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  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.7  (10,116)

American Crime is a critically acclaimed drama series that aired on ABC from 2015-2017. Created by John Ridley, the show featured an ensemble cast including Felicity Huffman, Regina King, Timothy Hutton, Benito Martinez, Richard Cabral, and Lili Taylor. Over the course of three seasons, the show tackled pressing social issues such as race, class, gender, and sexuality through the lens of the American criminal justice system.

The first season of American Crime revolved around the murder of a young war veteran named Matt Skokie (played by Grant Merritt) and the subsequent trial of his alleged killers. Huffman played Barb Hanlon, the grieving mother of the victim, while Hutton portrayed Russ Skokie, the estranged father who returns to town for his son's funeral. King played Aliyah Shadeed, an anti-death penalty activist who takes an interest in the case, while Cabral and Martinez played members of a Mexican-American gang who are accused of the crime.

What sets American Crime apart from other crime shows is its commitment to exploring the social and political implications of each case. For example, the first season looked at how race, immigration, and poverty intersected in the lives of the accused and their families. The show also challenged viewers to question their own biases and assumptions about criminal justice, as the truth about what happened to Matt Skokie slowly unraveled.

The second season of American Crime took a different approach by exploring the aftermath of a sexual assault at a prestigious private school. Taylor played Leslie Graham, the headmaster of the school who is accused of covering up the assault, while Huffman played a wealthy mother whose son is one of the accused. King returned as a social worker who tries to help the victim and her family, while Cabral played a teenage student who is forced to confront his own role in the assault.

Once again, the show used its platform to delve into larger issues such as privilege, power, and consent. By examining the perspectives of multiple characters, including the victim and the accused, American Crime challenged viewers to consider the complexities of sexual assault and its impact on individuals and communities.

The third and final season of American Crime shifted its focus to the exploitation of migrant workers in North Carolina. King played a woman named Kimara Walters, a social worker who takes on the case of a young Mexican immigrant named Shae (played by Ana Mulvoy-Ten) who has become involved in the world of sex trafficking. Hutton played a farmer who hires undocumented workers and must grapple with his own complicity in their exploitation.

Once again, the show tackled a difficult and timely topic with sensitivity and nuance. By putting a human face on the issue of human trafficking, American Crime helped to shine a light on a darker side of American society that is often overlooked.

Throughout its three seasons, American Crime was praised for its innovative storytelling, strong performances, and thought-provoking commentary on some of the most pressing social issues facing the country today. While the show may have been cancelled after its third season, its impact will continue to be felt for years to come.

American Crime is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on March 5, 2015.

American Crime
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 Season Three: Episode Eight
8. Season Three: Episode Eight
April 30, 2017
Kimara advises Dustin to inform the police about the crime that took place in the webcam house, which leads to an unforeseen outcome. Meanwhile, detectives open up a troubling investigation into Clair and Nicholas, who maintain their innocence and contend that Gabrielle is the guilty party. Jeanette must confront and consider the costs and sacrifices of social change.
Season Three: Episode Seven
7. Season Three: Episode Seven
April 23, 2017
In the days after a deadly altercation in the webcam home, Dustin looks to Kimara for help, figuring out he is no longer safe. Kimara fights with the burden of a hard moral decision and opts to take time off of work at her shelter.
Season Three: Episode Six
6. Season Three: Episode Six
April 16, 2017
Nicholas is upset with the reality of his declining business and takes his anger out on Clair.
Season Three: Episode Five
5. Season Three: Episode Five
April 9, 2017
Results of forced labor continue to stir, as Shae considers having another abortion while Dustin shows her the world of online sex work.
Season Three: Episode Four
4. Season Three: Episode Four
April 2, 2017
Luis finds out about the fate of his son, as Coy comes up with a plot to get himself off the farm. Jeanette attempts to plead her situation about the working conditions in the fields to Laurie Ann while Shae makes a choice that will affect the remainder of her life.
Season Three: Episode Three
3. Season Three: Episode Three
March 26, 2017
Luis shows up at the Hesby Farm and gets important information concerning his missing son while Coy witnesses a terrible incident that alters his entire perception about time in the field and confirms his dark new reality.
Season Three: Episode Two
2. Season Three: Episode Two
March 19, 2017
While Luis finds himself sinking further into servitude on the farm, Isaac tries to protect Coy from abusive conditions in the fields. Meanwhile, Jeanette begins to wonder if her family is down-playing a trailer fire, which killed a number of their undocumented workers. Kimara tries to transition Shae from being an underage victimized prostitute to sustaining herself as she tries to convince Shae to testify against her former pimp.
Season Three: Episode One
1. Season Three: Episode One
March 12, 2017
An undocumented worker, Luis Salazar, journeys from Mexico to the United States seeking for a job, only to find out that modern servitude is booming in the farmlands and agricultural communities.
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  • Premiere Date
    March 5, 2015
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (10,116)