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  • TV-MA
  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (6,697)

Little Britain USA is a television series from HBO, based on the British sketch comedy Little Britain. The show stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas, who also created the original series, and features a range of recurring characters, catchphrases, and sketches with a uniquely American twist.

The show comprised of six episodes, each featuring a series of sketches, many of which were based on established characters from the original UK series. The show was set in a fictionalized version of the United States, allowing the writers to satirize American culture and politics in their typical, irreverent style.

Despite being a British import, the show was well-received in the US, with many American critics praising the sharpness of its satire, as well as the quality of the writing and performances. The show has since become a cult favorite, with many fans hailing it as one of the most memorable sketch comedy series of recent years.

One of the most notable aspects of Little Britain USA is the way in which it satirizes American stereotypes and cultural quirks. The show features a range of recurring characters, many of whom are exaggerated caricatures of typical American archetypes, including a redneck trucker, a high-school guidance counselor, and a bubbly flight attendant.

In addition to these recurring characters, the show also features a number of sketches and one-offs, tackling various aspects of American culture, politics, and society. Whether it's poking fun at the obsession with celebrity culture or highlighting the absurdities of the healthcare system, the show is never afraid to tackle controversial or divisive issues head-on.

Another key element of the show is its use of catchphrases and iconic moments. From "I'm a lady!" to "Computer says no," Little Britain USA is filled with memorable lines that have become part of the cultural lexicon. This emphasis on creating memorable moments and characters is one of the reasons why the show has remained so popular with fans, even years after it first aired.

Of course, much of the success of Little Britain USA can be attributed to the talent and chemistry of its two leads, David Walliams and Matt Lucas. The pair have a long history of working together, having previously collaborated on the original Little Britain series, as well as a number of other projects.

Their easy rapport and comic timing are apparent throughout the show, with the duo effortlessly inhabiting a range of characters and personas. Whether it's Walliams' portrayal of the doting mother Ellie-Grace or Lucas' turn as the sleazy talent agent Sebastian Love, the two actors are clearly having a blast, and their joy is infectious.

While the show is undoubtedly hilarious, it's worth noting that it can be quite crude and vulgar at times. Many of the sketches feature sexual or scatological humor, and some of the characters are deliberately offensive or politically incorrect. While this may not be to everyone's taste, it's a hallmark of the show's irreverent style, and a reminder that it's not intended for the easily offended or faint of heart.

Overall, Little Britain USA is a highly entertaining and irreverent sketch comedy series that deftly satirizes American culture and society. With its sharp writing, memorable characters, and iconic moments, it remains a favorite among fans of British comedy, and is well worth checking out if you're in the mood for some laughs.

Little Britain USA is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 2008.

Little Britain USA
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Little Britain USA 06
6. Little Britain USA 06
November 2, 2008
In the Season One finale, Ellie Grace turns the table on her mom before her first sleepover; a convalescing Vicky Pollard finds a new voice; yet another U.S. senator apologizes for an airport indiscretion; Marjorie Dawes defends her insult tactics with the Fatfighters class; Carol Beer clashes with an old man; transvestite Emily Howard turns up for a blind date; George and Sandra end a holiday to forget; Dafydd Thomas confronts a pair of lesbian neighbors; astronaut Bing Gordyn threatens a student writing his thesis about the faked moon landings; Celia is insulted by her Ohio hosts but Harvey turns the other cheek; body-building buddies Mark and Tom engage in surgical show-and-tell; and Lou and Andy stagger off into the sunset as Little Britain USA wraps up.
Little Britain USA 05
5. Little Britain USA 05
October 26, 2008
Emily Howard tells all after being arrested; Linda insults a dwarf grad-student at the university; Mark and Tom get a rise out of roughhousing; Vicky Pollard is silenced after a failed-boot camp escape; Ellie Grace prepares for a tonsillectomy with the usual platitudes; a plan is unveiled for 'Starbucks within Starbucks'; a Washington Senator sets the record straight about his rendezvous with a transsexual; two couples on vacation discover they have a lot in common; Linda helps out a 'ladyboy' grad student; Lou and Andy check out the lions at the zoo; Phyllis throws up a brick for Mr. Doggy; cruise-ship nymph Bubbles DeVeer flirts with a Getty heir (Robert Vaughan); Prime Minister Sebastian passes notes to the Prez at the UN.
Little Britain USA 04
4. Little Britain USA 04
October 19, 2008
Lou and Andy search for a miracle at a Mississippi church; Ellie Grace gets tucked in for the night; Vicky Pollard gets caught smoking at boot camp; a party guest wishes he could forget his waiter's face; Carol Beer teaches an accident victim the importance of planning ahead; a marketer unveils his company's new anal cream; two robbers get the jitters while pulling a bank job; Prime Minister Sebastian exchanges parting gifts with the U.S. President; George and Sandra share some tea in the rain; Connor comes out to his grandmother Mildred; Marjorie Dawes accuses a FatFighters member of cheating; Emily Howard performs an impromptu duet of 'Fields of Gold' with Sting.
Little Britain USA 03
3. Little Britain USA 03
October 12, 2008
The President's meeting with his French counterpart is interrupted by a jealous Sebastian; Vicky Pollard vents during a boot-camp counseling session; a mens' room attendant protests, too much; two redneck hunters, Skip and Chuck, bag some wild game; committed 'homosexualist' Dafyyd Thomas starts up a gays-only club on an NC campus; Harvey helps host David find milk for his breakfast cereal; former astronaut and moonwalker Bing Gordyn fails to impress Sanjit the plumber; Andy is caught shoplifting; Bubbles tries to seduce the cruise-ship captain; transvestite Emily Howard models for an art class.
Little Britain USA 02
2. Little Britain USA 02
October 5, 2008
Teen delinquent Vicky Pollard is sent to a Utah boot camp; hospital receptionist Carol Beer vexes a desperate American couple; Mildred shows off her true colors to her grandson, Connor; Brian doesn't recognize the telltale signs that led his wife Maureen to divorce him; Marjorie Dawes suggest low-fat options to FatFighters members; Ohioans David and Kelly welcome their staid British relatives to town, including Gerald, Celia and her 'bitty'-loving son, Harvey; George finds simian parallels to his marriage with stolid Sandra; Prime Minister Sebastian suggests a 'show of strength' with the U.S. President; Phyllis Church squats in deference to her pooch, Mr. Doggy; socialite Bubbles DeVeer raises the stakes during a luxury cruise to Rio.
Little Britain USA 01
1. Little Britain USA 01
September 22, 2008
British tourists Lou and Andy check out the amenities at a Mississippi motel; rude hospital receptionist Carol Beer slams the door on a five-year-old's scheduled tonsillectomy; Ellie-Grace trades goodbyes with her mom before summer camp; a sheriff shows off his guns to his love; Marjorie Dawes spars with special guest Rosie O'Donnell at a FatFighters weight-loss meeting; a shocked Connor learns about his grandmother Mildred's childhood drug habits; Bing Gordyn, the eighth astronaut to walk on the moon, regales a boy-scout troop; 'one crazy bitch' Phyllis strips down on orders from Mr. Doggy; George and Sandra celebrate '40 glorious years' at a restaurant; pumped-up pals Mark and Tom share some salty locker-room banter, followed by a close shave.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 22, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (6,697)