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A Haunting is a Discovery Channel original series depicting the paranormal activity that surrounds an individual or family in a specific location. At the beginning of each episode you are given a specific location of the place where the current haunting has taken place. You then are introduced to the individuals who were involved with the paranormal happening. As family members tell their story, a group of actors portray the event as described.

Each episode centers on one haunting story. In most cases the family or certain members involved with the ghostly activity claim to be skeptical and non believers in the paranormal until the events depicted occurred.

In almost all cases a family moves to a new home and have no idea that the location they have moved to has experienced any type of paranormal activity. It is during the time that family members begin to settle into the home or when renovations are taking place that strange things begin to happen. Usually it is the children present in the home or female family members that experience the haunted activity first. Other members of the family try to explain the experiences away scientifically and ignore the activity.

Once it becomes apparent that there is no explanation for the haunting or when events pose a real danger to the members of the household, owners seek help from local paranormal investigators or mediums. After the property has been investigated, cleansing rituals are performed to try and rid the property of the ghostly encounters. If this is successful, the family will usually remain in the home for a period of time. In cases where there is no relief from the ghostly activity or when it escalates, people usually flee the home. There have been times where a family has not had the financial means to move and have lost everything they own just to escape the situation they were in.

A Haunting aired for five seasons and each episode is approximately one hour. There are forty three episodes available. Some content may be disturbing for viewers especially children.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
10 Seasons, 104 Episodes
October 28, 2005
Cast: Anthony D. Call
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A Haunting Full Episode Guide

  • When their daughter hears a voice in her head and begins acting strangely, the Balistreri's search for the cause. Could her behavior be related to paranormal activity in the house or is it all in her head?

  • After a trip to a haunted plantation, Joy and her young daughters fall prey to a relentless phantom that is tied to a harrowing experience from Joy's distant past.

  • A family's lives are at stake while they try to battle an evil entity sent to tear a young couple apart.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: When three siblings communicate with the family ghost using a spirit board, it's all fun and games. But they have no idea the door for good and evil spirits is now open.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: Shortly after losing her firefighter husband in the line of duty, Jeanette buys a fixer-upper home. But renovations reveal evidence of evil doings on the property and a restless evil.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: After a man moves into a haunted house, paranormal investigators discover dark entities have likely been lurking on the property for years preying on residents.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: A mother and daughter both know their house is haunted. But while the mother believes it's the spirit of her murdered boyfriend, her daughter thinks it's much darker.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: After a beautiful teenage girl attracts the attention of an unknown presence, she becomes the target of his advances, wreaking havoc on her and her family's once idyllic lives.

  • An old spirit that tormented a woman in childhood resurfaces after many years and encroaches on her waking hours to torment her entire family.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: The ghost of a tormented teen shatters the serenity of a young family shortly after they move into their first home.

  • Updated with bone-chilling bonus scenes and paranormal facts: A family believes they have a harmless ghost in their home until it begins to threaten the children. Unwilling to let evil win, the family turns to the Catholic Church to drive the demon out.

  • A woman believes her late husband is haunting her home until her daughter is targeted by an evil entity.

  • After a menacing Nazi soldier seeks vengeance for his death and threatens an innocent couple, they seek help to make peace with his ghost

  • A home is invaded by a demon hell-bent on injuring the members of a family one by one.

  • A couple moves into a house they believe to be haunted. They finally call paranormal investigators for assistance following a number of attacks.

  • Taking a close look at a haunted tunnel with a gory history results in a ghostly encounter.

  • After relocating to a new home, the Barbours are concerned about the bad way an imaginary friend is influencing their little girl. They soon discover they have come up against an angry spirit and seek help from paranormal investigators.

  • When Jennifer Patterson finds her dream home in rural Indiana, she's beyond excited. Soon, unexplained voices and scents, lead her to believe the house is haunted by the ghost of the previous owner.

  • A family calls a demonologist for assistance after they bring a dark entity into their home via an evil necklace they found.

  • An inner battle between a teen with paranormal talent and a crafty demon.

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