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Psychic Investigators is a non-fiction program that first aired in 2006. Psychic Investigators relates cases where psychics were able to resolve criminal investigations, and frequently it will deal with cases in which the official police used psychics to help them with their investigative work. Each episode of psychic investigators will generally look at one or more cases during each episode, and will detail the work done by both the police department and the psychics. Most psychic investigators cases involve homicide, but some episodes will also deal with cases of missing persons and larceny.

Episodes of Psychic Detectives are meant for either half hour or whole hour time slots. The narrator for Psychic Detectives is Les Marshak. A psychic by the name of Phil Jordan presents certain key points of the storyline. The format usually involves reenactment or stock footage that is narrated over, and it will also have interviews with persons involved with the cases.

Psychic Investigators is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 2006.

Where do I stream Psychic Investigators online? Psychic Investigators is available for streaming on Biography Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Psychic Investigators on demand at The Roku Channel Free, Crackle, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Biography Channel
3 Seasons, 47 Episodes
February 24, 2006
Documentary & Biography, Science Fiction, Crime
Cast: Heather Joseph-Witham
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Psychic Investigators Full Episode Guide

  • Halloween thrills turn all too real when police find the bodies of two young women, both stabbed to death. Police have no leads about the cold-hearted killer, but a pair of psychics put their heads together to bring the Halloween criminal to justice.

  • A Pennsylvania town is shaken to the core after a local dentist becomes the victim of a grisly and gory murder. When a local man is falsely accused, it is up to psychic sisters, to unravel the clues and bring the actual murderer to justice.

  • A twenty-year-old New Yorker disappears after a night of clubbing. Police find one earring on the asphalt where she last parked her car. The missing girl's mother soon visits a well-known psychic who leads police to Kim's body.

  • A mother of two disappears. Detectives discover she was a heroin addict, and investigators believe that she left town with her dealer. Her parents soon seek the help of a psychic to help them locate their missing daughter.

  • A cold-case detective uses a videotape from a respected psychic to help catch a killer thirty years after the victim was found by police.

  • The partner of an Arizona businesswoman claims that masked gunmen abducted his colleague. Police fail to believe his story, but without a body, detectives must release him. A world-renowned psychic helps police find evidence that leads to a corpse.

  • A Texas woman is kidnapped in broad daylight. Investigators suspect a local felon, but without a body detectives can't make an arrest. Police turn a well-know psychic to help them crack the case.

  • In Des Plaines, Illinois, police investigating the disappearance of a high school student are led to 27 bodies buried in the basement of a suspect's home.

  • Psychic Phil Jordan leads investigators to the door of the person he thinks murdered a Georgia roofer in his bed two years before.

  • Psychic Georgia Rudolph believes that the missing wife of an Ohio state trooper has been murdered. Skeptic investigators become believers when the psychic's visions are confirmed and lead to a shocking arrest.

  • Local residents find a corpse on a Florida beach, and FBI investigators soon arrest a businessman, who claims that he is innocent. Seven years later, the case goes to trial, and the businessman's defense attorney asks a psychic to take the witness stand.

  • Police in an upper-class New Jersey town find a nurse beaten to death in her home. Her boyfriend becomes a suspect, and the victim's sister seeks the help of psychic, Nancy Weber, to get some answers.

  • Police find two Canadian girls murdered in a small town. Baffled detectives turn to famous psychic, Noreen Renier, to help identify the murderer. A conflict develops between Reiner's visions and the forensic evidence found at the crime scenes.

  • Phil Jordan, a New York psychic, has a tough and emotional case. Five-year-old Tommy vanishes into the forest, leaving no clue concerning his whereabouts. To make matters worse, the search is taking place in the middle of a vicious storm.

  • Psychic Noreen Renier arrives at a university in Staunton, Virginia, and she becomes involved in helping police find a serial rapist that stalks the campus. The physic finds herself in a race to catch the rapist before he finds his next victim.

  • For the past 5 years, someone has been raping elderly women in Homestead, Pennsylvania. When investigators continue to run into dead ends, a psychic gives them clues that the next victim will be a relative of the chief of police.

  • A nightclub owner named William Rudy disappears, and police believe that the businessman, who has many aliases, went on vacation without telling anyone. Rudy's fiancĂ© seeks the help of a psychic to discover what really happened to her future husband.

  • An elderly woman's murder is investigated, and psychic Phil Jordan provides assistance on the case.

  • The murder of two prostitutes is investigated, with psychic Carol Pate providing assistance on the case.

  • The bludgeoned, bound and gagged body of an auditor is found at the bottom of a cliff beside his mangled car, and investigators turn to a psychic for help.

  • Psychic Carol Pate helps Arkansas detectives in the case of a teen who vanished from the parking lot of a grocery store.

  • A Psychic helps in the case of a murdered widow that police fear may be the work of a serial killer.

  • A Psychic helps in the case of a missing woman who was last seen riding with a stranger in the man's truck.

  • Psychic Vicki Monroe helps in the case of a missing woman who was reported to have vanished after leaving a bar with a man.

  • Gale St. John helps in the case of a missing woman who disappeared from her apartment.

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