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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Trauma Down Under is a gripping medical docuseries from the Discovery Life Channel that showcases the high-stress realities of emergency medicine in Australia. The show explores the seemingly insurmountable challenges faced by healthcare professionals, as they work tirelessly to save lives in a variety of emergency situations.

The show delves into the lives of an array of courageous and dedicated medical practitioners, showcasing their individual struggles and coping mechanisms in the face of intense pressure. This includes paramedics, emergency room doctors, nurses, and trauma counselors, who all work together to provide the best possible care for patients, despite the odds.

Through striking visuals and expert commentary from seasoned medical professionals, Trauma Down Under provides a comprehensive and immersive view of the chaotic and unpredictable nature of emergency response in Australia. With cases ranging from car accidents and heart attacks to traumatic injuries and even shark attacks, this show delivers a gripping and emotional narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

One of the unique aspects of Trauma Down Under is its focus on the human element of emergency medicine. The show highlights the strong emotional connections that often form between patients and their caregivers, illustrating the profound impact that life-and-death situations can have on both parties. This emphasis on empathy and compassion makes the show especially compelling, drawing in viewers who might not typically be interested in medical dramas.

Throughout the series, viewers will also gain a deeper understanding of the incredible teamwork required to handle emergencies. Trauma Down Under emphasizes the importance of collaboration and communication between medical professionals, showing how each individual plays a critical role in a larger, coordinated effort to save lives.

Moreover, through real-life cases and expert commentary, the show also highlights the importance of safety and prevention measures in avoiding accidents and injuries. By shining a light on some of the more common causes of emergency cases, such as drunk driving and recklessness, Trauma Down Under encourages viewers to take safety more seriously.

In addition, the series also provides an in-depth look at the cutting-edge technology and medical techniques that are used by Australian healthcare professionals to provide top-notch care under extreme circumstances. From advanced imaging and diagnostic tools to surgical procedures, the show highlights the incredible advancements that have been made in emergency medicine, and the challenges that still remain.

Trauma Down Under not only educates viewers on the latest medical innovations but also provides a glimpse into the future of emergency medicine. By showcasing the ongoing research and development taking place in the field and the dedication of medical professionals to continually improve, the show inspires hope and confidence in what can be achieved.

In conclusion, Trauma Down Under is a captivating and informative docuseries that provides a comprehensive view of the challenges and triumphs of emergency medicine in Australia. It is an emotionally charged and visually stunning program that will keep viewers on their toes and inspire awe and admiration for the medical professionals who work tirelessly to save lives.

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Pressure Building
10. Pressure Building
March 31, 2017
Doctors perform risky surgery on a 32-year old patient who has a leaking artery in his brain, a motorcycle crash has costly repercussions for a young family and the mysterious case of a man found unconscious and missing his right thumb
Close Range
9. Close Range
March 24, 2017
Doctors are desperate to save a man who was shot in the stomach at close range; a 46 year old woman undergoes surgery to remove a cancerous lump in her breast; two surgeons collaborate to restore a man's hand and his career.
Baring All
8. Baring All
March 17, 2017
A man falls head-first at a construction site, a newborn requires emergency surgery just hours after birth, a woman hopes plastic surgery will help her reclaim her life after a double mastectomy and orthopedic technicians deal with a tricky dislocation.
7. Sidelined
March 10, 2017
A freak injury could sideline a young athlete, a man needs cutting edge surgery to save his leg, and can doctors diagnose an 8-year old that can no longer bend his thumb?
Race Against Time
6. Race Against Time
March 3, 2017
Doctors race to save a man suffering a serious heart attack, paramedics rescue a woman trapped in her car, a drunken fight may have caused a man permanent brain damage and after multiple failed IVF attempts a couple realize their dream.
High-Risk Delivery
5. High-Risk Delivery
February 24, 2017
Doctors operate on a 22 year old woman with a brain aneurism, a young couple who previously experienced tragedy anxiously await the birth of their rainbow baby and a six-year old boy suffers a bad break.
Emergency Surgery
4. Emergency Surgery
February 17, 2017
Two surgeons operate on a shark attack victim at the same time to try and save his arm and leg. Doctors struggle to diagnose a newborn rushed to the ER for the third time in a month, and a woman undergoes brain surgery to remove a large tumor.
Nailed It
3. Nailed It
February 10, 2017
Doctors perform emergency brain surgery with the patient awake; a 26-year-old worries her mysterious symptoms may add up to a serious diagnosis; a construction worker's poor aim could cost him; a couple's birth plan doesn't go as expected.
2. Quarantine
February 3, 2017
The hospital activates its emergency response plan when a patient presents symptoms of the Ebola virus; a rare set of twins must be delivered early; doctors treat a man high on a dangerous mix of drugs.
Shark Attack
1. Shark Attack
January 27, 2017
Surgeons race to save the legs of a surfer after a shark attack; a 6-year-old receives a surprising diagnosis; a woman hopes a breast reduction will provide relief from her chronic back pain.
  • Premiere Date
    January 27, 2017