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"Swiss Family Robinson" is a family show based on a book by the same title. It revolves around the trials and tribulations of a family of four -- Karl Robinson, his wife Lotte and their two sons, Fred and Ernie -- who are stranded on an island after a shipwreck. In addition to this family of four, the only other survivor of the wreck is a girl named Helga Wagner. On the island, they also find a sailor, Jeremiah Worth, who was stranded there seven years earlier in a different shipwreck.

Jeremiah serves as a rich source of wisdom and practical knowledge. He is glad to finally have some company and is happy to help them survive and try to live as well as possible in spite of difficult circumstances. Karl and Lotte are both relatively calm, practical people who provide good guidance for their sons and also Helga. She becomes a de facto adopted daughter.

Like other series of that era, it focuses on problem solving and treats their situation more like an adventure than a tragedy. The parents are good parents in spite of stressful circumstances. They always rise to the occasion.

Swiss Family Robinson is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on August 12, 1974.

Where do I stream Swiss Family Robinson online? Swiss Family Robinson is available for streaming on CTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Swiss Family Robinson on demand at Amazon online.

4 Seasons, 63 Episodes
August 12, 1974
Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Chris Wiggins, Diana Leblanc
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Swiss Family Robinson Full Episode Guide

  • Arriving in Australia, the Robinsons are reintroduced to civilization -- and to some old friends.

  • The excitement of the trip turns to desperation when, after three weeks at sea, food and water run short. A fresh palm leaf promises that land is near.

  • Though getting away has long been their dream, the Robinsons find it hard to say good-bye to their island home and the exciting life they found there.

  • Morton is adamant -- no animals on board. Space and supplies are limited, but Becca can't face leaving their animal friends behind.

  • While the castaways wait for a favorable tide, they struggle over what to do with their animals.

  • With grueling effort, the boat is completed. The donkey helps with the launch -- the last work he is ever to do for the Robinsons.

  • Ernest and Morton devise a last-chance plan to escape from the island. Morton directs the shipbuilding, and everyone pitches in.

  • While the Robinsons worry about how to leave the island, Morton returns suffering from exposure to the sun, and they learn they have misjudged him.

  • As rumblings spread over the island, the animals grow restless and the people worried. During the night an earthquake hits, collapsing the cave.

  • Volcanic activity threatens the island, and Morton decides it is time to leave. He takes a canoe and supplies from the Robinsons, and secretly paddles off.

  • Tomtom's skills offer exciting opportunities for the Robinsons. He introduces Mrs. Robinson to new island foods, and helps the children capture and train an ostrich.

  • Morton is grumpy and troublesome, drinking the medicinal alcohol and offering the children cigars. But when Becca gets into a tight spot, she discovers a warmer side to the gruff captain.

  • The young Aborigine Tomtom was orphaned when white settlers killed his parents. When he learns the Robinsons were headed to Australia as colonists, he rejects their friendship, and it takes all Becca's ingenuity to change his mind.

  • The Robinsons discover they are no longer alone on the island. The storms have brought two more castaways to the island -- an aborigine lad and a crusty old sea captain.

  • Becca chases a bat deep into the cavern, discovers a waterfall, and is startled by a fleeing figure.

  • The cave is dry, but is it hospitable? The Robinsons find the cave already occupied by multitudes of bats -- and a skeleton, the grim remains of an earlier shipwreck victim who once lived on the island.

  • The tree house roof gives way under the constant rain, and the Robinson's search for a new home. Becca remembers a cave, found when she was lost in the forest.

  • The storm that crushed the Robinson's boat continues, and the rain disrupts their activities. But it also brings some surprising benefits -- the floods wash fish and fruit into easy reach, and inspire new indoor fun.

  • Fritz and his father construct a boat, while Mother preserves food for a long voyage. The ship's trial run is a success, but during the night a violent storm destroys the ship and crushes the family's hopes for escape.

  • Becca is punished for wandering off, but the next day leaves her chores again -- this time to round up the family's frightened goats. Becca returns expecting punishment, but finds understanding.

  • Becca would rather explore the island than study, and sneaks off for a walk in the forest. She is soon hopelessly lost, and the family is thrown into turmoil.

  • Jack is stricken with malaria, and his father begins a desperate search for cinchona bark to treat the deadly disease. Mother falls ill, and it is a race against time for the whole family.

  • The children surprise their parents with a concert and a vacation cottage to celebrate their wedding anniversary. But the 'second honeymoon' takes a strange turn when jackals attack, and they scare them off by setting the cottage on fire.

  • When ammunition for the rifles runs short, the Robinsons fashion bows and arrows -- and Becca amazes everyone with her skill. Sap from rubber trees provides new shoes for the whole family.