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My Haunted House is a real look at dream homes that in reality are nightmares filled with all kinds of supernatural spirits. Former haunted house owners give interviews on what went on during their stays in haunted houses, along with their families. Everything seems to be normal at first, when the house in question is purchased by an unsuspecting family. Over time incidents of strange noises, objects being moved and doors being opened by unexplained reasons begin to happen. Sometimes the spirits can be extremely violent to certain members of the household, because of some mysterious reason known only to the spirits.

Some families have done historical research on their properties to see if it was a place where a tragic event occurred in the past. When the facts of past events have been discovered by the current family living in the haunted house, quite often performing a spiritual cleansing by a paranormal investigator is all that is needed. Other times a Catholic priest is required, depending if the entity or entities have more of a demonic nature. Another option for a family is to relocated to a newer home, along with very strict and specific instructions to make sure that the spirits don't follow them to their new home.

The expression "buyer beware" quite literally takes on a new meaning for people that have previously lived in haunted houses. The nature of the haunting, whether a house was built over an Native American burial ground or a really emotionally charged event that occurred inside or near the house has happened sometime in the past history of the area can effect the house. Then by understanding why a haunting occurs in an old house or sometimes in a house that was built recently in a questionable area needs to be examined.

My Haunted House is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (36 episodes). The series first aired on May 4, 2013.

Where do I stream My Haunted House online? My Haunted House is available for streaming on Biography Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Haunted House on demand at Philo, Hulu, FuboTV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
4 Seasons, 36 Episodes
May 4, 2013
Horror & Suspense, Reality
Cast: Cordelia Zawarski, Mark Laursen, Anna Ross, Mikul Robins
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My Haunted House Full Episode Guide

  • A clown stays in a family's home long after the party is over, and a woman believes local Santeria practitioners put a curse on her when she moves into a traditional Miami neighborhood.

  • Strange events happen after a girl and her buddies pick up a hitchhiker in the forest; a widow fights with her daughter's negative reaction to her new boyfriend.

  • A woman begins to mimic the bizarre behavior that led to her fiancĂ©'s death; a couple experience the legend of the ``Double Walker.''

  • A nanny investigates strange noises coming from the forbidden third floor of a house; a horrible secret lies hidden within a couple's new home in the swamp.

  • An deserted summer camp is remodeled, but terrifying happenings begin, and a newly divorced lady adopts a stray dog with frightening baggage.

  • A woman begins to believe that an entity is terrorizing her mentally ill father; a couple is trapped in a cabin over Christmas.

  • A teenage girl attempts to spend the night in one of America's most haunted locations; a morgue employee fears that his job is following him home.

  • For the first time, our cameras film an actively haunted house to hear two victims' terrifying testimony of paranormal activity.

  • Sinister events occur after a couple take in a troubled foster child; a family learns what really went on in its basement.

  • A couple is poisoned during their first night in their new home; a woman's home is plagued by frightening activity after her fiance purchases an antique.

  • A birthday-party clown takes up residence in a family's home; Santeria practitioners curse a new member of a Miami neighborhood.

  • Festivities turn to fear during a bachelorette party at a mountain cabin; a woman investigates the truth behind her son's elusive "friend."

  • A woman's recurring nightmare comes true after she moves into a new house. A single mother is concerned for her son's life after moving into a new house.

  • A couple isn't getting the peace and quiet they were expecting when they move to a house deep in the woods.

  • Someone's girlfriend is hiding a horrible secret.

  • A family is terrorized after bringing an antique camera into their home while four college graduates plan to spend their summer in a remote cabin in the mountains.

  • Every night, at the same time, a mysterious car pulls into a woman's driveway.

  • A woman receives terrifying phone messages from an unknown caller; a baby goes missing after a couple bring an antique rocking chair into their home.

  • A psychiatrist has a patient whose "roommate" begins appearing in her house, and she soon begins questioning her own sanity.

  • A man who has been suffering with sleep paralysis manages to capture evidence that something is entering his room.

  • After inheriting a relative's home, two brothers discover a horrifying secret.

  • A 5-year-old boy claims that his imaginary friend pushed his sister through a second story window; a woman relives the terrifying history of a remote cabin she has rented.

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