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  • TV-MA
  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.1  (28)

Bad Sex, a reality television show that debuted on the Logo channel in 2011, breaks new ground in the manner it boldly addresses the intricacies of human sexuality. Hosted by renowned sex therapist and psychologist, Dr. Chris Donaghue, the show takes us into a world that is usually hidden behind closed doors, unreservedly exploring the fringes of people's sexual experiences.

The revolutionary series takes on a heartfelt yet honest approach to discussing sexual behavior and the complex web of emotions tied to it. Bad Sex does not focus on the sensational aspects of sex, rather it dives deep into the psychology of sexual behavior with a mission of helping its participants and viewers alike to rectify their understanding and perception. The show emphasizes the importance of sex education and healthy sexual conduct, advocating for an open and honest dialogue about a subject many are still reluctant to discuss.

In the show, Dr. Donaghue's patient roster consists of individuals from all walks of life, each grappling with distinct and often unconventional sexual issues. The show, with the help of these real-life cases, elucidates the consequences of misunderstanding, ignorance, societal pressure, and false perceptions about sex. Dr. Donaghue takes a calm, empathetic, and non-judgmental approach while treating his clients, showing viewers that one's sexual tendencies and habits, though they may seem strange or even wrong, can be understood and changed.

Each episode encompasses a journey of self-discovery for the patients, taking them through a series of therapy sessions with Dr. Donaghue. They share their stories, their worries, and their struggles, shedding light on the breadth and depth of human sexual experiences. They range from people with strange fetishes, those facing difficulties in monogamous relationships, to those grappling with identity issues tied to their sexual orientations. The show underscores the power of dialogue as a tool for therapeutic healing and understanding for their sexual concerns.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bad Sex is its candid and compassionate nature. Although the subject is generally considered taboo, the show does not shy away from confronting it head-on. It aims to reframe the narrative around sex, shedding the oversexualized, often derogatory portrayals we see in mainstream media, and instead, focuses on the emotional, psychological, and physiological aspects of human sexuality.

In the exploration of this complex topic, Bad Sex employs a documentary-style format, interspersing personal testimonials with insightful professional discourse from Dr. Donaghue. Combined with his ability to bring out raw emotions in his patients’ sessions, Dr. Donaghue handles every case with great respect. He provides not just clinical perspectives on the issues at hand but educates the audience about the spectrum of human sexual behavior, dismissing myths, confronting stereotypes, and promoting acceptance.

The real thrust of the show, however, lies in Dr. Donaghue's journey with his brave clients. Seeing them move from a place of fear, misunderstanding, and self-loathing to a state of better understanding and acceptance of their sexuality is what really lends the show gravitas. It conveys to the audience that one’s sexuality should not be a source of shame or guilt, and with the right help, individuals can overcome even deep-rooted sexual conflicts.

Bad Sex is far from a traditional reality show dealing with frivolous or at times manufactured conflicts. It is a bold, eye-opening exploration of the human sexual landscape that confronts the sources of sexual troubles, addresses them with sensitivity, provides reachable solutions, and thus encourages viewers to be open about discussions of sexuality. In a broader sense, the show is not merely about its showcased clients; it is about everyone who has ever felt alienated, confused, or judged because of their sexual habits or preferences.

In short, Bad Sex proves to be a monumental step in how television portrays sex and sexuality, bringing the hushed whispers out into a frank and bold conversation. Through its empathetic, informative, and illuminating approach, it breaks the stereotypical, sensational representation often seen on screen and replaces it with a mature, educated, and compassionate perspective on human sexuality. It's a necessary watch for anyone looking to better comprehend the complex domain of human sexual behavior.

Bad Sex is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on November 4, 2011.

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Clowning Around
10. Clowning Around
June 11, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Jay, a sex addict with an intense clown fetish.
Get a Grip
9. Get a Grip
June 11, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Joe, a chronic masturbator, whose sexual compulsion has isolated him from everyone in his life.
Funny Man
8. Funny Man
June 10, 2014
A comedian tries to use humor to cover up his past.
A History of Violence
7. A History of Violence
June 10, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Jennifer, a victim of abuse, who can only enjoy sex if she is violently beaten.
Three's a Crowd
6. Three's a Crowd
June 4, 2014
Ian's addiction to threesomes is damaging his relationship with his girlfriend.
Phone Sex
5. Phone Sex
June 3, 2014
Aaron is obsessed with using his phone apps to meet random men for sex.
She Just Can't Get Enough
4. She Just Can't Get Enough
May 28, 2014
Moniesha addicted to having sex with both men and women.
3. Dateless
May 27, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Tyler, a love addict whose painful breakup with his ex-boyfriend has ruined him.
Stripped of Sex
2. Stripped of Sex
May 27, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Courtney, a former stripper who does not care to be intimate with her fiancé.
Fifty Shades of Gay
1. Fifty Shades of Gay
May 27, 2014
Sex therapist Chris Donaghue treats Alex whose addiction to extreme BDSM is putting him and his lovers in harm's way.
Good Sex with Dr. Chris Donaghue
0. Good Sex with Dr. Chris Donaghue
May 27, 2014
Dr. Chris Donaghue of 'Bad Sex' discusses how to know if you're ready to take the dating plunge, how to work it on the first date, and tips for keeping your relationship healthy.
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Bad Sex is available for streaming on the Logo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bad Sex on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 4, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (28)