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Most people will not argue that they love sex. Some people take their love of sex to a dangerous level and it becomes an addiction. Others have sexual phobia that are affecting the way they relate to their partners and others. The show Bad Sex follows ten participants that are getting professional sex therapy help. The people are a mixture of men and women. The range in age from twenty to forty years of age. There are also different sexual orientation on the show. Participants are heterosexual, gay, and lesbians.

The sex therapy these people are receiving is being used to help them control their lives not just when having sex but in many different situations. The show offers these experiences in the therapy room and follows the participants in their normal activities. The viewers get to hear not only the issues the people are facing but the healing process as well. Some of the sexual issues include addiction to having sex in public, violent sex, and having relations with a dangerously high number of people. The views will learn the issues that cause the participants to act in this manner and well as issues with trust and commitment. Sex addiction can be as serious as drug addiction and can cause a person to participate in many unsafe and risky behaviors. Some therapy sessions will also discuss the difference between being in love and being in lust. Bad Sex provides sexual therapy and the healing process to an audience that many learn a thing or two about their own sexual behaviors.

Bad Sex is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on November 4, 2011.

Where do I stream Bad Sex online? Bad Sex is available for streaming on Logo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bad Sex on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Logo
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
November 4, 2011
Cast: Kaitie Ty Warren
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Bad Sex Full Episode Guide

  • Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Jay, a sex addict with an intense clown fetish.

  • Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Joe, a chronic masturbator, whose sexual compulsion has isolated him from everyone in his life.

  • A comedian tries to use humor to cover up his past.

  • Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Jennifer, a victim of abuse, who can only enjoy sex if she is violently beaten.

  • Ian's addiction to threesomes is damaging his relationship with his girlfriend.

  • Aaron is obsessed with using his phone apps to meet random men for sex.

  • Moniesha addicted to having sex with both men and women.

  • Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Tyler, a love addict whose painful breakup with his ex-boyfriend has ruined him.

  • Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Alex whose addiction to extreme BDSM is putting him and his lovers in harm's way.

  • Dr. Chris Donaghue of 'Bad Sex' discusses how to know if you're ready to take the dating plunge, how to work it on the first date, and tips for keeping your relationship healthy.

  • Chris treats a case of "love" addiction that includes the intense jealousy and violent anger that accompany it.

  • Chris treats a man with a history of addictions to food, drugs and Internet sex.

  • Stella, a 37-year-old virgin seeks help in having a meaningful sexual relationship.

  • Sex specialist Chris Donaghue treats Chris for his destructive sex addiction.

  • An inexperienced 29-year-old animal lover suffers from an anxiety disorder that makes him unable to interact with women and fearful of sex.

  • An addiction to polyamorous relationships puts Katie in a dangerous situation.

  • Treating an addiction to online sex that's compounded by misogyny, the hatred of women, and loneliness.

  • An addiction to rough sex is treated.

  • Examining sex addiction and the lying and loss of a sense of self worth that can stem from it.

  • Docu-reality series following sex-therapy group sessions led by therapist Christopher Donaghue, who deals with such issues as infidelity, frigidity and compulsive public sex. The opener focuses on sex addiction.