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The Discovery Channel's latest program, Street Outlaws, delves into the world of illegal street racing in Oklahoma City. Stakes are high, dollars are big, and the cars are slick. From a souped-up farm truck to a tricked out Chevy Impala, viewers experience the thrill of hurtling down the dark backstreets of Oklahoma in a race to capture the win. Money exchanges hands, and egos are either raised or smashed.

The show follows Big Doc and Murder Nova. Into cars and street racing since children, these two put their years of expertise into their cars to guarantee victory on the track. Most of their time is spent in the shop and under the hoods. There can be no room for error, as races are often won by milliseconds. Tensions run high, and tempers short.

The crew knows how to work, but they know how to play as well. Not an episode goes by without a prank, and there is no space between commercials without a steady stream of back-and-forth smack talk.

Rivalry plays a tremendous part in street racing, and those rivalries are thick. Much is at stake every race, but especially pride. Crews from whole other states drive in to put their machines to the test, as out-of-state racers are a regular on the show.

They all vie for placement on "the list." The list contains the top 10 fastest cars in Oklahoma City, considered by some to be the national capital of illegal street racing. The crew puts their cars and their racing before work, women, and friends to obtain that coveted position: a spot on the list. Nothing means more to them, and they will do anything to achieve the goal.

One might say that cars are as much a character in the program as the boys themselves. We see all shapes, all sizes here. The crew has an incredible talent of taking cars that no one has hope for, and then turning them into hellish speed demons that dominate the streets. Goofy as they can be, when it comes to street racing, the boys know what they're talking about.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
9 Seasons, 83 Episodes
June 10, 2013
Action & Adventure, Automotive, Drama, Family
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Street Outlaws Full Episode Guide

  • Chief organizes a first of its kind team race off. Detroit, New York and California each bring a team to compete against the 405. Five of the 405's OG racers step up to prove that OKC has the fastest group of street racers in the country.

  • When JJ "Da Boss" from Memphis asks the 405 to race, the 405 ditch their pro mods and travel east to the craziest race ever. Chuck is anxious to prove himself and the Memphis boys give the OKC racers a run for their money.Chuck is eager to prove himself and the Memphis guys give the OKC racers a run for their money.

  • The last list race of the season is here and that puts the pressure on everyone to make their final moves towards the top. Kamikaze and Farmtruck make triumphant returns to list racing and there will be a new number one on the 405 list.

  • Frustration builds on the 405 list. Racers attempt to hang on rather than move up. Famrtruck and AZN make some updates on the Farmtruck and try it out in a fishing race. Things heat up on race night when Dave makes a prediction for a race he has no intention of participating in.

  • The OKC group head south to compete at the Texas Motorplex in the American Outlaws Live event.

  • With Dave in the top 5 and Chief right behind at 6, the pressure is on the top racers to be ready for a show down. Chief and Boosted setup an emergency turbo school for a struggling Dominator. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN find themselves a flashy, orange fish.

  • The list gets shaken up again. Shane finds himself in a grudge race, but things turn disastrous after the finish line. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN get called out and race night becomes hostile when Dave and The Reaper can't agree on a call out.

  • Daddy Dave grabs Henson's Plan B from the top spot on the list and starts from ten in his own car. Later, Farmtruck and AZN compete; Doc and Shawn get ready to race; and Chief prepares to move up the list.

  • With swifter vehicles than ever before stuck at the bottom, strategy and game playing dominate racing in the 405.

  • Since everyone in the 405 has been upgrading their cars, it's time to go under their hoods to find out what makes these guys so fast. Farmtruck and AZN struggle to fix the Dung Beetle for fishing, and setup some races to get out of paying for some tuning.

  • The list is stirred up when Daddy Dave pulls Henson's Plan B from the one spot and begins from the ten spot in his own car. Farmtruck and AZN showdown. Also Doc and Shawn prepare to race for #1. Meanwhile, Chief prepares for his long march up the list.

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