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This is a TV series about people that are sent to the slammer for risque sexual activity. They are documented and filmed displaying odd sexual behavior and later arrested or detained. The people in this series are not actors, but actual people that were filmed and allowed viewing of this footage. This series is intended for a mature adult audience. It features scenes like a cabbie and his dispatcher who decide to have sex on a rooftop. However, they're literally caught with their pants down.

Sex Sent Me to the Slammer is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on February 6, 2015.

Where do I stream Sex Sent Me to the Slammer online? Sex Sent Me to the Slammer is available for streaming on Investigation Discovery, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sex Sent Me to the Slammer on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Investigation Discovery, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Saturdays at 08:00 pm on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 12 Episodes
February 6, 2015
Cast: Jordan Givens, James Kwong, Judy Cerda, Ann Dewig
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Sex Sent Me to the Slammer Full Episode Guide

  • A couple who love a good buzz and hot sex decide to get it on at a truck stop after a rock concert and get caught. Then a young man tries to win his girlfriend back with sexual favors before his house arrest curfew but can't find a place to do the deed.

  • A sex loving couple get it on at a truck stop after a rock concert and get caught.

  • A penny-pinching couple travels to Hawaii on the cheap. But, when they pitch their tent at the wrong beach a naked bonfire, stoned exhibitionism, and a police raid ensues. Then, newlyweds break military protocol when they try to consummate their marriage.

  • Brian is a virgin who meets a babe in a bar and thinks he's finally going to become a man, until police bust in and arrest him and the babe, who's a prostitute. Then, really rough sex between two co-workers leaves them both bloody and arrested.

  • A cabbie and his dispatcher decide to have sex under the stars. When they get trapped on the roof, they're literally caught with their pants down. Then, a couple falls into the swinger lifestyle, only to get in trouble when they host their own soirees.

  • A group of teens throw a wild beach party and get frisky in the sand. But when the cops catch them in the act, they get shocked into submission. Then, a fetish party nearly goes up in flames when one party goer has a weird reaction to some fire play.

  • A young man breaks his parent's rules in hopes of losing his virginity. But, things get wild when nature calls in ways he never could have imagined. Then, a married couple gets more than they bargained for when they bring a stray woman into their lives.

  • A couple takes sex to the next level by doing it while skydiving and filming it. But when their video goes viral, it alerts the police. Then, a young man and his lady decide to have sex in a shopping mall elevator but their antics get them busted.

  • A bartender hooks up with a gorgeous woman, only to discover she's the same woman who got him thrown in jail months before. Then, a man goes on a sexual joy ride with a green-eyed beauty and gets busted by a cop who happens to be his new date's boyfriend.

  • A couple tries to make friends with their new neighbors but when their porn business gets exposed, local law enforcement take them down. Then a sex-addicted police detective gets his comeuppance when his girlfriend cheats on him and he wants revenge.

  • A young couple has a kinky relationship. When he takes her on a Valentine's Day ride as his hostage, someone calls the cops. Then, a comedian gets more than he bargained for when he rents his studio to a party promoter who throws wild sex orgies.

  • A woman starts dating an ex-con. When she disappears, her friends are convinced she's been kidnapped. Then, a playboy meets a pack of wild women and thinks his foursome fantasy will come true, until they leave him high and dry.