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One of the most talked about social documentaries being aired is Drugs, Inc., which depicts the real life impact of illicit drug use across the globe. From Methamphetamine, to Cocaine, just about every drug that has hit the streets with negative complications is being addressed by this series. Not only are legal aspects being mentioned, but the real life stories of those that have been influenced by these drugs in their daily routines. Even synthetic drugs, such as Ecstasy, have been the focal point of Drugs, Inc. Never before has such a view into the ways that these drugs are changing society been portrayed on the television screen.

Although there are some materials parents may not want viewed by younger children, this series is an excellent teaching tool for teenagers in the way of preventative precautions. Drugs, Inc. shows viewers of the dangers of habitual use, and even the occasional recreational usage of said drugs in each episode of the series. Starting form a historical standpoint, each episode tells the story of how these drugs became popular, and why real life users became attracted to them. In addition, the state and national laws banning said drugs is also discussed in full, addressing ethical debates on the matters as well. The stories of those that have fell victim to addiction is also told in great detail, with interviews and stories of their lives being filmed and worked into the structure of the episodes.

For those that have always had an interest in the appeal of illicit drug usage with the purpose of understanding, Drugs, Inc. tells the story like no other does. If gaining a bit of insight into the behind the scenes lives of the addicted distracts would be users from falling into the same traps as those depicted on the screen, Drugs, Inc. has accomplished their goal. Since there is a great deal of adult subject matter , parents are cautioned to use their better judgment as to which age range is appropriate for their children to possibly view the material being showcased in great detail.

Drugs, Inc. is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (108 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2010.

Where do I stream Drugs, Inc. online? Drugs, Inc. is available for streaming on National Geographic, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Drugs, Inc. on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
9 Seasons, 108 Episodes
July 11, 2010
Cast: Mike Secher
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Drugs, Inc. Full Episode Guide

  • In this enhanced episode set in Atlanta, the happy club drug Molly is becoming a menace; laced with Meth or made with dangerous synthetics. City cops are fighting back.

  • Facts behind Montana becoming a hot spot for drugs coming in from Mexico and Canada are uncovered.

  • This enhanced episode digs into the facts behind how Portland, Oregon became the heroin capital of America.

  • This enhanced episode breaks down the clear and present danger of meth, crack and heroin on the colorful streets of San Francisco.

  • The truth behind the players, dealers, and doctors of the drug trade in Los Angeles is revealed.

  • Drugs: A multi-billion-dollar industry that fuels crime and violence like no other substance on the planet. Turning cartel leaders into billionaires, the illegal drug industry also provides vital income to hundreds of thousands of poor workers across the globe.

  • Investigation how sex workers become caught in the illegal drug trade.

  • The drugs that make it from international and rural areas to the hardened city streets have to pass through a plethora of gambits and decoys to be profitable. Cartel Games gives first hand accounts of the strategy behind the moves made, from pawns to kingpins, in the drug battle we call Drugs, Inc.

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Drugs in the LA Party Scene | Drugs, Inc. Clip (01:40) MDMA Therapy | Drugs, Inc. Clip (02:45)