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Corner Gas takes place in the fictional town of Dog River. This Canadian based television series chronicles the every day happenings of the people in this town. It all takes place in the gas station and it's adjoining restaurant. The show was an instant hit because of the realistic way they portray the characters.

The owner of the Corner Gas often reflects on his seemingly dull life. Although his establishment is the only of its kind for miles, something interesting always manages to go down. At the end of every plot line he seems to come closer to having a sort of charmed existence.

The series is known for breaking the fourth wall. In one episode two of the cast members are discussing film production and a boom mic drops in and hits one of them in the head. Many of the episodes also feature a fictional band and dancing in the restaurant.

Corner Gas is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (107 episodes). The series first aired on January 22, 2004.

Where do I stream Corner Gas online? Corner Gas is available for streaming on CTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Corner Gas on demand at Amazon, IMDb TV online.

6 Seasons, 107 Episodes
January 22, 2004
Cast: Eric Peterson, Nancy Robertson, Lorne Cardinal, Janet Wright, Tara Spencer-Nairn
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Corner Gas Full Episode Guide

  • Brent's weekly disappearances cause rumours to abound in Dog River. When the truth comes out, the denizens prepare themselves for change, only to find that some things never change.

  • A Prairie wind storm blows away a crucial part of The Ruby; Wanda demands that Brent improve the working conditions at Corner Gas; Emma's unbroken run as "Jam Queen" comes to an end.

  • A sudden departure by the elementary school teacher leaves Emma in charge; Lacey takes some advice from Davis on how to make The Ruby a friendlier place for patrons; Oscar tricks Brent and Hank into believing that he ate a 30-year old pastry.

  • Brent and Hank try to relive their childhood with disasterous results; a game of charades reveals one Dog River denizen to have superb skills; Davis and Wanda find a novel way to get free stuff from companies.

  • After Hank buys a robot online, Davis tries to out-do him by purchasing the original R2-D2, but finds that you don't always get what you pay for. Lacey tries to raise Brent's culinary expectations above the level of the chili cheese dog, but finds that she may have created a monster. Wanda and Oscar try to work together to get rid of some pests that are hanging around Corner Gas.

  • Wanda inherits a motorcycle that changes the way she looks at Dog River and its denizens; Hank sees a foreign film that changes the way he greets people; Lacey buys a new house and tricks people into helping her move.

  • The Dog River denizens participate in a contest against the people of Wullerton to see who can go without watching television the longest.

  • Karen files an official complaint against Davis; Brent and Hank have some troubles with superstitions.

  • Lacey comes up with a scheme to save Dog River Days; Brent fakes an injury to teach Wanda a lesson; Oscar learns an important lesson from a cat.

  • Brent and Hank head to the city to attend a comic book signing, where some embarrassing events take place; Wanda puts herself on the 'needy' list by shopping for gifts at the thrift store; Karen gets a promotion, causing some envy in Davis; Oscar and Emma install a new burglar alarm.

  • Brent signs up for guitar lessons, causing Oscar to relive some unpleasant parts of his childhood; Wanda becomes a reporter for The Howler, writing under a pseudonym so she can really speak her mind; Hank follows Karen's workout plan, then tries to prove that he's stronger than Emma.

  • Brent sets out to show the world, or at least the denizens of Dog River, just who the biggest Roughriders fan is.

  • Oscar has to prove his nationality; the gang at Corner Gas gets involved in a resolution contest.

  • When Oscar and Emma invite Lacey to their hot tub party, she is excited to finally be included until she finds out that she's the only person to accept; Davis introduces a new mascot to promote DRPD; Hank suddenly becomes homeless, leaving Brent to wonder where he's spending his evenings.

  • When Karen forgets to pay for a muffin, she finds out what it's like to be on the wrong side of the law; Hank changes his email password, forcing Wanda to try to get inside his head in order to figure out what the new password is; Brent takes to the kitchen to prove that he can cook dinner as well as eat it.

  • Karen and Davis win a meat lottery, but then have to find a place to store their winnings; Hank mocks the temperature in Corner Gas, but his joking backfires on him; Lacey and Wanda argue over who will take care of an abandoned pet.

  • Brent and Lacey both try out self-service in their business, and both are unhappy with the results; Hank sells Oscar his old laptop computer.

  • Brent and Lacey sponsor Davis's soccer team, but mistake sponsorship for ownership; a driving mishap has Karen relying on Hank for transportation; Wanda reveals a little too much of her past when she gives some old video tapes to Oscar and Emma.

  • Lacey is an unwilling participant in an eating contest, thanks to Brent's intervention; Emma gets a new mp3 player, which Oscar uses to get what he wants; Karen shows off her skills as an auctioneer and unwittingly pits Hank against Wanda in a vehicle battle.

  • Oscar decides that running a Bed & Breakfast is the perfect way to make some quick money, but Emma disagrees. Davis suddenly needs to borrow Brent's car, but won't tell him why. Lacey wins a prize at a silent auction that she could really do without.

  • Karen and Davis figure out what makes Emma tick, cleaning-wise; Hank discovers a new world in the underside of The Ruby. Brent creates a legacy for Dog River, causing Oscar to attempt to get a legacy of his own.

  • When Emma does her Christmas shopping early, everyone is curious to find out what she's getting them. Lacey wonders if Wanda is really her friend; Hank decides to 'Spring forward' with daylight savings time, but he's the only one who does.

  • Lacey creates a new form of currency for Dog River, then worries that it's being counterfeited. Hank's medical condition causes a scare at Corner Gas. Karen wants Davis to think for himself.

  • Dog River is expanding, but the new call centre is something that Davis and Hank both have very strong negative feelings about, pitting them against Emma, who is all for it. Wanda starts attending funerals, even going so far as to skip work for them. Karen and Brent think that Lacey is keeping a secret.

  • Lacey goes to a psychic to find out her future, but doesn't get the fortune that she wanted. Brent discovers a can't-fail way to stop Oscar from calling everyone a Jackass, but also discovers that some things are worse than being called a Jackass. Davis gets himself into a situation while re-enacting a scene; Wanda and Emma try to throw a party.

  • Hank and Oscar start up a new business, but it's Karen who really gets it off the ground; Brent tries something new, but when he needs Emma's help, he's embarrassed. Lacey and Davis go house shopping together, but a disagreement could throw a monkey-wrench into their new-found relationship.

  • Lacey begins an employee appreciation program, and Wanda is upset when Brent doesn't follow suit. Hank takes up a new hobby, and drives Emma crazy with his constant requests for help. Oscar finds a new way to fill his time by writing for The Howler, and it's up to Karen and Davis to keep him in line.

  • Oscar has a mission: to get rid of a mouse that has invaded Corner Gas, but Davis is getting in his way. Karen and Emma try to help Wanda after she hurts her back; Hank and Brent find a new way to have fun, but Lacey gets in their way.

  • Brent meets the foster brother he never knew he had, and feels insignificant in comparison. Hank tries to bolster Brent's ego, but has trouble coming up with accomplishments in Brent's life. When Karen breaks the cash register at Corner Gas, she makes a shocking discovery about Wanda, who then swears her to secrecy. Lacey finds that "classic" never goes out of style.

  • Wanda tries the new energy drinks from the cooler at Corner Gas, and ends up with just a little too much zip. Oscar is chosen to replace the ailing bus driver, and leads the students to anarchy. Hank comes up with a new advertising scheme for The Ruby.

  • Wanda takes over bartending duties while Phil's away, and doles out some much-needed advice to the denizens of Dog River. Lacey goes green at The Ruby, and drags un unwilling Brent along with her. Emma, Karen, and Fitzy try to come up with the perfect gift to send to their twin city in Japan, and have to stop Hank from taking matters into his own hands.

  • Hank finds new and inventive uses for his truck; Wanda tries to improve her love life. Oscar and Emma begin sharing just a little too much, and Brent thinks his sense of smell is off.

  • Hank pulls a prank on the Dog Riverites, but it backfires on him, leaving everyone wondering if they should be looking for little green men. Oscar and Emma repaint the house with disasterous results, while Brent tries a new look that has Lacey interested. Wanda tries to get Lacey into the dating scene.

  • Lacey finds out that a friendly game of golf with Hank and Brent isn't all it's cracked up to be. Wanda has some troubles parking and tries to buy her way out of them. Oscar and Emma buy a new bed, but disagree over the settings.

  • Hank's comments on Karen's eating habits prompt her to join a spin class at the local gym, and she's shocked to find out who the teacher is. Lacey gets involved in a "Ladies of Dog River" charity calendar, but is shocked to find out just what she has to do to be "Miss April". Wanda buys a new phone for Corner Gas, but won't let anyone use it until it's fully charged, but then it goes missing.

  • Oscar's complaints about the lack of Dog River-oriented cable programming bring results, and Brent is chosen to select one show created and filmed in town. Brent takes advantage of the bribes he's getting while thinking about the shows. Wanda, Lacey and Emma can't agree on what type of show they want, while Hank finds himself the unsuspecting suspect in Davis and Karen's police show.