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Freak Encounters, is a show that is aired on Animal Planet. Freak Encounters, is a television show that plays tricks on its unwitting contestants. A different prank will be played in each episode. Sets are elaborately set up to make the contestant think everything is legit. There is a lot of thought that is put into making this hoax. The show doesn't tell he/she that they are being bamboozled, nor do they know that they are even on a television show.

The pranks are precipitated by someone they know. Elaborate practical jokes are devised and executed by a crew, involved with, Freak Encounters. In the beginning of the show, you will see a crew of people in a vehicle ready to start work. The workers are usually in the construction, excavating, maintenance, or scientific field. The new worker, is usually the one getting bamboozled. Unbeknown, that they are on a prank show, they go along with it. Soon, the workers will arrive to their destination to start work.

When working, the workers will be asked to tape and document everything they find. The new comer will briefly get schooled on what their job functions consist of. When they start work, strange things will slowly start to happen to the work area. At first, the weird things can be explained. But as they continue on, the strange things will start to escalate, and become very unexplainable. This show will scare the contestants on national television.

They will get scared by people who dress up like aliens, big spiders that will come out of the walls and drop from ceilings, people will die and come back to life, and unexplainable animals will try to attack them. Contestants are sometimes tricked into thinking cloning and military secrets are being uncovered. When the joke can not go any further, the cast, and the person who set them up, will jump out. When they jump out, they will now know they are being tricked.

Freak Encounters is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on October 19, 2010.

Where do I stream Freak Encounters online? Freak Encounters is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Freak Encounters on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Animal Planet, FuboTV, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 10:30 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
1 Season, 16 Episodes
October 19, 2010
Cast: Andy King, Brooks Gray, Robin Pyatt Bellamy, Ken Hall
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Freak Encounters Full Episode Guide

  • Fallon thinks she's assisting an archeological team that has stumbled upon a series of mysterious artifacts. As evidence is uncovered, it's clear that they have invaded the nest of the lizard alien called the Saurian, and its eggs are about to hatch.

  • Anthony thinks he's taken a job helping a home inspector earmark houses for demolition. However, upon closer inspection, he discovers a 4-foot giant rat has taken over the house and is feeding on human flesh.

  • Ivett thinks she's helping an animal control team track down a missing dog. However, when they discover the true cause of the pet's demise, it's the legendary Jersey Devil and it's on the attack.

  • Sara thinks she's taken a job appearing on a new TV show with a rat exterminator. But when she gets deep into the city's tunnel system, she encounters a vicious tunnel monster, and it's on the hunt for blood.

  • Jedidiya takes a job working on what she thinks is a documentary filming wild bobcats. Little does she know that the crew is really on the hunt for the Genoskwa, a ferocious cousin to the Sasquatch.

  • Alex thinks she's working on an archaeological expedition deep in the woods. Unfortunately, the crew's presence has disturbed a long lost tribe of evil Pukwudgies, and no one is safe.

  • Camille takes a job with a geological expedition team searching for mineral deposits in a remote quarry. When deep drilling in the rocks accidentally releases a bizarre burst of smoke, it's clear that a deadly airborne virus has been unleashed

  • Mya thinks she's helping a geological research team at a remote quarry. As the night unfolds, she discovers they've awakened a nest of vicious, monster-sized death worms, and they're on the attack

  • Matt takes a job for the evening working at a truck inspection depot. But when a crate of mysterious cargo is found and a vicious lizard swamp man escapes from it, all hell breaks loose.

  • Chris signs up for a job assisting a building inspection team that is taking inventory of an abandoned warehouse. As the night progresses, mysterious attacks on the team get more and more vicious, and the culprit is none other than a monster spider.

  • Colin has taken a job assisting a security company resetting the alarm system at an abandoned warehouse. Unfortunately for him, the previous tenants have left behind a man eating, 30-foot mega-snake and it's on the loose.

  • Russell thinks he's assisting a law firm cataloguing research documents in a remote government warehouse. Throughout the night evidence of scientific experiments are uncovered, leading Russell into a face-to-face encounter with an alien/human hybrid.

  • Colby thinks he's taken a job working with a highway construction crew surveying a remote stretch of rural road. But when disaster strikes, the culprit is none other than the dreaded Mothman - and Colby could be next.

  • Mike thinks he's helping a wildlife team study bears in the forest, but their research leads to the capture of a pre-historic Neanderthal being. However, when this "Wild Man" breaks free, will the team survive his anger and live to tell the tale?

  • Heather thinks she is helping investigate a series of mysterious car accidents on a remote stretch of road. Unfortunately the cause of these crashes is no mystery. It's a bloodthirsty werewolf.

  • Christian joins up with a wildlife research team investigating aerial attacks on animals in the forest. Unfortunately the culprit is no typical predator. It's a giant, terrifying, mutant bat, known as an Ahool, and it has Christian in its sights.