Don Matteo (English subtitled)

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In this crime drama, a Catholic priest in a small Italian town finds himself tasked with solving crimes over and over again. Thanks to his unique insight into human nature, the authorities know that they can count on him to track down perpetrators.

MHz Networks
8 Seasons, 167 Episodes
November 17, 2001
Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Terence Hill, Nino Frassica, Nathalie Guettà, Francesco Scali
Don Matteo (English subtitled)

Don Matteo (English subtitled) Full Episode Guide

  • Don Matteo finds himself in jail, embroiled in a false claim of harassment.

  • A recently fired factory worker is found dead.

  • Don Matteo steps in to help a father and son reconcile after the father is accused of assaulting the boy's friend.

  • A deaf girl finds herself involved in the investigation of the murder of a factory director.

  • A 16-year-old girl disappears without a trace, but Don Matteo gets an insight as to what happened.

  • A baker known for great generosity is murdered.

  • While the Captain investigates a murder, his aunt arrives in Gubbio with a fellow nun and the two make his life unbearable.

  • A boy caught in the middle of a custody battle between his parents suddenly disappears.

  • The murder of a prostitute appears linked to an orphan who€™s also a fencing champion, living with her trainer and her trainer€™s husband.

  • The lead model for a bridal fashion show is almost suffocated to death in her bed.

  • The stepmother of a friend of the Marshal€™s daughter, Assuntina, is found dead.

  • Don Matteo investigates after Sister Mary is attacked and falls into a coma.

  • The author of a book written specifically to report local town gossip is found near-death.

  • One of Gubbio's quiet philanthropists is accused of the attempted murder of a dishonest retiree.

  • An old celebrity from Gubbio is killed by a dose of insulin.

  • Don Matteo investigates when young man from a drug rehab community is found dead.

  • During a masquerade party for Carnivale, a girl who strikingly resembles the hostess' daughter is attacked.

  • The Marshal instructs Severino on how to win over the woman of his dreams.

  • An unidentified body is discovered during a reception at a wealthy family's mansion.

  • Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of a young woman, and Patrizia's friends come to Gubbio.

  • The Marshal investigates after a falconer who had adopted an autistic boy is stabbed to death.

  • A gynecologist is killed after one of his patients dies in labor.

  • Don Matteo investigates when a girl dies at a rave after taking bad drugs.

  • While Don Matteo investigates the attempted murder of an antique dealer, he finds himself taking care of Laura, a rebellious adolescent who is expecting a baby.

  • Don Matteo faces possible excommunication after he's accused of breaking the confidentiality of the confessional.

  • Natalina witnesses the murder of a famous pizza maker who was also a friend of Don Matteo€™s.

  • Captain Tommasi and Patrizia decide to announce that they're a couple, but struggle with how to tell the Marshal.

  • Don Matteo is asked to keep a secret after Young Agostino's mother returns to Gubbio.

  • Patrizia€™s ex-boyfriend arrives in Gubbio, determined to take her back to Barcelona with him - over the Marshal's dead body!

  • The Miss Umbria beauty contest is being held in Gubbio, and Natalina is one of the judges.

  • Tired of their long-distance relationship, Amanda gives the Captain an ultimatum.

  • Everybody thinks the Marshal saved a girl€™s life by heroically throwing himself into a fire, but the hero was actually someone else.

  • Don Matteo investigates a murder at the Marquis of Sansa's castle.

  • A man is killed during the famous Race of the Candles in Gubbio.

  • Something goes terribly wrong at a Wild West show: the horseman playing Sitting Bull falls from his horse and dies.

  • After handing her daughter to Sister Mary to watch for a few hours, a woman is found dead on a street corner.

  • Following a charity auction, the buyer of the most expensive painting is found dead.

  • Don Matteo investigates a woman's mysterious disappearance.

  • A day after a disabled boy was bullied at school, one of his aggressors is found unconscious.

  • Don Matteo is recruited to coach the local rugby team just before an important match with their Scottish rivals.

  • The Marshal feels neglected after one of Captain Tommasi's old friends comes to town.

  • One of Sister Mary€™s old boyfriends arrives in Gubbio, and soon after a painting goes missing.

  • The owner of a large cattle breeding company is found dead on the bottom of a precipice.

  • A man arrives in Gubbio claiming to be the Marshal's son!

  • As preparations are made for the Math Olympics at Gubbio High School, a teacher is found dead in his hotel room.

  • Don Matteo takes on the job of religion teacher at Gubbio High School, where one of the students is suspected of recently assaulting a teacher.

  • Don Matteo and his friend Bishop Benelli go skydiving, but the bishop mysteriously disappears after the jump.