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  • TV-14
  • 2012
  • 12 Seasons
  • 6.5  (1,051)

Wicked Tuna is an American reality TV series that premiered on National Geographic television in April 2012. Known for its thrilling adventure and fierce competition, Wicked Tuna displays a group of fisherman who follow one of the world's most dangerous professions, Bluefin Tuna fishing. The show comprises ten seasons, and each episode follows the fishermen based in the seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they try to catch the massive Bluefin Tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean.

One of the significant attractions of the show is the competition that takes place between the boat captains. Each captain is determined to catch as much fish as possible during the fishing season, which runs from June to November. The fisherman team is required to fish under strict regulations and quotas enforced by the National Marine Fisheries Service, which makes the competition even more challenging. The captain of the boat who catches the most and the largest fish during the season is declared the winner and given the title of "Top Tuna."

The show features three of Gloucester's top fishermen, Dave Marciano, Rob Naughton, and Dave Carraro, who each captain their own fishing boat. Dave Marciano captains the Hard Merchandise, a 36-foot fishing vessel. He is depicted as one of the most experienced fishermen with over thirty years of fishing under his belt. Dave Carraro captains the FV Tuna.Com, a 44-foot vessel, and has been described as the 'Tuna Whisperer' based on his excellent skills and techniques for catching Bluefin Tuna. Rob Naughton, who captains the Hot Tuna, another 44-foot vessel, is one of the more recent additions to the cast, having joined in the third season.

In addition to the competition, the show highlights the risks and dangers that come with fishing in the North Atlantic's unpredictable waters. The boat captains and their crew experience the hazardous weather conditions and other perils that come with the fishing profession. From mechanical failures to storms, risking their lives is part of the job description.

Another essential aspect of the show is the camaraderie and the brotherhood that exists between the fishermen. Despite their intense competition, they are all united by their love for fishing and the sea. The fishermen are seen coming to each other's aid and sharing the knowledge and equipment required to catch Bluefin tuna.

The show's cinematography is another impressive feature. It beautifully captures the picturesque seaside town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and the breathtaking waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The cameras capture every moment of the fishing experience, from the baits' baiting to the gripping reel battles between man and fish.

In conclusion, Wicked Tuna is an exciting reality show that combines the danger and risks that come with the fishing profession with the thrill of competition. With its compelling storyline and experienced cast, the show offers a fascinating insight into the world of commercial fishing. It showcases some of the world's best fishermen as they attempt to outdo each other in their quest to catch the elusive Bluefin Tuna. It's packed with adrenaline-fueled action that's sure to keep audiences hooked to the screen from the first episode to the last.

Wicked Tuna is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (191 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2012.

Wicked Tuna
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20. G.O.A.T.
June 25, 2023
The fleet battles for the title of Greatest Of All Time.
Final Countdown
19. Final Countdown
June 25, 2023
The quota is running out, and the season could end at any minute.
Sixteen Hour Slob
18. Sixteen Hour Slob
June 18, 2023
It's a tight race as the quota shrinks, and the fleet digs deep to catch.
A Bluefin for Dad
17. A Bluefin for Dad
June 11, 2023
A devastating personal loss leaves Hard Merchandise searching for solace.
Dot Com Domination
16. Dot Com Domination
June 4, 2023
A perennial champion fights through the fog to protect their lead.
Back with a Vengeance
15. Back with a Vengeance
May 28, 2023
After his heart procedure, Marciano returns to the water with a vengeance.
Hot Tuna Beast Mode
14. Hot Tuna Beast Mode
May 21, 2023
Hot Tuna spreads good karma as the fleet struggles to hook up.
Blue Gold Rush
13. Blue Gold Rush
May 14, 2023
With the fish biting, each boat tries to catch the biggest bluefin.
Can't Miss a Beat
12. Can't Miss a Beat
May 7, 2023
The Hard Merchandise races to catch one more fish before Dave's surgery.
Heart on the Line
11. Heart on the Line
April 30, 2023
With the season in full swing, the fishermen fight to keep their focus on fishing despite personal challenges with family at home.
Double or Nothing
10. Double or Nothing
April 23, 2023
Tim Ott, Sr. helms the return of family fishing vessel, Bad Fish. "Two boats are better than one" becomes the strategy to catch wicked tuna.
Makin' the Bite
9. Makin' the Bite
April 16, 2023
After buyers took a much-needed break to relieve their inventory and improve the health of the market, the fleet is back on the hunt for blue gold.
Tuna Overload
8. Tuna Overload
April 9, 2023
Under threat of a buyer shutdown, captains fish like there's no tomorrow.
Keeping Up with Marciano
7. Keeping Up with Marciano
April 2, 2023
Hard Merchandise is forced to deal with its captain's health issues and simultaneously take on one of its biggest fish fights of the season.
Chatham or Bust
6. Chatham or Bust
March 26, 2023
Both Pinwheel and No Limits change strategies to reverse their bad luck.
Big Gamble, Big Fish
5. Big Gamble, Big Fish
March 19, 2023
Wicked Pissah joins Fat Tuna, Hot Tuna & Time Flies in Chatham, hoping there is strength in numbers. Meanwhile Tyler continues fishing on his own.
Chatham Alliance
4. Chatham Alliance
March 12, 2023
The competition heats up and alliances form, as some boats are willing to make the 90-mile steam to Chatham and some are not.
A Whole New Pissah
3. A Whole New Pissah
March 5, 2023
The bluefin bite is on as the fleet searches far and wide for the biggest payday possible. One Captain seeks redemption from last season's financial woes and loss of respect from the fleet, but will his new positivity be enough to earn the respect he so desperately desires? Only time will tell if repentance comes with a paycheck.
Push It to the Limit
2. Push It to the Limit
February 26, 2023
A new contender arrives to disrupt the ranks of Gloucester's finest, as Captain Michelle Bancewicz and First Mate Lea Pinaud of Fishing Vessel No Limits make their entrance into the competition. While the fleet is split between fishing local and making the run south to Chatham, Michelle and Lea look to make their mark on the tuna world.
Who's the G.O.A.T. Boat
1. Who's the G.O.A.T. Boat
February 26, 2023
As the Bluefin season opens, Gloucester's toughest competitors kick off the battle for the first fish of the season and for the title of "G.O.A.T." or "Greatest Of All Time." Government restrictions limit the fleet to one fish per day and only four days of fishing per week. With such strict constraints, the winning boat will prove itself to be the GOAT!
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Wicked Tuna is available for streaming on the National Geographic website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wicked Tuna on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (1,051)