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Wild at Heart is a British drama telling the story of the family of a veterinarian moving from a regular life in Bristol, England to a struggling game reserve in South Africa. The series ran for seven full season's and finished with a one-off special two hour episode designed to tie up all the loose ends of the season. Wild at Heart starred English actor Stephen Tompkinson as vet Danny Trevanion and became famous for filming with wild animals that are native to South Africa. Initially broadcast on the British network ITV1 an American version of the show entitled Life is Wild ran for a pilot episode and a single full season; Wild at Heart ran from 2006 and ended with a Christmas special broadcast in ITV1 in 2012.

Wild at Heart opened with the Trevanion family living and working in the city of Bristol, England; a monkey native to South Africa arrives at the veterinary surgery of Danny Trevanion and is rehabilitated in Bristol. Reaching full health the monkey is returned to South Africa by the family who all decide to holiday in South Africa as the monkey is freed to the wild. Danny takes the monkey to Leapord's Den, a game reserve run by a South African native known as Dup; Danny and his family agree to stay in South Africa and help run the game reserve and care for the animals of the region.

The seven seasons and the finale special revolve around the various troubles and high points in the life of the Trevanion family and the workers of Leapord's Den. Included in the problems faced by the family are the death of Danny's wife, Sarah during season three and the loss of Leapord's Den because of financial problems. The children of the fictional family are also depicted growing up and facing personal problems.

Sunday 8:30 PM et/pt on ITV
7 Seasons, 65 Episodes
January 29, 2006
Cast: Stephen Tompkinson, Deon Stewardson, Nomsa Xaba, Thapelo Mokoena
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Wild at Heart Full Episode Guide

  • Dup learns he has a life-threatening heart condition. With relationship issues causing tension in the family and Danny unhappy about the forthcoming marriage of Rosie and her fiancĀ© Dylan, Dup grasps at the opportunity for one last adventure to heal the rifts.

  • Strange things are happening at Leopard's Den as Danny prepares to go away. Meanwhile, Du Plessis makes an alarming discovery about Ed and Fiona.

  • Danny and Ed are refused an extension on their mortgage, and an attempt to solve the family's problems once and for all backfires dramatically.

  • Everyone is shocked when a mystery woman arrives, claiming to be Ed's wife and seeking a reconciliation with him.

  • Ed is left in charge of the endangered species project while Danny is away and Du Plessis is doing his community service.

  • Danny is in prison, accused of murdering Peeters, but Du Plessis sets out to prove his friend's innocence -- whatever the cost.

  • The family is still estranged from Caroline and Du Plessis, who've moved back to Clearwater Farm. Dup seems to be showing signs of a major breakdown.

  • Caroline is still furious at what she sees as Danny betraying Du Plessis in agreeing to work with Ed Lynch.

  • Danny has found a potential lifeline for the family in the form of a pharmaceutical company looking to fund an environmental project.

  • While Danny and Du Plessis attempt to raise enough money to buy a new reserve after the loss of Leopard's Den, a pregnant Alice arrives unannounced.

  • The family's last stand to stop the mining company from destroying Leopard's Den ends in tragedy, leaving Danny to consider going back to the U.K.

  • When the mining company takes over Leopard's Den, Danny reaches an agreement with Peeters to set up a field hospital in the Bush.

  • As the court case looms, Danny realizes he may have to sacrifice his principles to save Leopard's Den.

  • Danny and Alice are divided when Peeters asks for their help in relocating a pack of rogue hyenas.

  • Danny is called in to investigate when the routine transportation of a tiger goes wrong. He discovers Alice could be to blame for the animal's death.

  • When strange events occur at Leopard's Den, Danny and Alice must work fast to solve the mystery before more animals die.

  • Danny oversees an animal translocation for his first big project as state vet, but Alice struggles with running the clinic in his absence.

  • Danny faces a tough decision on his first day as state vet, when his investigation into an animal-smuggling ring takes him surprisingly close to home.

  • Grieving Danny throws himself into his work and applies for the role of state vet. Meanwhile, a rogue baboon causes problems at Leopard's Den.

  • Danny's world is threatened when his estranged father comes to Leopard's Den with a secret that could blow the family apart.

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