Watch TV Shows on Biography Channel

The Biography Channel first began airing in in 1999. The network began due to the popularity of the original program of the same name that aired on the A&E network. The A&E network is a joint venture and collaboration between The Walt Disney Company, the Heart Corporation, and NBC. Before becoming the exclusive home for the series after which it was named, Biography, the network could most often be found airing fact based programming in addition to reruns of shows like Murder, She Wrote and Sherlock Holmes, that had previously aired on the original A&E network.

In 2007, the network decided to shift the focus from the biography type series it had been airing into what they dubbed true stories about fascinating people. The network completely revamped the line-up of programming, and continued on under the shortened moniker, Bio.

In 2013, the network was beginning to fail, so it rebranded once again. Reruns of house flipping and design shows were placed on the schedule, along with a list of 30 potential new series. At this point the name Bio was also dropped, removing almost every trace of the network that it used to be. The new name for the network became FYI.