The Mysteries of Laura

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In this crime procedural comedy-drama, a New York polic detective tries to balance her demanding job with her equally demanding home life. She's got a problematic husband, problematic kids, and a handsome new partner. The series aired for two seasons on NBC. Debra Messing stars.

2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
May 11, 2014
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Josh Lucas, Janina Gavankar, Laz Alonso, Max Jenkins, Debra Messing
The Mysteries of Laura

The Mysteries of Laura Full Episode Guide

  • Efforts to take down an international drug kingpin are catastrophic. Meanwhile, Jake makes a choice regarding Laura.

  • When Laura's sister becomes a suspect in a murder investigation in Brooklyn, Laura attempts to figure things out before the detective assigned to the case.

  • Laura and Jake protect a high-profile foreign dignitary who is receiving death threats.

  • Valentine's Day takes a deadly turn when a long-dormant serial killer surfaces. Meanwhile, rumors are spread in the squad room when it comes to romance.

  • The investigation into the death of the city's top sports surgeon leads the team to a Men's Rights group. Meanwhile, Billy and Meredith take their relationship to the next level.

  • An unexpected development leaves Laura in a dangerous situation and makes it clear that the murder case of Michael Dunham is far from over.

  • While investigating the violent death of a perfume magnate, the detectives are led in numerous directions and wonder who they can trust. As secrets are revealed, Laura and Jake realize identifying a prime suspect is as complicated as establishing the state of their relationship.

  • Laura and the team become involved in an Urban Treasure Hunt and hunt a killer from the gritty rooftops of New York to the opulent halls of the symphony.

  • Laura and the team investigate the murder of an exposed undercover cop.

  • Laura delves into the world of fitness freaks and crossfit commandos when the owner of a local gym is murdered.

  • Laura and the team investigate the death of the wife of a national media baron who was forced off the West Side Highway.

  • When two convicted killers escape from maximum security prison, Laura and the team join the manhunt; but their loyalties are put to the test, since one of the escapees is their former captain.

  • Laura investigates the murder of a technology wunderkind at a seemingly impenetrable high-security building.

  • The team investigates a cancer patient's mysterious death.

  • In the second season premiere, Laura and her team race against the clock to save a kidnapped boy.

  • Laura and the team are determined to find out who shot Jake.

  • Laura investigates the death of a young filmmaker, but an amateur detective creates problems with the case.

  • Laura investigates the death of a club patron and links the case to jewelry heists.

  • Laura deals with a personal crisis during the investigation of the death of a teacher's aide.

  • Laura tries to ignore her birthday as she investigates a sailor's murder.

  • Laura investigates the death of an intern working for a trendy tech start up.

  • Laura's ex-fiance becomes the main suspect of the stabbing death of a former beauty queen.

  • Laura investigates a female escort ring while searching for a killer.

  • The investigation into the death of a drag queen takes an unexpected turn when Laura is lead to a fight club. Meanwhile, Laura reunites with an old pal and has a fun night out on the town.

  • An investigation into the death of a star athlete leads the detectives to an elite New York prep school. When Laura and Jake go undercover, things heat up.

  • The team investigates the death of a teenage boy, which becomes complicated when sparks fly between Jacob and a former flame. Meanwhile, Laura makes an unsuccessful attempt to leave her work behind and focus on the twins' Winter Carnival.

  • During the investigation of the murder of a chef, Laura develops feelings for one of the suspects.

  • Laura investigates the disappearance of a fertility doctor and is lead to a horse racing track. Meanwhile, the twins are accused of bullying at their Tae Kwon Do class.

  • Laura investigates a couple's murder, which suggests a religious motive. Laura and Jake encounter a familiar face during their search for a new nanny.

  • Laura and the team's investigation into the death of a woman found on a party bus leads them to a beauty magnate. Meredith trains Jake for a department-wide mud run.

  • While investigating the death of an art gallery owner, Laura ends up at the karaoke scene in Koreatown.

  • A political sex scandal is leaked to the public and Laura is determined to find out more about the alleged mistress involved.

  • Detectives try to identify a body discovered in a bathroom.

  • A political sex scandal emerges and Laura investigates the alleged mistress.

  • After the death of the owner of a popular biker bar, Laura and Jake find themselves at the spot of their first date.

  • When an online dater is killed, Laura decides to set up a profile for herself to try to bait the killer.

  • In the series premiere, a New York City homicide detective struggles to balance the demands of her job and her crazy home life.

  • Get a look at the new series The Mysteries of Laura coming to NBC Wednesdays this fall.

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