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The television series entitled Motive is a drama series which is concerned with the activities of a lady known as Detective Flynn who works with the Canadian police. The series first premiered on the CTV network and it was quite a successful start for the series and this paved the way for its popularity among viewers as the numbers kept increasing for each premiere. As a result by the time it premiered in the United States it had already recorded the highest number of viewers in Canada. The series also received positive reviews from critics.

Detective Flynn is a very hardworking lady, with a good but challenging job. As a detective she specializes in investigating criminal cases, crimes committed within her area of operation and later ensures that criminals are brought to justice. The series is organized in such a way that during each episode, a specific case is introduced, continues with the proceedings right through to all the investigations. It covers all the events till the killers are arrested and taken to court and the victims taken care of.

However, what makes the episodes unique and different from the normal judicial procedures is that the criminals and murderers as well as victims are revealed at the start of the episode. Then as the episode unfolds events follow through with the investigations, arrests and continues in that order.

Detective Flynn is very dedicated to her job and throughout the series she puts in all her time and efforts to investigate the cases and make sure she finds the desired answers. Although she is a single mother, she does not let her job interfere with family time. She works hard to strike a balance between giving her child enough time as a parent and doing her job well also as a career woman.

The characters in the series include Kristin Lehman starring as Detective Flynn, who dedicates her time to investigate crimes and find out why murderers do the things they do. Louis Ferreira starring as Detective Vega who works in close collaboration with Flynn, Brendan Penny starring as Detective Lucas, Cameron Bright starring as Manny Flynn, detective Flynn's son, Roger Cross starring as Sergeant Bloom, Noam Jenkins as David and Ross Noble as Gary.

Motive is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on May 23, 2013.

Where do I stream Motive online? Motive is available for streaming on CTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Motive on demand at Amazon, USA, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
May 23, 2013
Crime, Drama
Cast: Kristin Lehman
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Motive Full Episode Guide

  • Three years after Judge Natalie Rodman's killer gets away, evidence in a new homicide suggests the killer may have resurfaced. The whole team reunites to finally closing the case.

  • After an explosion at a high-profile judge's home kills Angie's mentor, the team hunts for a sophisticated killer, who is an expert at covering their tracks.

  • The team investigates the death of a costumed woman who appears to have been killed with a medieval weapon.

  • When the team investigates the homicide of a young woman who's been nail-gunned to death, they discover the truth is stranger than fiction.

  • The murder of a visionary video game designer sends the team on a hunt through the past to find a killer.

  • When the murder of a British politician's son, draws the attention of Interpol, Angie finds herself navigating a new working relationship with an international Agent.

  • A soldier with a bomb takes the bullpen hostage, demanding justice for her son. Angie stays with the increasingly desperate mother as the rest of the team reinvestigates the son's case.

  • The team's investigation into the murder of a suburban mom takes a drastic turn when the victim's ill child is abducted.

  • A gruesome murder with the same signature as one of Paula's previous homicide cases could mean an innocent woman was convicted of a crime she didn't commit.

  • Angie and Paula find their personal boundaries tested when investigating the murder of an ex-con. Meanwhile, Vega also addresses boundary issues of his own with both Dr. Rogers and Lucas.

  • Angie and the team race against time to snag a killer who is inadvertently spreading a deadly pathogen across the city.

  • Angie temporarily steps in as Staff Sergeant as she investigates the murder of a football player�۪s wife.

  • Angie and newly minted Staff Sergeant Vega must adjust on the fly to their changed working dynamic, while dealing with the added pressure of bringing a cop killer to justice.

  • In the season finale, Flynn, Vega and Lucas are determined to prove that Neville Montgomery is behind the murder of Maria Snow.

  • Angie and Vega realize their prime suspect in the murder of an insurance adjuster, the victim's wife, may be a victim of foul play herself.

  • The detectives must find the common denominator in three separate homicides in order to catch a killer in the midst of a crime spree.

  • A plastic surgeon is the focus of Angie's investigation, the prime suspect is owner/operator of a recently renamed strip club.

  • A sleazy photographer is the prime suspect in the murder of his assistant; each of the detectives are interviewed about Angie's methods.

  • As Flynn, Vega and Lucas hunt for the killer of a free-spirited tarot card reader, Vega gets some unsettling news from the doctor.

  • While investigating an airline pilot who may be using his career to his murderous advantage, Angie copes with an increasingly distant Vega.

  • The team questions the grey zone between law and justice as they investigate the murder of a street artist by his own protege.

  • The murder of an armed robber leads the team to an unlikely killer - an unassuming florist. The team comes together to support Dr. Rogers.

  • The homicide of a man is compounded by the abduction of his daughter; Angie continues to secretly investigate the Neville Montgomery file.

  • Angie investigates the death of a civic urban planner and a part-time scuba diving instructor.

  • Angie struggles to accept Lucas' new position as primary investigator in the murder of a high-end call girl.

  • After six months of self-imposed exile, Detective Angie Flynn returns to Homicide to investigate a sensitive high-profile case.

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