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From the mind of David Spade and the team at Tru TV comes the next big reality show called Fameless. Fameless is a practical joke reality show that follows a group of actors playing elaborate pranks on unsuspecting people. The actors on the show put everyday normal people in very peculiar situations. The unknowing victim is made to believe they are on a game show, or hosting a reality show and naturally some thing goes awry putting the people being prank'd in a fairly awkward position. Actors then continue to roll with the prank to push the joke. Only then do they reveal that the unsuspecting "contestant" is actually on a prank show.

Fameless is a Comedy, Reality series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on July 29, 2015. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.9.

Fameless is available for streaming on the truTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Fameless on demand at truTV Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, truTV online.

Thursday 10:30 PM et/pt on truTV
3 Seasons, 44 Episodes
July 29, 2015
Comedy, Reality
Cast: David Spade As Himself
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Fameless Full Episode Guide

  • A product tester is deceived into thinking he's working with professionals; and a spa day becomes a painful experience.

  • A wannabe prankster, an aspiring TV host and an investigator are deceived into being the targets of prank.

  • Pranks are pulled on an amateur archaeologist, a gamer and a wannabe joker.

  • Pranks are played on a rookie host, an aspiring model and a wannabe antique picker.

  • A TV star hopeful, an aspiring host and a would-be hotel critic are the subjects of pranks.

  • Tricks involving an aspiring crime crusher, a wannabe TV host and a drill sergeant.

  • A hopeful game-show host has an unfortunate brush with Santa; an elf decides if a hospital should be on the naughty or nice list; and an endeavoring host crashes a holiday bash.

  • An eager art expert, a product tester and a hopeful relationship expert are the subjects of pranks.

  • An aspiring archaeologist, a wannabe salesman and an up and coming food star are involved in pranks.

  • A hopeful traffic cop is pranked; a diva host gets a taste of reality; and a robot prank goes wrong.

  • A wannabe nature authority is pranked; an aspiring magician's assistant believes he has a gift; and a host makes someone envious.

  • A guy's home remodel project turns into a nightmare. Also: a new house appraisal; a meteorologist's try-outs.

  • A dancer is pranked; a cooking competition is faked; an amateur psychic is surprised.

  • A wannabe crime fighter discovers how time flies when you wind up on the wrong end of a sting; the world's most aggressive driving instructor learns the dangers of buzzed driving; and a first time magician's apprentice watches his big break vanish into thin air.

  • Gags include: energy drink promoter fallout; tomb raider mummy confrontation; skateboarder prank fail.

  • A TV Host is pranked while working; a real estate agent winds up in a housing dilemma; and a con person gets hustled.

  • A wannabe officer is tripped up by their prankster partner. Later, a famous twin surprise fails major for an MC.

  • An aspiring TV host discovers the real art of pranking when he gets caught in a security trap. Then, a muscle-head finds that the dream of becoming a fitness celebrity comes with some bad side effects, and a crazy attempt to take the antiques game by storm comes to an electrifying stop.

  • A drone strikes a TV Host; a dinosaur prank goes wrong for a joker; and an insult comic goes for a jaunt.

  • A prank in a jail "back fires" causing a prison break. Also: angry robot; dog discipline.

  • In the premier of Season 2, a news anchor is tricked during her first time on the job. Later, a TV host discovers he has strange, new powers.

  • A countdown of David Spade's most loved pranks from Season 1.

  • A wannabe reality celebrity; a know-it-all physician; an amiss cosmetic.

  • A funeral is hosted by an aspiring reality star. Later, a competitor loses it and a prank is carried out that comprises a bank being robbed.

  • A stakeout for illegal aliens turns otherworldly, a jokester's prank has an unintended reaction, and when a style queen patrols for crimes of fashion, it's what she's wearing that lands her on the wrong side of the law.

  • While playing doctor, a cocky woman loses her patience when a patient goes missing. Plus, a wannabe saleswoman gets burned while marketing a faulty tanning product, and a jokester's attempt to prank special guest Jay Leno suddenly backfires.

  • Featuring the following pranks: fame-seeker; cosmetics promotion; and memorable tattoo.

  • A trivia match is played. Later, Gene Simmons receives a new roadie.

  • An exorcism shifts into puppy love during a shocking climax; something blue occurs when wedding bells chime for the wrong woman; a guy who thinks he is a genius, hoping to bait bad guys ends up taking the bait himself.

  • A know-it-all changes a battle of wits into a harsh war without realizing it; an aspiring star gets trapped inside a mental hospital; a "cop for a day" pushes the limits of a stranger in distress.