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This comedy television series is one of the most funny shows you will watch for living room entertainment. Impersonations are done as well as many funny jokes that will have you laughing for hours on end. There are some popular actresses and actors in this series that you will find to be even funnier than you have ever seen them before.

Comedy Inc. is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (68 episodes). The series first aired on February 19, 2003.

Where do I stream Comedy Inc. online? Comedy Inc. is available for streaming on CTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Comedy Inc. on demand at , Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 9:30 PM et/pt on CTV on CTV
5 Seasons, 68 Episodes
February 19, 2003
Cast: Paul McCarthy, Jim Russell, Emily Taheny, Katrina Retallick
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Comedy Inc. Full Episode Guide

  • Sketches include an oral interrogation; WFTO-TV news room renovations; an Aerobics class and Roman and Gavin get stuck in the elevator.

  • Sketches include David Caruso's real life crime, a group therapy session; the Gadalinski's bridal shop; Alec Baldwin's bedtime story; and Jack Ass Dad.

  • Sketches include Meet the Family; Good Cop, Bad Cop; Paul Schaeffer's new charity; a really hot DVD and Bjork's new talk show.

  • Comedy Inc. returns for a fifth season of off-beat sketch comedy bursting with edgy political/social satire, hilarious parodies and uninhibited physical comedy.

  • Sketches include Caribana Girl at the movies, cooking with the stars, and perfecting building security.

  • This week's episode includes sketches about Internet dating, Third Trumpet band nerd, the price of beauty and the return of Classical Music DJ.

  • Sketches include a first date; Poker night; Caribana Girl; plus the Comedy Inc. guys go camping.

  • Sketches include a guy with questionable taste in radio stations; the hose-bag from Bagco; Paris Hilton book pitch; the sexual fantasies of the Comedy Inc. ladies and a visit to the sex store.

  • Sketches include WFTO-TV newsman Ken Shawn and weather girl Nikki Payne; a groom in trouble at his wedding reception; hot plus-size women; a Sunday morning arts program and Tom Cruise returns as a guest on Oprah.

  • Sketches include Quint the Seaman; David Caruso's stand-up comedy act; a woman trying to find the perfect man; a hospital public relations person; and a German, bank spokesperson

  • Sketches include a Psychologist with some interesting clients, the always helpful Technical Hotline; a new product targeting the teenage male; the first metrosexual; and Roman fires a cast-mate.

  • Sketches include; Late Night with Fatima and her special guest David Caruso, My Three Husbands - a new TV show, the office gossip, the Unknown Actors studio, Excuse Girl, and a cast moment with Winston.

  • Sketches include; late night with Fatma and her special guest Osama Bin Laden, Hugo Boss' latest hair product, a focus group's interesting mix of people, how to get your way...

  • Sketches include: WFTO news Ken Shawn and Nikki Payne; this summer's latest blockbuster; a trendy new form of birth control; a Canadian Heritage moment; deserted island dreams.

  • Sketches include: Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein as roommates; the Vikings; Plus Mary Fallberg's latest class report; and Roman gets a part on LOST.

  • Sketches include: WFTO's weathergirl Nikki reporting live in the floodzone; The Literacy Foundation gives a message; Secrets are shared by the the Comedy Inc. ladies; Emeril cooks with the stars.

  • Sketches include: the Trix rabbit; Fatma's top ten countdown; a devilish bank manager; Jen undergoes a new procedure; Ken Shawn goes to a corporate event.

  • Sketches include: WFTO News Ken Shawn and weathergirl Nikki; Deepak Chopra renews his license; a new beer hits the market; breakfast with the arts TV show; the Vikings.

  • Sketches include: Celebrity Family Feud; a 100th birthday party; President Bush's Halloween address; Save A Writer Foundation; air guitarist.

  • Sketches include: auditions for the new Harry Potter movie; a new perfume; open mike night; telemarketing; excuse girl; Canada's national animal; Comedy Inc. Christmas party.

  • Sketches include: a half human, half monkey sister; problems with the making of a bank commercial; Ken Shawn and weathergirl Nikki; Stephen Hawking makes prank calls.

  • Sketches include: a holiday on Viking Cruiselines; three Desperate Housewives as sex operators; David Caruso shares his acting talents; the answer to today's phone technology.

  • Sketches include: patients dropping off their samples; an office lawyer with a very interesting name; Survivor - World Leaders Edition; Excuse Girl may have avian flu.