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Mountain Monsters is a 60 minutes an episode reality tv show produced by American Chainsaws Entertainment Company. The show stars a six man crew of hardcore hunters and trappers who grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. John Tice who is known as "Trapper" on the show, is the team leader and founder of their AIMS outfit. The acronymn of their team name stands for Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings.

Jeff does the historical research for the crew's assignments. Their assignments come from other mountain communities who have evidence of animal creatures that are terrorizing the area. The other crew members are; Wild Bill who is an ex-marine, Buck who is the rookie of the group, Willy, and Huckleberry who acts as security for the group.

To trap the mountain monsters the team relies on theeir skills and knowledge as hunters and trappers. They do also use modern technology, but sometimes old-fashioned sticks and rope work just fine. As local residents produce evidence of what they see as extra ordinary sounds, tracks, or sightings of possible monsters like Chupaca, Wampus Beast, or Mothman. The crew first investigates the area and then puts together a plan of attack, it's all in the execution.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
5 Seasons, 47 Episodes
June 22, 2013
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Mountain Monsters Full Episode Guide

  • The AIMS crew find out that a strange creature known as the Black Wolf wanders through the Dark Forest.

  • After being taken, the AIMS crew face a strange man who offers them a deal with an unbelievable payoff. The team begin to realize Trapper is missing and they set out to find him.

  • Part 1 of 2. Following nine months of quite, the Rogue Team comes out of the shadows, with Buck attempting to take matters into his own hands in the Season 5 opener.

  • AIMS proceed to explore the real identity of the rogue team, but come to a point where they must determine whether this match of cat and mouse is worth the risks, or if they should finally admit defeat and back away.

  • The AIMS team heads back to Perry County, OH to go after The Ohio Grassman. They soon realize they are being followed by the rogue team that has been tracking them. The AIMS team attempts to shine a light on their identity.

  • The Team heads to Wood County, WV after a Bigfoot known as The Phantom of the Forest and soon find themselves in a feud with local poachers. On the hunt they realize they're caught between a massive Bigfoot out for revenge and armed men out for blood.

  • The AIMS team reunites for the first time with Trapper to get his opinion on how they should take on the legendary Raven Mocker. They soon learn that their only option is to face off against the Raven Mocker.

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The Hellhound Returns Clip (02:04) The Wildman Attacks Trapper Clip (02:15)