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  • 2006
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.8  (20)

Psychic Investigators is a gripping television show produced by the Biography Channel that explores and exposes the cases of crimes that have been investigated and solved with the help of psychics. It features captivating stories of real-life psychics who have collaborated with law enforcement agencies to solve some of the most puzzling and enigmatic cases that have ever been recorded. The show’s primary objective is to showcase the capabilities of psychics and how they can help crack criminal cases that have been deemed unsolvable.

The show premiered on Biography Channel in 2004 with Steven Spielberg as the executive producer. It has Heather Joseph-Witham, a renowned psychic who is widely sought after by law enforcement agencies, as its host. Bill Mumy, a famed actor, musician, and psychic, also features in the show as a guest host, sharing his expertise and experience in psychic detection.

Psychic Investigators follows a similar format across all its episodes. The show begins with an introduction to the case being investigated. The host, Heather Joseph-Witham, then introduces the psychics involved in the case and how they got involved. Each psychic uses their unique skill set to offer their perspective and insights into the case.

The show doesn't shy away from the skepticism surrounding the use of psychics in criminal investigations. It brings in experts such as criminologists, forensic experts, and law enforcement officials to give their scientific take on how psychics can help in solving crimes. These experts also offer their opinion on the accuracy of the psychic readings, dissecting the credibility of the evidence provided.

Psychic Investigators stands out because it features genuine stories with real-life characters, making it more authentic and intriguing. Some of the cases that were solved using psychic intuition include the murder of Carol Thompson, who was found dead in her truck in a desolate parking lot in Florida. The psychic, Phil Jordan, was called in to help with the investigation and provided crucial leads, which helped the police get a suspect.

In another episode, psychic Annette Martin helped police solve a 30-year-old double homicide case in Texas. She was able to identify the perpetrators and provide exact details of the crime scene that matched the evidence on the ground, leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

The show’s cinematography is impeccable, with every scene creatively shot to capture the essence of the story being told. The reenactment of the scenes provide viewers with a visual representation of what occurred, giving them a better understanding of the story. The mix of the reenactments with actual footage of the cases add to the show's realism.

The sound production is also excellent, with the background music adding to the dramatic effect of the scenes. Besides, the voices of the characters are clear, ensuring that viewers can understand every word spoken by the contributors.

Psychic Investigators has a cult following, and it's easy to see why. The stories are intriguing, and the presentation is top-notch. The show is a captivating viewing experience that will leave you second-guessing what you thought you knew about psychics and crime-solving. It's unlikely that you'll forget the stories highlighted in the show and the people involved.

In conclusion, Psychic Investigators is a must-watch for anyone who loves crime shows with a twist. With its combination of authentic characters, intriguing stories, and high production value, it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who watches it. The show is indeed testament to the capabilities of psychics in helping solve crimes that have baffled law enforcement agencies for decades.

Psychic Investigators is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on February 24, 2006.

Psychic Investigators
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Halloween Homicide
14. Halloween Homicide
September 19, 2009
Halloween thrills turn all too real when police find the bodies of two young women, both stabbed to death. Police have no leads about the cold-hearted killer, but a pair of psychics put their heads together to bring the Halloween criminal to justice.
Amie Hoffman
13. Amie Hoffman
August 29, 2009
Psychic Nancy Weber is called in by the family of teen Amie Hoffman, who disappeared on the way home from work. Then, after another young woman is murdered, the police work together with Weber to track down the serial killer. Original title: "Highway Predator"
Femme Fatality
12. Femme Fatality
August 29, 2009
A young woman recently moved to DC to pursue a bright future, and her disappearance leaves everybody shocked and distressed. A psychic sees puzzling and ambiguous visions that might not offer much help, but the psychic knows she has to be persistent.
Fatal Extraction
11. Fatal Extraction
August 22, 2009
A Pennsylvania town is shaken to the core after a local dentist becomes the victim of a grisly and gory murder. When a local man is falsely accused, it is up to psychic sisters, to unravel the clues and bring the actual murderer to justice.
Family Ties
10. Family Ties
August 15, 2009
An elderly farmer turns up missing, police believe she is on another one of her party vacations with a new boyfriend. Things start to get complicated after her daughter shows up in the visions of a psychic hired by the family.
Burning Betrayal
9. Burning Betrayal
August 15, 2009
A twenty-year-old New Yorker disappears after a night of clubbing. Police find one earring on the asphalt where she last parked her car. The missing girl's mother soon visits a well-known psychic who leads police to Kim's body.
Damage Done
8. Damage Done
August 8, 2009
A mother of two disappears. Detectives discover she was a heroin addict, and investigators believe that she left town with her dealer. Her parents soon seek the help of a psychic to help them locate their missing daughter.
Murder Too Close to Home
7. Murder Too Close to Home
August 8, 2009
When local police hit a wall, they call on the talents of Phil Jordan, a noted psychic, to illuminate the mystery of the murder of a swimming instructor. With clues that focus on a man in a uniform, Jordan tries to bring the killer to justice.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
6. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
August 1, 2009
A cold-case detective uses a videotape from a respected psychic to help catch a killer thirty years after the victim was found by police.
Buried in Debt
5. Buried in Debt
August 1, 2009
The partner of an Arizona businesswoman claims that masked gunmen abducted his colleague. Police fail to believe his story, but without a body, detectives must release him. A world-renowned psychic helps police find evidence that leads to a corpse.
Who Killed the Flower Girl?
4. Who Killed the Flower Girl?
July 25, 2009
A Texas woman is kidnapped in broad daylight. Investigators suspect a local felon, but without a body detectives can't make an arrest. Police turn a well-know psychic to help them crack the case.
What Lies Below
3. What Lies Below
July 25, 2009
In Des Plaines, Illinois, police investigating the disappearance of a high school student are led to 27 bodies buried in the basement of a suspect's home.
A Killer Among Us
2. A Killer Among Us
July 18, 2009
Psychic Phil Jordan leads investigators to the door of the person he thinks murdered a Georgia roofer in his bed two years before.
Till Death Do Us Part
1. Till Death Do Us Part
July 18, 2009
Psychic Georgia Rudolph believes that the missing wife of an Ohio state trooper has been murdered. Skeptic investigators become believers when the psychic's visions are confirmed and lead to a shocking arrest.
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Psychic Investigators is available for streaming on the Biography Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Psychic Investigators on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel Free and Tubi TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 24, 2006
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (20)