the discovery of large, inexplicable footprints as evidence of the so-called "Bigfoot" that they hope to prove is real. But does Bigfoot actually exist?
The Power of Gold
20. The Power of Gold
February 19, 2021
Gold. It's one of the most valuable precious metals on the planet, has been coveted by societies for centuries, and can be found inside countless modern electronics. Mankind's quest for gold harkens back thousands of years, but what is the special power that gold wields over our collective consciousness? Is it merely because it's rare and valuable, or could it be something more than that?
Extraordinary Engineering
19. Extraordinary Engineering
January 29, 2021
For centuries, humanity has been compelled to build remarkable structures that are much more than simple places of shelter or work.
The Search for Atlantis
18. The Search for Atlantis
January 22, 2021
According to the Greek philosopher Plato, the lost continent of Atlantis was once home to an advanced civilization before it was destroyed in a cataclysm. But was Plato's story merely a myth? Or did Atlantis really exist? For centuries, archaeologists have tried to uncover evidence to prove that this legend is true. Will Atlantis finally be re-discovered, perhaps by employing modern technology? Or will this lost civilization remain...UnXplained?
Secrets of America's Monuments
17. Secrets of America's Monuments
January 15, 2021
Many see them as massive testaments to America's progress. Some view them as immutable symbols of the human spirit. Others perceive them as sacred shrines dedicated to the ideals of liberty and freedom. But no matter what they represent--America's monuments are inarguably impressive due to their colossal size and scope, their groundbreaking feats of engineering, and their storied histories. Why is it that America's greatest monuments continue to enthrall us decades--and sometimes centuries--after their creation? And perhaps more importantly, what closely guarded secrets may their implacable facades be hiding?
Mysterious Mummies
16. Mysterious Mummies
January 8, 2021
From ancient civilizations to 20th century empires, mankind has had an inexplicable fascination with preserving the dead. But why? Are we simply too attached to the living to let them go? Or could it be that death isn't really the end, but rather a transition to a new beginning?
Mysteries of the Bible
15. Mysteries of the Bible
January 1, 2021
Many believe it to be the Word of God, while others claim it contains inconsistencies and contradictions that could only be manmade. But whether actually divine, or merely divinely inspired, the Bible is inarguably the most important historical text ever written. What is it about the Bible that continues to fascinate and compel us? Could its true nature have been lost or misinterpreted--or as some suspect, deliberately concealed--over time?
Leading Double Lives
14. Leading Double Lives
August 15, 2020
Stories of great impostors are both daring and baffling. What compels a person to attempt to become someone else? Is it merely for material gain, or to pull off an ingenious scam?
The Underground World
13. The Underground World
August 8, 2020
Despite all of our modern technology and sophistication, there is much that we still don't know about what lies beneath our feet, deep underground. What is at the center of the Earth?
The Truth About Ufos
12. The Truth About Ufos
August 1, 2020
For decades, the debate has raged as to what exactly Unidentified Flying Objects really are. Theories have been put forth that attribute them to everything from secret military aircraft to weather phenomena and more. The most controversial theory is that these objects are, in fact, spacecraft that have been piloted to Earth by extraterrestrial beings.
Mysterious Curses
11. Mysterious Curses
July 25, 2020
Throughout history, many have believed that certain places, things, or even people can be tainted with dark curses. Ominous lakes that morph into watery graves. Unlucky numbers that seem to cause bad things to happen.
Superhuman Senses
10. Superhuman Senses
July 18, 2020
Our five senses--sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch--construct the reality of the world around us, like a blank canvas continuously painted and repainted over every day.
The Greatest Escapes
9. The Greatest Escapes
July 11, 2020
A look at some of history's greatest escapes, the most incredible of which defy explanation.
Amazing Animal Abilities
8. Amazing Animal Abilities
April 25, 2020
A look at animals that have extraordinary powers, including a dog that can detect cancer faster than doctors and a horse that can read minds.
Vampires And Werewolves
7. Vampires And Werewolves
April 18, 2020
Dracula; Lycaon of Arcadial; and the Beast of GĂ©vaudan are the names of grotesque monsters who have reared their terrifying heads throughout history. It is discussed whether these monsters could be real.
Mysterious Stones
6. Mysterious Stones
April 11, 2020
What is it about rocks and stones that inspires some people to worship them. Throughout history, many have insisted that simple stones can do everything from choosing a king to causing death. A miraculous meteorite falling from the heavens. A priceless gemstone with a deadly curse. And a chunk of sandstone considered so sacred that wars have been fought to protect it.
Extreme Weather Mysteries
5. Extreme Weather Mysteries
March 28, 2020
A house that narrowly dodges the path of a tornado. Rain that falls from the sky like blood. And lightning that follows one into their home. The world is full of strange and mysterious weather phenomenon that still have no explanation. Is it a result of just simple scientific anomalies, or could there be a stranger, more spiritual force at work.
Deadly Cults
4. Deadly Cults
March 21, 2020
Many of the world's deadliest cults ventured down dark, dangerous rabbit-holes of twisted ideologies, persuading their members to kill other people or themselves.
Lost Civilizations
3. Lost Civilizations
March 14, 2020
Modern scientific knowledge tries to explain how a civilization becomes lost and what could cause once-thriving groups of people to abandon their great cities.
Dark Prophecies
2. Dark Prophecies
March 7, 2020
It is discussed whether people can predict the future and whether the knowledge can be harnessed to avoid future deadly events if so.
The Oak Island Curse
1. The Oak Island Curse
February 29, 2020
For more than 200 years, treasure hunters have been coming to Oak Island in search of a treasure that has so far eluded them all and has even cost six men their lives. It is discussed whether, as the legend suggests, the treasure is protected by a deadly curse.

The UnXplained will tackle subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries, from mysterious structures and cursed ancient cities to extraterrestrial sightings and bizarre rituals. The series will also feature contributions from top scientists, historians, engineers and researchers - each seeking to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen.

The Unxplained is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on July 19, 2019.

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  • Premiere Date
    July 19, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (736)