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Follow the adventures of London, a German Shepherd dog as he goes from one place to another. London has the ability to find that one person who is in a bad situation and has no one to help them. London takes it upon himself to help the person and then he moves on to the next town or city.

People want London to stay with them, but he has a job to do. London's nature is to travel and pick up the ones that are down on their luck. He is a special dog giving joy to people he meets.

The Littlest Hobo is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (114 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 1979.

Where do I stream The Littlest Hobo online? The Littlest Hobo is available for streaming on CTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Littlest Hobo on demand at FlixFling, FlixFling Free, FlixFling VOD online.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 04:30 pm on CTV
6 Seasons, 114 Episodes
October 11, 1979
Cast: Buddy Joe Hooker, Wendy Stuart, Carlyle Mitchell, Howard Hoffman
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The Littlest Hobo Full Episode Guide

  • The Hobo discovers a senile veteran who is the custodian of an unexploded bomb. He is able to bring it to the attention of a nearby military base, but the stakes are raised when it's discovered that it is near an abandoned munitions dump.

  • A troublemaking boy pretends to be a victim of a hit-and-run, winning attention from his enabling parents. When a witness and the Hobo move to expose him, he threatens retaliation.

  • The elusive stranger turns out to be a Soviet air force pilot who has been stranded on the island for some time.

  • Hobo joins the Farrells on a luxury yachting expedition, which enters a storm and shipwrecks the crew on an uninhabited island.

  • Two lowlifes plan to rob a small business owner the day before he retires, and the Hobo along with a mime and a deaf-mute youth try to stop them.

  • A go-kart mechanic for a racing team wants to drive and is willing to sabotage his team's vehicles to do it. This leads to a talented girl to try out for the team, causing even more tension.

  • The Hobo discovers a man pretending to be a wayward son, wanting to reintegrate himself into a community of Mennonites.

  • The sick firefighter continues to put himself in harms way, while Hobo tries to call attention to the problem.

  • A hero firefighter dodges a medical order relieving him of duty, endangering his own life.

  • Hobo aids a financially troubled church.

  • When a gifted kid tries to enter a national remote-controlled airplane tournament, a competitor tries to sabotage his equipment. Fortunately, the Hobo is there for counter-espionage.

  • When a movie production comes to town, a reckless, adrenaline-addicted stuntman tries to get the director's attention, so the Hobo, his daughter and the local sheriff try to keep him safe.

  • A grumpy, but industrious, owner of a construction firm suffers an accident on the job, leaving him paralyzed. Despite his hard-to-love attitude, his wife and the Hobo stand by him for his physiotherapy and while he reassesses his talents.

  • The Hobo helps a rodeo star suffering from PTSD overcome his fear of animals.

  • All of the statuettes disappear and the Hobo works with one of the hotel's more scrupulous staffers to solve the mystery.

  • Priceless statuettes are disappearing from the hotel in which they are on display, and it falls to Hobo to expose who among several colorful characters are responsible.

  • Hobo lends moral support to a boy in a new school who wants to try out for the track team but is rejected by his new peers.

  • A marauding wolf is killing sheep and threatening the family that owns them. Hobo tries to defend both, but is believed to be the danger.

  • Two bootleggers working at an orchard steal their employers apples and make alcohol with them. When they setup an honest colleague, who is short on English, the Hobo moves to expose the entire operation and the crooked employees.

  • The Hobo and a group of seniors match wits with the corrupt and abusive staff at a retirement home.

  • An archaeologist is clandestinely digging for human remains in a subway station, when he is unfairly mixed up in a theft.

  • A TV reporter and a cryptozoologist discover the hobo when researching archival footage of his many adventures and seek to trap him. But since the prevailing assumption is that there are many dogs of his kind, there is talk of dissecting him!

  • Four kids play a Dark Ages fantasy game and Hobo acts as a spirit guide, protecting them from real dangers.

  • The Hobo discovers a small aircraft crashed in a forest in the wilderness. All passengers and crew survive the crash, but some are seriously wounded and the radio doesn't work.

  • The Hobo waivers between confounding a hunter who is being paid a large sum a money to catch a falcon and helping him when he gets into trouble.

  • A bookie tries to fix a lumberjack competition using extreme methods.

  • An eccentric criminal mastermind uses high-tech gadgets and a dog to perform heists. When he has designs on a military laser, the Hobo sabotages the operation.

  • A race dog contending for a national championship is stolen by a rival's owner. The Hobo trails the thief to his home, but must outwit a large dog and a human, who is armed with a gun.

  • A shipper with a reputation for dirty dealing pressures a desperate trucker into working for him.

  • Hobo gives guidance to a dejected, newly blinded equestrian rider.

  • Contestants continue to put themselves in danger, private property continues to go missing, and Hobo keeps dashing across town trying to right the wrongs done in the name of competition.

  • As a requirement for acceptance to a fraternity, three teams are competing in a scavenger hunt. Some of the players are willing to do anything to win and the Hobo is there to prevent them from going that far.

  • Hobo befriends police officers in a K-9 unit who are searching for a runaway teen with a brain tumour.