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  • TV-MA
  • 2013
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.9  (78,878)

Da Vinci's Demons is a historical fantasy drama series that aired on Starz from 2013 to 2015. The show is created by David S. Goyer and follows the tumultuous life of Leonardo da Vinci (played by Tom Riley) in 15th-century Florence. The show portrays da Vinci as a young and ambitious artist, inventor, and scientist who is constantly chasing after new ideas and experimenting with his inventions in secret. His brilliance and unconventional approach to life often put him at odds with the political and religious authorities of his time, including Lorenzo de' Medici (Elliot Cowan), the ruler of Florence, and Pope Sixtus IV (James Faulkner), who sees da Vinci's ideas as a threat to the established order.

Throughout the series, da Vinci is on a quest for knowledge and discovery, unearthing hidden secrets about his own past and the world around him. He collaborates with a diverse group of friends and allies, including his apprentice Nico (Eros Vlahos), his love interest Lucrezia (Laura Haddock), the cunning and manipulative Count Riario (Blake Ritson), and the wise and enigmatic Al-Rahim (Alexander Siddig).

Da Vinci's Demons is not just a historical drama, but also a thrilling adventure series, with da Vinci and his companions embarking on risky missions and facing dangerous opponents. In one episode, they battle against an army of Ottoman soldiers who are attempting to invade Italy, while in another, they discover a hidden temple in the New World that holds the key to unlocking ancient mysteries.

Despite the fantastical elements of the show, Da Vinci's Demons also explores the dark and complicated side of Renaissance Florence, including the political machinations and brutality of the ruling class, the persecution of Jews and other minority groups, and the oppression of women. The show does not shy away from portraying the harsh realities of life in the 15th century, but also offers a glimmer of hope and inspiration through da Vinci's belief in human potential and his determination to create a better world.

The cast of Da Vinci's Demons is top-notch, with Tom Riley delivering a standout performance as the brilliant and charismatic da Vinci. Laura Haddock brings depth and nuance to the character of Lucrezia, who is not just a love interest but also a skilled artist in her own right. Elliot Cowan is perfectly cast as the suave and cunning Lorenzo de' Medici, while Lara Pulver adds a touch of danger and seduction as his scheming wife Clarice. Hera Hilmar shines as Vanessa, a young woman who works alongside da Vinci as a nurse and becomes his confidante and friend.

The production design and costumes of the show are also impressive, with Florence and other locations brought to life in vivid detail. The show's use of CGI and special effects is also impressive, with da Vinci's contraptions and inventions brought to life in realistic and imaginative ways.

Overall, Da Vinci's Demons is a thrilling and ambitious drama series that combines history, fantasy, and adventure in a compelling way. The show is a must-watch for anyone who loves historical dramas, sci-fi, or just great storytelling in general.

Da Vinci's Demons is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (28 episodes). The series first aired on April 12, 2013.

Da Vinci's Demons
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Ep 310 - Ira Deorum
10. Ep 310 - Ira Deorum
January 1, 2015
Following the Ottoman army's ambush on Crusage forces, Leo must put his faith in his friends and in himself if they're to have a chance to defeat the Turks.
Ep 309 - Angelus Iratissimus
9. Ep 309 - Angelus Iratissimus
January 1, 2015
Leo and Sophia struggle to control the mysterious device they've built. Back in Florence, Riario awaits judgment while Lorenzo and Vanessa take their partnership to the next level.
Ep 308 - La Confessione Della Machina
8. Ep 308 - La Confessione Della Machina
January 1, 2015
While Nico and Zo seek out support for the Crusade from an old foe, Leo is ambushed by the Labyrinth.
Ep 307 - Alis Volat Propiis
7. Ep 307 - Alis Volat Propiis
January 1, 2015
Crusade efforts are thwarted when an old nemesis returns to Florence and stands in opposition. Vanessa and Nico question their futures, while Leo struggles to decipher the Turkish armor.
Ep 306 - Liberum Arbitrium
6. Ep 306 - Liberum Arbitrium
January 1, 2015
The Monster of Italy is finally captured but danger still lurks, potentially threatening the upcoming Crusade Festival.
Ep 305 - Anima Venator
5. Ep 305 - Anima Venator
January 1, 2015
Leo's paranoia shuts him off from his friends while Lucrezia finds herself in danger as she searches for a way to make amends for past sins.
Ep 304 - The Labrys
4. Ep 304 - The Labrys
January 1, 2015
As Carlo tries to program Leo to become "one" with the Labyrinth, Leo escapes into an alternate reality that threatens both his mind and his life.
Ep 303 - Modus Operandi
3. Ep 303 - Modus Operandi
January 1, 2015
Leo's investigation of a grisly murder threatens to expose the Labyrinth
2. Abbadon
October 31, 2015
Leonardo designs a getaway from Otranto, but some of his dearest relations may continue to be endangered.
Semper Infidelis
1. Semper Infidelis
October 24, 2015
Otranto is attacked by the Ottoman Empire. Leonardo and his friends must evacuate.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 12, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (78,878)