Watch TV Shows on CTV

CTV is a Canadian TV station that presents a plethora of shows from major American networks as well as certain Canadian shows. This channel is popular because is combines the most popular shows from FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS.

This channel manages to provide a huge number of comedies, dramas and reality shows. There are Canadian cooking shows coupled with crime dramas and hit sitcoms during the prime time hours. People that have access to Canadian channels can also access a lot of reruns for the different award shows that may air. Many people that watch this channel will get the chance to see talk shows during the daytime hours. There are a lot of morning and afternoon talk shows on this station.

Many people that view CTV will get the chance to see some of their favorite shows at night. The fact that the channel combines programs from different network cuts down on the search for these shows. This channel is designed to entice audiences that have connections to American shows, but there are also a great number of Canadian shows that are broadcast here. This station is helpful for those that want all of their favorite programming in one area.

The channel also provides news coverage. It is a station that has entertainment news and sports news. It has national political news as well. The station provides a one stop shop for those that want to get all of their news, sports and entertainment shows in one place.