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Bump! is the world's first gay and lesbian travel and lifestyle television series. It is unique and international in scope. In each episode Bump! presents a new gay-friendly destination in a stylish and upbeat format. Bump! travels the globe in search of fascinating gay human-interest stories. From gay tourism hot spots like Miami and London, to urban centers such as Montreal and Los Angeles, Bump! focuses its lens on gay and lesbian communities around the globe.

1 Season, 95 Episodes
January 7, 2012
Cast: Charlie David, Shannon McDonough
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Bump! Full Episode Guide

  • It's an unpretentious city in Florida, boasting beautiful beaches and rock hard bodies. Join host Charlie David as he dives into gay life in Fort Lauderdale! Charlie checks out the beaches and parks on a new mode of transportation that he's never used! Then, he hits the sparkling ocean for some paddle boarding and snorkeling. Charlie goes gator hunting in the everglades.

  • It's a destination with the motto "always turned on". Host Charlie David will be the judge of that! Charlie discovers the longest boardwalk in the world, and gets the high roller treatment at the best hotels and spas. Bump! focuses its lens on gay and lesbian communities around the globe.

  • It's a colorful and flamboyant city that let's it all hang out, especially once you get your hands on some beads. Locals call this place of southern decadence the Crescent City - but host Charlie David quickly discovers why this city is one of the gayest places in America. New Orleans is a sassy city, back on its feet and better than ever. Join Charlie as he hits the streets.

  • Bump heads to a city in Northern Thailand that fuses different people and cultures into one delicious Thai melting pot. Join host Charlie David for a trip of a life time in beautiful Chiang Mai. Charlie's adventure filled itinerary includes a motorcycle ride through the city streets and zip lining through the jungle. Then, Charlie gets up close and personal with tigers and elephants.

  • It's a place where anything goes anytime. Join host Charlie David for a sneak peak into one of the most intense capital cities in the world: Bangkok. Charlie covers this buzzing city by land and water touring the canals, markets and ancient temples. Then, Charlie checks out a world renowned restaurant with a very sexy message.

  • With 17 world heritage sites and 2000 shrines and temples, this city will keep you busy. Join host Charlie David as he heats things up in Kyoto. Charlie drinks from the fountain of youth, and gets a one on one session with a very handsome monk. Then, Charlie gains exclusive access to a private geisha house and learns an ancient drinking game. Sake flows as Bump takes over Japan.

  • To celebrate Bump's 100th episode, host Charlie David has his sights set on one of the biggest capital cities in the world, with 30 million people packed into one beautiful place. It's a stylish and mind blowing place, perfectly mixing modern luxury with centuries of tradition. Join Charlie as he explores the hidden markets, temples and nightlife that make Tokyo a world class destination.

  • What's super long and very versatile? Chile, of course! Join host Charlie David as he shares his time between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean in Santiago. Charlie explores centuries of fashion and art, takes a trip to the colorful coastal town of Valparaiso, and gets down and dirty at the rodeo. The party goes all night long with exclusive access to one of the oldest clubs in Chile!

  • Host Charlie David learns the language of Malbec-fueled love in Mendoza, Argentina. Charlie quickly discovers that the capital city of Argentina is full of small town charm, laid back afternoon siestas and tons of hot bodies.

  • It's a Pacific coast capital city with a sexy history. Join host Charlie David in Lima, Peru, as he learns to surf the shores of Miraflores. Charlie takes on the food scene by creating some local dishes himself and attends a lavish dinner party at a famous mansion! Then, Charlie uncovers the erotic art of Peru's past.

  • Join host Charlie David on the journey of a lifetime to one of the new wonders of the world - Machu Pichu. Charlie navigates the natural beauty and luxurious accommodations of rural Peru from Cusco to the Sacred Valley and finally to the top of the Andes. Then, Charlie attempts to climb the highest point of Machu Pichu in record time!

  • Host Charlie David shakes his shamrock to Dublin, Ireland to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! He kicks some balls around and brings out the gay in some Gaelic football players. Then, Charlie channels the style and sass of Oscar Wilde for Dublin's biggest night out, the gay prom.

  • Join host Charlie David in beautiful Belfast as he uncovers a side of this famous city you've never seen! Charlie checks out the history in Belfast from land and sea before taking on the pub scene for a private tasting of the best booze Ireland has to offer. Its Halloween weekend, and Charlie gets into the spirit by choosing a costume and hitting the streets to scare some locals!

  • Cheerio, lads and lasses! Host Charlie David heads across the pond to Newcastle-Gateshead, the most historic city in North East England. Charlie visits a local gay artist in this vibrant community who is a work of art herself. Then, Charlie takes the small town by storm for a British bar hop like no other. From scoping out surfers to cooking his own fish and chips (and vinegar), Charlie discovers why Newcastle-Gateshead is a must see destination when visiting the United Kingdom.

  • Join host Deb Pearce for a side of Baltimore you never knew existed, as she discovers why the capital of Maryland is 'Charm City'. Deb becomes a 'hon' for the day and learns the native language of a true Baltimorean at Cafe Hon. Then, Deb visits a little piece of heaven - Ma Petite Shoe, specializing in the finest chocolate and shoes. Deb trades in her stilettos for a pair of roller skates.

  • This is one laid back locale - join host Charlie David as he explores Sonoma County and discovers why it's about more than just wine. Charlie heads down the Russian River via kayak and finds a special spot to cool off. He dips into an enzyme bath at Osmosis Spa and hits the high seas for whale watching! And of course, he tracks down the finest bubbly the region has to offer.

  • It's home to the rich, the famous and gay. Join host Charlie David as he takes on West Hollywood, California! Charlie goes celeb spotting at the hottest shopping spots in town and gets physical with a VGL group of capture the flaggers. Things get even more competitive when the group challenges Charlie to a very serious and fierce game of flip cup at a gay sports bar.

  • All aboard sailors! Join Charlie David as he explores this naval town, visits the best shopping spots with celebrity fashion designers and then rides some serious waves on Pacific. Beach Charlie checks out Barry's Bootcamp for a special work out, discovering why San Diego is one of the fittest cities in America. At night, Charlie hits the bars to hunt some bears - and quickly becomes the hunted!

  • Host Charlie David heads deep in the California desert to Palm Springs! This sun baked desert oasis offers a ton of gay resorts and Charlie discovers which is best for him. Charlie meets up with photographer Tom Bianchi for a private photo shoot in Tom's private home. Then Charlie visits the former home of an old Hollywood star for a private cooking lesson.

  • Host Deb Pearce explores everything that Boston has to offer. Deb heads to the South End Open Market to meet some local artists and then gets cozy in her pajamas for a big brunch at Tremont 647/Sister Sorel. Bump! focuses its lens on gay and lesbian communities around the globe.

  • While known primarily for religious significance, these Holy Lands hold an astonishing appeal for the queer traveler. Regardless of your faith - or lack thereof - the power of the history, the beauty of the backdrop, and the energy of the people are more than enough to captivate you. Join our host, Charlie David as he climbs the mountain top fortress of Massada.

  • We all know that Britain is alive with Pride and her capitol has always been a culturally rich and diverse city. Host, Charlie David, explore the near limitless opportunities for LGBT tourists.

  • The biggest little city in the world has a reputation for eccentricity. They've always been a little different here. A little wilder. A little woollier. Sometimes a little otherworldly. And that might explain some of Shannon's activities here in Reno. She braves a mountain on a snowshoe expedition. Indulges in a shower filled spa treatment. Gets lost in her enormous luxury resort.

  • It's time to hang loose in Honolulu for host, Shannon McDonough. Adjusting to Island life involves a Hawaiian makeover at the luscious outdoor Ala Moana shopping Centre, Hula lessons at the Royal Hawaiian Center, surf lessons on the beach and a cooking lesson with Chef Chai at his popular resto. She manages to save up just enough energy to explore the piping hot nightlife.

  • Host, Shannon McDonough dives into the Hawaiian way of life on the island of Maui. She signs up for Bonnie Friedman's "Tour Da Food" for an "off the tourist path" culinary adventure. She checks out the gay beach scene. Then, it's off to Wailuku town for a chat with the "Morning Goddess" Alaka'i Paleka. Shannon's cultural investment continues with lessons in Stand Up Paddling.

  • Charlie David lands in what is considered the Heart of Civilization - and embarks on an adventure like no other. On a true African Safari in Kruger Park, run by Out2Africa - a gay friendly tour operator in South Africa. Charlie gets up close and personal with the most 'wild life' he's ever encountered and his heart is warmed beyond compare by the generosity and beauty of the people he meets.

  • While much of the Caribbean isn't known as gay friendly, the island of Curacao offers Dutch attitude with Caribbean latitude - and relishes its diversity. Host, Charlie David, explores the many charms of this island getaway. He SCUBA dives with dolphins, revs up the engine on his ATV, sips colorful cocktails on the hotel beach and parties with the locals for Gay Curacao Plasa's "Get Wet Weekend".

  • Charlie David drops into the Lavender Heart of Texas for our Dallas episode. He's just in time for the local Pride Parade and party. But Dallas has much more to offer a gay or lesbian traveler, including a gay Rugby team (the Dallas Diablos), a gay oriented housing development called The Ilume Complex, and plenty of Texas size entertainment happening on "The Strip", the local gay neighbourhood.

  • We often rave about what a particular city has to offer a gay or lesbian traveler. But cruise life presents poolside parties, incredible restaurants, and hot entertainment every day (and night) of the week. And it all happens in 3 different countries. Host, Charlie David, joins 2500 other gay men (and a few women, too) on this all-gay Mediterranean Cruise.

  • Host, Charlie David is on a quest to discover exactly what IS under those kilts in our Glasgow episode. His tour stops include: a chat with the producer of Glasgay (Glasgow's annual celebration of queer culture), lacing up his skates with the Glaswegian Roller derby girls, trying out for the HotScots gay football team, and dropping down a wee pint or two with the lads and lasses.

  • Charlie David gets a lesson in Swiss German in our Zurich episode. He savors a coffee and the view that Einstein once enjoyed at the gay-friendly Caf© Odeon, works out with the Swiss Gayrobics team, checks out the local beaches and drops by G-Colors, Zurich's gay hotel, bar and nightclub complex.

  • Host, Charlie David, works out the kinks of big city life in "The Nation's Summer Capitol", Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Charlie starts off his exploration of this little gay town with a stop at Bad Hair Day for some spa time. He checks out the beach scene (including the local lifeguard competition), tries on designer beachwear, and gets a sneak peak at female impersonator Christopher Peterson.

  • Everyone knows that Vermont offers great skiing, but, our host, Shannon McDonough checks out Burlington's summer scene for the gay community. She spends her day chatting with Alison Bechdel of "Dykes to Watch Out For", preparing a meal with local lesbian chef, Donnell Collins and suiting up in SCUBA gear for a shipwreck dive in Lake Champlain.

  • Shannon McDonough makes the drive to Prince Edward County - just 2 hours outside of Toronto, Canada, to unwind with a taste of queer country life. Aside from its gay friendly status, this little island is known for food, wine and arts and Shannon tries her hand at all of them.

  • Charlie David investigates the queer scene in Germany's "Southern Queen". He checks into the "Deutsche Eiche", the gay hotel complex in the heart of Munich's gay district, pulls on lederhosen for a gay "Schuplatla" dance, and joins in on Munich's "Magic Bar Tour" - 50 bars in 5 hours!

  • Charlie David checks out the original home of the term "Greek love" in the Athens episode of Bump. He makes the trip up to the Acropolis and uncovers some of the gay history of the ancient Greek gods. He samples some Greek food and slips into a singlet to try his hand at Greco-Roman wrestling. And Charlie tops it all off with a tour of the Athens' nightlife in the Gazi district.

  • Sexy host, Charlie David, romps through the playground of the Greek gods in Mykonos! There's 4X4ing adventuring, bathing beauties on sunny beaches, a little ancient Greek history and, of course, an evening of exploring the world famous Mykonian nightlife.

  • This world heritage treasure is ideal destination for romancing that special someone. Host, Shannon McDonough, wanders the cobblestone streets, explores the vibrant arts scene, shops her heart out and samples the famous French cuisine. She even creates a little culinary magic of her own with renowned Quebec chef, Marie-Chantal Lepage.

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