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This animated series presents fairy tales from the classic collection One Thousand and One Nights. In the series, the stories are narrated by the character of Scheherazade, who reads the stories to her family. The series debuted in 2011 on the Teletoon network in Canada and in 2012 on the Cartoon Network in the United States.

1001 Nights is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 2006.

1001 Nights is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 1001 Nights on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Tuesday at 10:00 PM et/pt on Kanal D
2 Seasons, 62 Episodes
November 7, 2006
Cast: Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar Korel, Tardu Flordun, Ceyda Düvenci
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1001 Nights Full Episode Guide

  • When Sinbad destroys the Queen's fleet, he gets stripped of his rank and becomes homeless. Then, the story of how the book of 1001 Nights came to be.

  • When their wagon breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Shahryar, Shahrzad, Shahzaman, and Donyazad are forced to spend the night in a haunted palace. Later, a baby genie and a human genie are switched at birth.

  • When a young boy gets away with cheating, he decides that crime really does pay. Later, a wedding goes horribly wrong when the groom appears to have uncontrollable flatulence.

  • Three witnesses to a crime each give different accounts about what really happened. Then, a young pickpocket learns that there is no honor among thieves.

  • A silly rumor spreads like wildfire through two communities, causing them to go to war with each other. Later, Shahrzad tells a set of three shorts about two artists who compete for the same customers, a thirsty bird who struggles to drink the water at the bottom of a bottle, and two kids who accidentally release a mischievous genie.

  • A grouchy old man inherits a pair of smelly shoes. No matter how hard he tries, he is unable to get rid of them. Then, Mujab and Sameer pretend to be lawmen in order to land jobs as sheriffs in a small town. What they don't realize is that they have to arrest the most vicious bandit in the territory.

  • Taymour accidentally knocks an egg out of a bird's nest and decides to care for it. When he does, he gets a big surprise. Later, Nadeem witnesses a crime at the fair and sees that the wrong person gets blamed. Since he wasn't supposed to be there, he can't tell anyone or he'll get in trouble.

  • Burhan finds out Gani has been gouging tourists. Füsun suddenly falls ill. As the wedding day arrives, former employee Jale drops a bombshell on TV.

  • Kerem makes a shocking announcement to his mother. Ali Kemal and Cansel learn their baby's sex. Åžehrazat receives an urgent call from Kaan's school.

  • Melek distances herself from Zafer. Onur's mother makes an unfair accusation against his aunt. Mihriban starts working at the firm as a translator.

  • Füsun receives an upsetting surprise in the mail. Gani learns Ali Kemal's mistress is pregnant. Åžehrazat's personal life lands in the gossip pages.

  • Alone with Åžehrazat, Onur's mother speaks frankly. Kerem's mother overhears her son talking in his sleep and later tells him a cautionary tale.

  • When Åžehrazat meets with Kerem to urge him to patch things up with Bennu, he has a realization. Ali Kemal begs his father to let him leave his wife.

  • As Kerem works with the police to figure out who was behind the attack on Onur, his mother pressures him to find Burak, who's missing in Morocco.

  • Zeynep's journalist friend helps her get revenge against Kerem. Mihriban's multilingual skills win her a male admirer. At the ranch, Onur is stalked.

  • After Åžehrazat meets Onur's ex from college, he opens up about his past loves. Ali Kemal's mistress makes a discovery. An unlikely couple hit it off.

  • Füsun stirs up trouble in her in-laws' marriage. Gani saves Burhan from a costly problem at work. Åžehrazat has dinner with Onur's mother and aunt.

  • Zeynep sabotages Kerem's relationship with Bennu, who sinks into despair. Onur proposes to Åžehrazat again. Ali Kemal breaks his promise to his wife.

  • Onur ensures Åžehrazat's attacker doesn't go unpunished. Füsun's secret investments are discovered. Ali Kemal's mistress calls him and asks to meet.

  • Kerem and Bennu find themselves stranded. Burhan's lawyer pressures Ali Kemal's mistress to give up the house. Åžehrazat is punished for a good deed.

  • Åžehrazat receives a message in a dream. Figen's spouse beats her again. Bennu and Kerem go on a road trip. Kaan meets the rest of his extended family.

  • While paying his respects to the murdered worker's wife, Kerem is moved by her poverty. Ali Kemal returns home. Åžehrazat helps an abused neighbor.

  • Bennu overhears Zeynep talking about Kerem's boat. Nadide visits her son's mistress. Åžehrazat goes to a strange interview for a freelance job.

  • The firm is targeted again by Celil's men. Nadide learns shocking news while visiting a relative. Füsun refuses to let her husband see their children.

  • Åžehrazat invites Burhan to visit his grandson. Füsun sends a text message on her daughters' phone to lure Ali Kemal back to the family home.

  • Onur's mother publicly humiliates Åžehrazat. Bennu suspects her sister has returned to her old habits. Füsun finds her daughters' secret phone.

  • In Bennu's absence, Kerem behaves badly. Burhan brings home an unexpected guest. Lack of attention puts an important project at risk.

  • Burhan uses his connections to help Mihriban. An article about Åžehrazat creates a stir. Gani tracks down Ali Kemal's mistress.

  • Mihriban makes a new friend. An offer to pay for Kaan's schooling upsets Åžehrazat. Kerem and Bennu's relationship reaches a turning point.

  • When emergencies call away Åžehrazat and Mihriban, Onur suddenly finds himself babysitting Kaan. Füsun overhears Burhan singing Åžehrazat's praises.

  • Ali Kemal seeks refuge with his mistress. Onur tries to bond with Kaan at the horse ranch. Kerem and Bennu spend more time together outside of work.

  • Åžehrazat gets upset when Onur makes an important decision on her behalf. While borrowing Gani's laptop, Füsun stumbles upon an unwelcome surprise.

  • Kerem and a colleague strike up a flirtatious relationship. On her way to work, Åžehrazat is targeted. Burhan tries to repair his company's image.

  • Melek's drug test results come back. Burhan makes plans to disinherit Ali Kemal. Subcontractor Çetin refuses to take no for an answer.

  • A subcontractor tries to bribe Åžehrazat for work on Sky Towers. Åžehrazat and Onur are caught in a tender moment. Burhan's factory is hit by a scandal.

  • Kaan finally forgives his mother. When asked how he got a car, Gani refuses to play along with Ali Kemal's lie. A new job perk makes Åžehrazat uneasy.

  • Bennu learns her sister is in legal trouble. To keep his secret safe, Ali Kemal buys Gani a car. Åžehrazat and Kerem get stuck in an elevator.

  • Åžehrazat asks to meet with Onur. Bennu's sister shows up at the office and introduces herself to Kerem. Füsun continues to avoid her new baby.

  • Gani makes a big demand of Ali Kemal. Bennu gets an unwelcome visitor. A day at Onur's horse ranch has an unexpected effect on Kaan.

  • Åžehrazat confides in Mihriban. Füsun goes into labor, but Ali Kemal is nowhere to be found. When Åžehrazat suffers a scare, Onur leaps into action.

  • Ali Kemal finally impresses his father at work and tries to get rid of Gani's evidence against him. Kerem and Onur have a heart-to-heart talk.

  • Åžehrazat is surprised to find Onur at her doorstep. Kerem defies Onur's wishes and starts working with Åžehrazat. Burhan becomes sick with regret.

  • At the factory, Gani proves to be surprisingly useful. Burhan unexpectedly meets his grandson. An announcement by Kerem stokes tensions at the office.

  • Füsun takes steps to ensure her future security. Åžehrazat attends the New Year's Eve party, where gifts are exchanged and jealousies are aroused.

  • After running into Åžehrazat and Kaan at the movies, Onur shares a wish with Kerem. Burhan's change of heart about his grandson makes Füsun explode.

  • After learning what happened to Kaan's father, Onur apologizes again to Åžehrazat. Burhan catches his wife on the phone making plans to visit Kaan.

  • At a charity fundraiser, Onur's and Kerem's mothers meet Kaan and hear his medical success story. Later, Peride recognizes Åžehrazat at the office.

  • Ali Kemal asks his father to pay for Gani's exam prep course. Without warning, Onur pushes up Åžehrazat's trip to Dubai. Füsun has a prenatal checkup.

  • While waiting for his mother to arrive, Kaan develops a dangerously high fever. Onur's mother pressures him to get married and have children.

  • On the day of Kaan's transplant, Onur suddenly schedules a morning meeting. Burhan calls Åžehrazat to offer her the money.

  • After days of getting the cold shoulder from his wife, Burhan finally relents. Åžehrazat forces herself to uphold her end of the deal with Onur.

  • Åžehrazat's mother-in-law pays her a surprise visit. Under a tight deadline to come up with the transplant money, Åžehrazat asks her boss for a loan.

  • After a bone marrow donor is found for her ill son, architect Åžehrazat visits her late husband's family to ask for a loan to pay for the transplant.