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I Killed My BFF, a primetime television show on the Biography channel, tells unbelievable stories of those who kill for jealousy, passion or the need to kill. These are true stories about murders that actually happened between best friends. The show offers up beginning to bitter end stories about real life best friends that end up one being the murderer and the other being the murdered. Each show tells a different story about different people from all over that have had their lives changed because of their best friends relationships. The show tells these stories from the beginning, on how they met and how their relationship got to the point where blood was shed.

One of the shows, appropriately titled Mississippi Moms, tells a tale about two women who live side by side in a suburb in Mississippi. They are housewives and mothers who become best friends and neighbors. Sharing everything there could be no better relationship, but it ends in murder to hide fraud, one of the women never meant to be a best friend only on the surface to get what she wanted.

Another episode titled My Best Friend the Serial Killer is about three friends from Troy, NY, that have been best friends since childhood. Growing up in a middle class town they seek a life of criminal activity to make money. When cops get close to finding out who is committing the crimes one of the friends begins to kill the others. This is sadly a true story that takes these friends from the humble beginnings of childhood to adulthood. They start with petty crimes and move up from there each time getting more severe, until one of them can no longer risk his friends spilling the beans. One of them decides to silence them forever.

These stories are reenactments of true life stories, with interviews from the police and others that were there to live and investigate through these crimes.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
1 Season, 25 Episodes
June 25, 2012
Crime, Drama, Family, History, Mystery
Cast: Adam Smith Jr., Zack Wilhelm, Alex Kruz, Callie Harlan
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I Killed My BFF Full Episode Guide

  • A former deejay living in California, inherits money from his wealthy father. The heir's BFF, a banker, offers to help him manage the windfall, but the two have a falling out that ends up with a showdown, a murder and a manhunt.

  • Two friends bond over their shared love of cars, women and beer. But when a woman comes between them, these two BFFS turn on each other and the result is deadly.

  • In a sleepy Ohio town, two young girls find each other on line. Their friendship blossoms and then becomes something deeper. But when one of the girls hooks up with someone new, things take a dark turn and police have a murder to solve.

  • Two best friends obsessed with the California "goth" culture are split apart by a dark, charismatic teen. Their interest in the dark side goes too far when one of the BFFs is murdered in what police call a "senseless thrill kill."

  • A penniless Florida man wins a $30 million lottery, and everyone he knows comes after him for a handout. He turns to his best friend to help him manage his money, but that's when things went sideways for these BFFs.

  • Two girls in Pennsylvania grow up the best of friends, but things get rocky when they take the next step and become lovers.

  • Two West Virginia best friends turn on each other when a third girl throws a wrench in their duo. When one of the girls goes missing, police focus in on her BFF and eventually prove that she's the killer.

  • It's always a tragedy when best friends turn on each other, all swept away in a moment of anger, jealousy, or greed.

  • Michelle Jensen and Jason Means meet on a camping trip, they seem to come from different worlds.

  • At the world's top university for the Deaf and hard of hearing, college freshmen Eric Plunkett and Joseph Mesa live across the hall from each other. Eric is an outgoing film buff with a preference for horror movies... Joseph, a talented athlete from the island paradise of Guam. But for one young man, the pressures of college will be too much. The secret he's been hiding will drive him to kill... and no one will hear his victims' screams.

  • When LA native Stephen Eldridge needs a new place to live he ends up living with his best friend Miki McDermott.

  • A retired rodeo champion Bob Huber takes on a young, aspiring cowboy named Ryan Bryant under his wing; it seems like a ideal match. The two start running a business and coaching a little league team.

  • Alphonze Fitzhugh and Britani Coberly.

  • Sarah Kolb takes a new student Adrianne Reynolds under her wing, showing her the ropes and introducing her to the popular crowd.

  • Gerry Scotti and Barry Feldman live great lives in Los Angeles. Gerry is a high-powered defense attorney, Barry his brilliant paralegal. They become best friends with each complementing the other's strengths and weaknesses.

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