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Ghosts of Shepherdstown tells the story of paranormal activities that occur in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. This is not the usual case of one or two families living in a haunted house. The majority of 911 calls are residents reporting a strange happening that is not nature or criminal. A resident may report a headless woman, faceless figure, disembodied voice, vanishing objects or a body floating down the river.

The disturbances have forced the chief of police Michael King to bring in a team of paranormal investigators. The team is made up of the gifted Elizabeth Saint, paranormal investigator Nick Groff and technology expert Bill Hartley.

Every episode starts with a resident calling the police about a disturbance. The investigators check out the scene and gather clues of paranormal activity. They talk to local historians and psychics about the clues to figure out if there is a trend in these experiences.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Destination America
2 Seasons, 10 Episodes
June 12, 2016
Documentary & Biography, Reality, Supernatural
Cast: Bill Hartley, Lorie Johnson, Mike King, Dana Mitchell
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Ghosts of Shepherdstown Full Episode Guide

  • The team rushes to the aid of a distraught homeowner; the team discovers a dangerous portal in the home may be connected to a negative entity that preys on people's minds.

  • After investigating paranormal events at the John Brown Museum, the team identifies several ghosts who have been stalking the halls. They try to put the spirits to rest but after capturing an eerie image on camera, they suspect something sinister.

  • When Chief Mike King talks with locals he discovers there's a disturbing uptick of hauntings in neighboring towns and fears that Shepherdstown was just one small piece of a much bigger puzzle.

  • Nick Groff investigates a house emitting mysterious baby cries. After dangerous poltergeist activity at the home, the teams suspects they've stumbled upon the origin of the dark presence responsible for the spike of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown.

  • After a woman claims she saw a phantom corpse in the Potomac River, the team uncovers a cold murder case which leads them to the town woods where they find evidence of satanic rituals and encounter a dark presence that threatens Bill's life.

  • The team rushes to help a woman who heard a phantom gunshot in the center of town, and fears she's being stalked by an angry spirit. Their investigation uncovers a surprising connection to a grisly murder that occurred in the 1890s.

  • Nick, Elizabeth and Bill are called to a home where there has been a sighting of a headless woman on the porch. The team soon discovers a wealth of paranormal evidence that leads them to believe there is more than a single entity haunting the house. With the help of a psychic medium and town historian, the team is able to uncover the spirits' identities but is still working to explain the rise of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown.

  • A female college student calls 911 after coming face-to-face with what she believes to be a legendary young spirit that's haunted the campus for decades. Soon, the haunting escalates with a report of the ghost allegedly making violent physical contact with the coed while she was in bed. With things quickly becoming dangerous, the team enlists the aid of a psychic medium and stages an emergency spiritual intervention to discover the secret of what's agitating the ghost girl and, hopefully, put her spirit to rest.

  • Paranormal experts Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley begin their investigation into the flood of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown as they respond to their first case: a mysterious haunting at the local bakery. The terrified night-shift baker reports sightings of a figure in a gray Civil War uniform and strange objects falling past the window outside. With the help of a local historian and a gifted psychic, the team uncovers shocking details of the building's role in the bloodiest battle in American history.

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