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The I Survived...Beyond And Back television show, is based on life and death. All of the survivors who appear on the show made it through catastrophic events that ultimately took their life, but they were brought back and have a story to tell about what they saw on the other side. The stories are told by the persons who actually survived the incidents. The in-depth accounts of their harrowing tales are mind blowing and unforgettable. Though some of the stories can be extremely graphic and hard to watch or even listen to, they are very compelling, and thought-provoking.

You will learn first hand, what many people have experienced when they have died, but have been lucky enough to be brought back to tell their tale. Many personal accounts, will speak about things they have seen while on the other side, such as family members that have passed, Angels, and more. This show answers many questions that have been around for centuries about life after death. After watching, you will see and even feel, what each person experienced, and you can then judge for yourselves if there really is life after death.

I Survived...Beyond and Back is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on December 5, 2010.

Where do I stream I Survived...Beyond and Back online? I Survived...Beyond and Back is available for streaming on Biography Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I Survived...Beyond and Back on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, Tubi TV online.

Sundays at 10:00 pm et/pt on Biography Channel
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
December 5, 2010
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I Survived...Beyond and Back Full Episode Guide

  • An army medic serving in Iraq dies when his Humvee is blown up. A school teacher undergoes surgery and dies from septic shock. A troubled mother is injected with pure heroin and dies.

  • A young motorcyclist hits an approaching truck head on and loses six pints of blood. A busy realtor suffers a brain aneurysm. And a woman who is highly allergic to bee stings falls into a bee hive.

  • A farmer's wife suffers a sudden heart attack and dies. A Mexican artist and expert paragliding pilot plunges to the ground. And a housewife experiences an irregular heart rhythm and dies.

  • A young guy suffers a catastrophic allergic reaction to peanuts and dies twice. A young woman is fatally injured in a car crash. And a woman dies after childbirth and encounters her dead father.

  • A woman dies inside an MRI tunnel; a young rapper is shot twice in the face by a random gun-man; a construction worker is crushed and suffocates when a building collapses on top of him.

  • A TV producer's face is pulverized during a car accident. A 17-year-old dancer is run off the road on his motor scooter and dies. And a 13-year-old girl is struck by lightning during a storm.

  • A doctor is struck dead by lightning at a family reunion, a man dies of toxic shock after a kidney stone operation and a young mother's liver fails from an overdose of antibiotics.

  • A college boy is involved in a shocking car accident and flatlines numerous times. A neurosurgeon lapses into a coma with acute meningitis. And a woman is drowned while scuba diving.

  • A young mother with her 4-year-old son skid off a flooded road and land in a lake. A man dies from a massive heart attack. And a worker on an oil site is scalped when a well explodes.

  • A man who can't swim falls into a swimming pool, hitting his head and drowning, and a woman dies during the C-section birth of her twins.

  • A doctor is struck by lightning at a family reunion; a man succumbs to toxic shock after a kidney operation; an overdose of antibiotics causes liver failure in a young woman.

  • After a car accident, a college student flatlines a number of times; acute meningitis sends a neurosurgeon into a coma; a scuba diver drowns.

  • A mother and her son skid off the road and land upside down in a lake; a man suffers a massive heart attack and dies; a worker is scalped when a well explodes.

  • A man drowns in a swimming pool; and a woman dies during the births of her twins.

  • A mother is abducted and assaulted by a man who threatens to shoot her baby; a man is stranded in a lake after a plane crash; and a woman plays dead after being stabbed by her husband.

  • A guy loses a leg and a lot of blood in a motorcycle accident; a real-estate agent has a brain aneurysm; and a woman who is allergic to bee stings is stung more than 100 times after falling on a beehive.

  • A farmer's wife suffers a heart attack; a paraglider's wings collapse forcing him to the ground; and a housewife experiences irregular heart rhythm.

  • A woman dies when a charging bull causes her horse to rear, throwing her onto concrete. A teenager commits suicide overdosing on prescription pills. On Christmas Eve a mother has a heart attack and dies from viral cardio myopathy.

  • A man dies in a car crash and goes to hell. A 20-year-old girl falls from her horse and goes to heaven. And a man meets Moses after dying from a heart attack.