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In this crime drama series, a quirky criminal investigator travels from the relatively bustle of Auckland to a small New Zealand town to help the local authorities solve a murder case. Once there, the unconventional detective clashes with his by-the-book local partner. The pair must learn how to put their stylistic differences aside and work effectively together. The series debuted in 2014 on the Prime network in New Zealand.

Sunday at 8:30PM on Prime (NZ)
5 Seasons, 22 Episodes
September 28, 2014
Drama, Mystery
Cast: Neill Rea, Fern Sutherland, Nic Sampson, Cristina Serban Ionda
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The Brokenwood Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • On the edge of Brokenwood sits an abandoned mental health facility, an asylum named Brokenwood Downes. Now derelict, the spooky buildings provide a great hideout for local teenagers.But one young couple freak-out when they stumble upon the body of an elderly man in the old hospital wing strapped to a gurney with electrodes connected to his temples. It would seem he was the victim of electrocution by Electroconvulsive Therapy.The victim is Jakob Deschler who used to be the Superintendent of the asylum when it closed in 2011. Recently released from jail for charges of torture it appears that his murder was a revenge for his past cruelty. Mike and the team focus on a group of ex-patients of Brokenwood Downes. The few that have remained in the area are an eclectic bunch of misfits still struggling to reintegrate into the mainstream of society.However, several of them are under the care of local psychotherapist Amy Curnow, whose expertise enables Mike to get a greater insight into the minds of these unique characters. She also has a knack to get Mike to open up about some more personal things about himself. Could it be that our hero is taking a shine to Amy?Mike's interrogation skills will be pitted against the smarts of this crack psychologist. Will it be a case of Mike finally meeting his match - in more ways than one?

  • The Cream Boat is a charming vessel that chugs its way up the scenic Brokenwood waterways. It carries sightseers and Christmas parties and often Hen Parties. Professional tennis player, Ophelia (Fee) Marley, is one such lucky Hen. Her Bridesmaids have organised a big day migrating from the township via the Cream Boat to the Tidal View Lodge where they stay overnight. The following morning the Cream Boat returns to pick up the girls, but as the captain is about to dock a macabre and ethereal sight greets him. Fee is floating semi-submerged downstream in her wedding dress and veil. At first it may seem a tragic drowning, a result perhaps of too much revelry, but Gina reveals she was in fact dead before she entered the river. Where was Fee's fianc? the night of the murder? And why is Best Man Darryn so reluctant to co-operate? Is he covering for his mate or is it something else entirely? Darryn's reticence is partially explained by the fact that he is deaf. Kristin's knowledge of 'sign' comes in handy as the team works to solve this mystery.

  • Shepherd and his team investigate the death of a farmer found tied up in his field like a scarecrow. Was his murder the result of a feud with neighbors, or something to do with his identical twin brother?

  • The owner of a Victorian historic village is shot in the head with an arrow. A stickler for rules and routine, the victim lived her life as if she were in 1861. When Shepherd is injured during the investigation, Sims takes over the case.

  • At a birthday picnic for Shepherd, the team witnesses a skydiver fall to his death. Even worse, the victim turns out to be Sims's ex-boyfriend. When it appears his parachute was tampered with, suspicion falls on the family members who jumped with him.

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