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This series follows the exploits of treasure hunters who are determined to find loot that they're convinced is buried on a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Like many treasure hunters before them, they haven't found anything, but at least their series is bringing in some income.

The Curse of Oak Island is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (137 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2014.

Where do I stream The Curse of Oak Island online? The Curse of Oak Island is available for streaming on History, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Curse of Oak Island on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV, History, Philo, Peacock online.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on History
9 Seasons, 137 Episodes
January 5, 2014
Cast: Robert Clotworthy, Marty Lagina, Rick Lagina, Charles Barkhouse
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The Curse of Oak Island Full Episode Guide

  • With further excavation of the ever-expanding stone roadway, the team uncovers more evidence of a possible maritime connection.

  • Excitement grows when the team discovers evidence of wooden casks on the mysterious stone roadway, while new research may have them closer than ever to locating the original Money Pit.

  • The team meticulously uncovers the swamp's stone roadway, hitting on the first signs that it could be heading toward the Money Pit.

  • The team follows the trajectory of the mysterious stone pathway in the swamp. They discover an elusive piece of Oak Island lore. And Gary uncovers evidence suggesting a treasure was, or is, nearby.

  • While searching the spoils excavated from the Money Pit area, Alex Lagina discovers evidence of human activity deep underground, dating back to 1492.

  • The Laginas and their team discover evidence of unknown structures in the Money Pit.

  • Rick, Marty, and the team are astonished when they realize the mysterious stone roadway in the swamp may be heading directly towards the Money Pit.

  • Further excavation uncovers more evidence that the stone structure in the swamp could be a roadway, and analysis of the serpent mound has it dating back to the Templars, suggesting it may be one of the most important features discovered in North America.

  • The discovery of a possible slipway in the swamp reinforces the team's eagerness to excavate further. The fellowship is shocked when they learn Zena's map may have been pointing to the elusive Treasure Vault the entire time.

  • While powerful currents threaten Alex and Tony's dangerous dive in the Northern Atlantic, Rick and Marty investigate a mysterious earthen anomaly.

  • The discovery of an expanding stone roadway under the muck of the swamp sends the team out to sea to investigate exactly how far it reaches.

  • Excitement abounds when new research shines light on a possible master plan created with strategically placed boulders that could point the team directly to the Money Pit vault.

  • The team is amazed when an evolving theory accurately identifies two man-made anomalies that they believe may be landmarks created to pinpoint the Money Pit.

  • Gary and Jack unearth new evidence suggesting industry between Lot 15 and the mysterious swamp. The fellowship makes the aggressive and expensive decision to excavate the mysterious bog entirely, once and for all.

  • The team finds evidence of an industry on Oak Island before Money Pit was discovered.

  • In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Rick, Marty and the team return to Oak Island. Armed with evidence of possible tunnels leading to the Money Pit, the fellowship is convinced they have the tools to solve the Oak Island mystery once and for all.

  • We'll look back on 7 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and countdown the 10 most incredible moments of the series.

  • We'll look back on 7 seasons of The Curse of Oak Island and countdown the 10 most incredible theories ever to be presented in the series.

  • Each episode of The Curse of Oak Island leaves hours and hours of footage on the cutting room floor. We'll look back on some of the moments from the last 7 seasons.

  • A look back on seven seasons of The Curse of Oak Island, and a countdown of the ten most incredible finds of the series.

  • With time running out, the ultimate breakthrough may finally be within the fellowship's grasp and new evidence suggests Samuel Ball was guarding something of great value.

  • The Restalls go back to Oak Island with new artifacts. Marty, Rick, and the team reach new depths in the Money Pit.

  • Exciting finds bring new excitement, but the team must move quickly since time is running out before they must suspend operations for the harsh winter ahead.

  • New analysis connects man-made activity in the swamp to the construction of the Money Pit just as the team begins their most ambitious and expensive operation yet to locate the elusive treasure shaft.

  • Time to investigate the uplands of Smith's Cove is quickly running out, so Rick goes to extreme and dangerous measures to get answers.

  • The fellowship of the dig doubles down on their efforts in the swamp and discover that it might hold the key to solving the entire Oak Island mystery, just as Fred Nolan predicted.

  • New, hard evidence suggests that Fred Nolan's theory that a ship was buried in the swamp centuries ago, may be true.

  • Excitement abounds when Gary uncovers an ancient tunneling tool in the swamp, and the team obtains hard, scientific evidence suggesting they may have finally located the original Money Pit.

  • New evidence suggests there was French activity on Oak Island decades before the discovery of the Money Pit and the team may have finally uncovered definitive proof the swamp was man-made centuries ago.

  • With a dangerous hurricane approaching, the team scrambles to find evidence of what might be buried beneath the swamp before the storm can wipe out their efforts.

  • Excitement abounds when Gary uncovers what could be a "friend of the cross".

  • New evidence suggests the swamp may be man-made on a scale the team never could have anticipated.

  • After 152 years, the Money Pit may no longer be lost.

  • The team unearths a new wooden structure under the sea bed at Smith's cove and a fresh lead may bring Rick closer to the 90-foot stone.

  • Excitement grows when the team discovers a 200-year-old searcher shaft which could lead them directly to the Money Pit.

  • Forgotten clues produce new leads as the fellowship of the dig zeroes in on the Money Pit.

  • After years of searching, the team believes they have found the elusive flood tunnel that will lead them to the Money Pit and Gary discovers a mysterious artifact that may have a connection to the Founding Fathers.

  • Gary detects a strange, stone structure embedded in the swamp and after years of searching and speculation, the Laginas get scientific proof that the swamp is young and likely manmade.

  • After years of speculation, new scientific evidence suggests the swamp is manmade.

  • Armed with evidence suggesting a ship is buried in the swamp, the team returns to Oak Island determined to honor Dan's legacy by solving the centuries-old mystery once and for all.